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Avatar f tn I've been experiencing some really irritating short-term memory loss problems (for myself as well as other people). I am 35, female and trying to figure out why and how I can improve this. Ther are a few things I have considered...I was in an auto accident last year. I was t-boned and the driver side airbag went off and pretty much saved my life.
Avatar n tn Hi, Thank you very much for your question; although it is quite difficult for me to give you a precise diagnosis here without being able to examine you, though I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern. You need a proper assessment and investigation here since there can be many causes for memory loss & concentration impairment.
Avatar n tn Does any one know of an anti depressant which does not cause short term memory loss? I have read about several of them (on this site) & they all seem to have really bothrersome side effects. I would appreciate if anyone would know of just one ! which does not affect the short term memory in such a drastic way & also causes Unusual dreams ?
Avatar n tn I can still function day to day with mostly forgetfulness in the short term however i am having marked loss of long term events that seems to be mostly for episodic things. I am a nurse by profession and there are days for example that i can work a 12 hour shift and at the end still cant remember my patients names or illnesses. I get told to do stuff and a very short time later I have completely forgot it.
Avatar n tn We noticed some confusion and short-term memory loss that we were told was a side effect of the anesthesia. We were also told it would go away in about a week, which it seemed to do. Now, she is recovering in a nursing home. My grandmother also has had to deal with a slight case of depression over the years. The doctor that oversees her medication there changed her prescription from Valium to Klonnopin. Within a day of the switch, we noticed confusion and short term memory loss again.
Avatar n tn I am a professional person and used to think my memory loss was from depression (taking this for anxiety but sometimes can be disguised) which can cause some short term memory loss. I thought this since memory loss was never even considered by the pharms. Now today after finding this site, I see it is true what I have always believed. This Med cause short term memory loss!
Avatar m tn Sleep Deprivation, Depression and stress are the things of which one of them can be responsible for My Memory Loss and Memory Problems. Just want to know if it caused by Neuron cell breakdown or something else for the mentioned reasons.
Avatar f tn I have been taking Ambien as well as I work the graveyard shift and have found it works very well for me BUT I have some short term memory problems that are a bit different. I forget people's names at times (including my co-workers sometimes!), forget how to do certain tasks for a moment or two and have trouble sometimes putting my ideas into cohesive explanations, especially under stressful conditions.
Avatar n tn i have most of those affects 4 months after tx and it IS NOT from old age...i never had them before tx...many of these are listed in very small print with the meds... the drs never took the tx so they treat the sides as minimal as it is not them...i never knew of this site or how to research sides on line and was never told of the chance of lingering sides...
Avatar m tn My other thought is that some medications have short term memory problems as a side effect. Is your brother on any medications ? If her is, he could go to , type in the name of the drug and see if memory issues are a side effect. Finally, is your brother having sleeping problems ? Lack of proper sleep I've heard can cause memory problems too. If you don't get enough sleep, it is often hard to concentrate and ones mind tends to drift.
Avatar n tn I am sorry to hear about your continued struggled with the short term memory issues. I was afraid of hearing that it wouldn't get better after coming off it. I just wanted to share. I struggled a great deal through law school because I was having so much trouble retaining and recalling information. In fact I took the Bar several times without success because I would spend hours re-reading the information and it would leave me so quickly.
Avatar m tn Abnormal muscle movement Muscle weakness Numbness and tingling Speech problems Decreased concentration Memory disorders Nerve damage Numbness Pain Paralysis of the face muscles Sleep disorders Vision problems ALL of these symptoms , even in a chronological order, were occuring as I was being missdiagnosed/undiagnosed and treated as having a, as you call it, "Pychiatric impairment" Here is a American Journal of Psychiatry citation paper of Neuro Borrellosis (or neurologic l
Avatar n tn Recently (last week or so) My hubby has had dizzy spells or vision problems that have caused him to need to pull over in his car, and at work he almost ran into the wall. The spells come and go. I have noticed that his short term memory is worse than "normal" he has been off all week as far as days and is confused on which days things happened...he is sure they happened on certian days when they didn't happen that day.
Avatar f tn His IQ is 62, however adaptive skills are great. Evaluation showed poor short term memory and processing speed. Just wondering what could cause it? Could breathing problems as a child cause this? I need more answers and don't know where to go next. My doctor said he doesn't need to see a Neurologist, but I feel that he should. I would appreciate any advice. thank you.
