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Avatar n tn She spent the night on a telemetry unit and her heartrate dropped to the mid 40's several times. They gave her Cipro and discharged her with instructions to see a neurologist and have an EEG. The physicians had no answers and were perplexed. She also had an echocardiogram which was normal. Any help would be apreciated. She cannot drive unitl physician or DVM approves her.
Avatar n tn Some days it will wear off and some days it stays with me. I started these symptoms when I was in my mid 40's. It started with dizziness. I was sent to several doctors (GP, ENT, etc.) and then to Duke for tests of all kinds. NO ONE was able to diagnose my problem. They just told me to come back the next time I had a "spell." For years, I have had "spells" that have varying symptoms from the above list. Those symptoms used to last 10 minutes and go away.
Avatar f tn You say "we can deal with it" and Im happy to hear that your there for him. But, when it comes down to it.....can he deal with it? Its hard sometimes, depending on the severity of the anxiety, The memory loss could be caused by the anxiety as well, but Im sure the Ambein has a "role" in it mainly.
Avatar n tn But if it gets back to being almost every day, I can't imagine having to continue to deal with that for the rest of my life. As long as the bone is in place, I have no problems. No swallowing problems, no pain, nothing. I just never know when it's going to pop. I do a lot of public speaking and presentations. My greatest fear is that it will happen in front of an audience. The pain is so sudden and intense that I immediatley burst into tears.
Avatar m tn Do headaches cause cognitive and memory problems? Can the spinal cord being squeezed affect thinking? Could it just be my anxiety causing me to forget things? Thanks for any help.
Avatar f tn I am in my 40's and have autism. I also have other neurological problems, TLD/ can an oral desease from rotten teeth and poor medical care make my brain worse. I'm haveing more trouble with language and short term memory, worse behavor and crying?
1088046 tn?1272288996 I was in my early 40's late 30's...and that was the reason. It makes we wonder about getting a more in depth exam.
Avatar n tn In my 20's to late 30's and into my early 40's, I had a resting heart rate of 40-50 because I was in such good shape. I did however get snuck up on by Mr. Belly in my 42-46 range and an additional 50 lbs tacked on to the body. (this is important to note). I also had drastically cut down on my exercising and was eating bad. Stress I believe with out a doubt is a major factor as well when it is bottled up inside.
Avatar n tn Also pain in my temple and teeth. Further, I have problems with my neck from auto accidents that I ahve been in. MRI of brain and orbit of eye showed nothing. I did have a vitrous detachment at that time but they say that shouldn't be causing the pain. So between the vitrous floating inside my eyeball and the film on the outside of my eyeball, it's driving me completely nuts! Work on computer all day long and strain to see daily.
Avatar f tn I know of a few people who have dropped to the mid teens in these values when treating, but when off treatment they are in the 40's, a value that falls inside the "normal range" but is obviously about 3 times higher than what the patient (much higher than the 1.5x criteria) would be at if they were healthy. The 1.5 x criteria is a crutch the canadian health system is using to limit treatment to those who need it. Period.
Avatar n tn If you are generally healthy, reasonably young (meaning under 70?)I think you shoud go for it. I have a friend in her early 40's with your genotype, did 24 weeks of tx, got well and went on with her life - now works too jobs. In your case, with your chance of a cure very high, it is generally worth the sides, which may not be too bad with only 24 weeks of tx bering the standard. Let us know.
Avatar n tn I also experience these weird pains in my head that come for about a second and then go and come back again every 10minutes or so. These pains are in 1 area in the back of my head in about a 1 square inch area.. Any ideas???
Avatar n tn Hi!! I'm wondering about info on TBI and endocrine problems....especially in the anterior pituitary gland. When I was 11 I fractured C5-C6(diving accident), and sustained a serious concussion...complete with poor-memory of the event , projectile vomiting and loss of my hair at the sight of impact, which was the back of my skull. I have since gone onto have premature ovarian failure at 28, and now in my 40's my ACTH=6, AM cortisol=9, DHEA-S=34,FT4=0.68, calcium=9...
Avatar n tn As far as the memory issues, well. . .I am a mother of 6 and grandmother of 5 so far, and I AM in my mid-40's. I believe that children steal brain cells anyway! For Wuu108, I am all for any further enlightenment or spiritual awareness or whatever you want to call it. Over that past 2 years, I would say that I have much more heightened spiritual awareness, but I'm not sure it has anything to do with the dent in my skull. But I think I will contemplate what you posted.