Avatar n tn Could this be a side effect of Paxil and if so will it eventually subside?? Also could Paxil cause short term memory problems and if so would this subside if the drug is discontinued. How long do side effects last? Thanks so much for your reply.
Avatar f tn I will say that my memory, esp. short term is very bad, but I think it is an age thing. My wife has the same memory problems, probably a little worse and she does not have hcv.. but she is 44. It happens.
520378 tn?1220872901 Does anyone know why this happens? Do i have a bad memory? Short term memory? I can remember what i studied in school many years ago, like history, math and science but why can't i not remember easy simple things? I am only 28 years old, this started when i was 19years. Everyone has always said that i am careless and forgetful. I am always forgetting something? How do i train my mind to remember, to listen, register and most importantly store what i am doing or what is being said and done?
Avatar n tn Johns Hopkins researchers who have been at the forefront of this field reviewed the evidence on short-term and long-term mental changes after bypass surgery. They found that short-term confusion, memory loss, and poorer problem solving and information processing are common after bypass surgery, but are usually temporary and reversible. Most people return to their pre-bypass level of function between 3 and 12 weeks after surgery.
Avatar m tn Probably best just to update your psychiatrist so they can determine the cause. Its doubtful its anything progressive but you can discuss that with them as well.
Avatar m tn But honestly dude, if you're huffing on the weed, isn't it pretty obvious that it's at the very least exacerbating your memory problems? It could even be the root cause of them. Even perfectly healthy people with excellent memories will look high and low for their car keys only to find them in their hands while stoned. I thought you were a total health nut? Deeply inhaling burned vegetable matter (carcinogenic smoke), epsecially on a regular basis, is not good for your liver or your brain.
Avatar m tn Iceboy, The way I cope with short term memory loss is lots and lots of post it notes!!! They are covering my counters and art painting table where I work. The only problem is that I have to then try to remember what notes tell me what I'm supposed to be doing on what days and then I also have a nasty habit of loosing the note I'm trying to find. I now write notes to tell me where the next days notes are!!!.....I think?
Avatar m tn Now - three years on - he is still taking the Quetiapine and we have noticed some significant changes. The most significant of these is that his short-term memory is seriously compromised - he will ask the same question multiple times and still not remember a) the answer; or b) that he has asked the question. He has also developed some obsessive behaviors (constantly checking that doors are locked, going to the toilet multiple times before leaving the house, etc).
Avatar m tn I've always been a bit sceptical of this diagnosis, as I'd never actually been that fatigued, but have had many neurological / cognitive complaints over this time, including persistent headaches, short term memory loss, problems with natural thought process / brain fog, etc, etc. I was however happy with the investigations that were carried out at the time of diagnosis 11 years ago, and again about 5 years ago, when I last experienced a severe flare up of symptoms.
Avatar n tn My symptoms have been leg weakness, balance problems, muscle spasms, short term memory difficulties, left eye with Optic Neuritis. If I don't have MS then what could it be. I do not have high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol, no strokes or TIAs, and CADASIL (unlikely, no relatives with it). What else causes these brain lesions. Neurologist says I have too many lesions to be age related.
Avatar f tn testing was done and it showed a short-term memory loss ... they called it dementia....but my long term memory is good. I wonder if anyone else has anything like this and could it be related to my thyroid.
Avatar f tn My spouse has a mix of medical problems which all make one another worse... makes it hard to choose where to post, but major depression is his main diagnosis so I'll post here. He also has anxiety, high BP, an ulcer & sleep apnea (uses a CPAP). He takes plenty of meds (sadly I don't have the exact dosage here, just know it's on the low side) : Cipralex (like 5mg or 10mg once a day), Wellbutrin and Ativan...
Avatar n tn Hi, Thank you very much for your question; although it is quite difficult for me to give you a precise diagnosis here without being able to examine you, though I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern. You need a proper assessment and investigation here since there can be many causes for memory loss & concentration impairment.
Avatar n tn But people with coronary artery disease at greatest risk of mental decline were those with a combination of risk factors, including high blood pressure, a past stroke, and diabetes, the study showed Two Johns Hopkins researchers who have been at the forefront of this field reviewed the evidence on short-term and long-term mental changes after bypass surgery.
Avatar n tn If those conditions are the root of your concentration problem, they might help, but if it isn't, they won't. Often medications causes memory and concentration problems, as sometimes does going off them. So nobody can tell you if it's working for that since many of us on here complain of the meds causing that. Only time will tell whether a med works or not, but it's important to take the proper med.