Avatar f tn If it did turn out to be MS it is not the end of the world. I have had it since age two. They did not figure it out until I was in my 40's. I have had a good life in spite of it. It may be something else. What you listed sound like Neurological symptoms, not necessarily MS. I hope you get an answer sooner than later. A private appointment might be good. Here in the U.S. I went to the top hospitals all through my childhood and they could not figure it out.
Avatar n tn This has been happening to me for years.It will happen for no apparent reason. The first time it occurred I put ice on it and it got much worse. I ended up in the hospital. There was never any diagnosis so I've learned to live with the occasional problem. However, soaking the finger in hot water helps ease the pain.
182884 tn?1259316506 My TSH is out of whack and the dose was adjusted in mid Feb. My heart rate has been in the 40's, with blood pressure such as 108/60 and 42, then blood pressure of 149/95 and heart rate of 38 , 91/ 64 heart rate 76, 146/91 heart rate 45, 136/80 heart rate 36 147/98 heart rate 40. goes on and on. Why so much flunctuation.? I am a 58 year old female.
Avatar f tn I am in my mid 40's I have been on Effexor XR at 225/mg and Lamictal 300/mg a day for several years to treat bi-polar. I have been having problems with cognition, memory and concentration for many years and it seems to be getting worse. I have problems finding the right words, for example, I'll name 4 or 5 males names in my family before I say the right one, or i'll say glass instead of window.
Avatar n tn 1. Is this curable permanently? 2. My wife is worried about taking medication throughout her life? 3. My wife is worried if this will impact if she gets pregnant. 4. Any other side effects in going for a Thyroid replacement therapy? We got married in may 2007 and we both got a long way to go. And we are worried now considering her age. Any advise would really help.
Avatar n tn ) Thanks, I'd love to hear from anyone who has ever been treated for this disease or any doctors out there.
Avatar f tn I have had permanent damage from infancy double vision, vertigo, cognitive issues,left side weakness and headaches. Then the disease picked up in my 40's with new symptoms such as walking slower. If you saw me and did not know about MS you would not know I have it. Those who know me see that I walk slower than I used to. It took them 4-6 years to find my Cancer and it was stage 4. It took over 40 years to find my MS. We know our bodies. We have to advocate for ourselves.
Avatar n tn It might not be the case with you, but if you sit alot, have low back problems, especially disc problems, it is probably tied in would be my guess. I would ask your doctor or see a back doctor who can do good X-rays and exam to be sure that it is not your back. If you already know you have low back or disc problems, then talk to whoever treats that for you and see if you can have them calm down the back nerves and see if that does the trick.
137025 tn?1217768341 You were smart to stop the meds when you did. The fact I contracted it in my mid 40's and have geno 3 all can be predictive of rapid progression. One doctor told me that contracting it through spinal injections made it even worse. There were several other people who contracted it in the outpatient pain clinic also. Add lots of work stress and poor eating and slosh a few drinks on it and voila, sick as a dog. My enzymes not being off the charts didn't help.
Avatar n tn I have muscle spasm in or around the ribs on both sides (in the front under the breast and sometimes in the back at the same horizontal position), it feels like a ball rolling, in that it switches sides. It occurs even at night during sleep, painful enough to wake me. I only know that when I relax and stretch (the side where the knot is) using several positions I have to wait till it goes away, in many cases to have it return in other places described above.
Avatar f tn Hello For several years I have episodes of low heart rate (in the 40's). I experience shortness of breath,fatigue,chest pain and headache. I was told that unless the the heart stops for approximatley 5 minutes I should not have a pace maker. I also have memory or cognitive problems when this happens. Would you please tell me your thoughts.
Avatar f tn Hi again, Something in your son's story sounded familar to me today and then I remembered my first cousin who is in his 40's told me that they found out the reason that he keeps just falling asleep out of nowhere and it can happen at any time, standing up, sitting up, in the middle of an activity or while walking. He had had this problem since his teenage years and didn't know why! Some people thought he was lazy or slow in his thinking, he had some hyperactivity but nothing outrageous!
Avatar n tn I also have Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome an hypertension. I'm in my mid 40's now. I would listen to your doctor who said your MVP wasn't all that serious and get on with your life. Good luck...
Avatar f tn But we would like to have some fall back position for him - he cant even go to a caregivers meeting. She is in her 40's. Thanks. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/906827'>Re: paraneoplastic syndrome</a>.
Avatar n tn I am concerned because his heart rate is in the 40's and his blood pressure is 90/60. He also said that he is tired all the time and he is always thirsty. He is NOT an athlete, he doesn't workout or exercise, and he is a smoker. Should we be concerned with his heart rate and blood pressure being low? Is there something that may fit these symptoms? Furthermore, our dad has heart problems and used to pass out because his heart would just quit beating, but they could never find out why.
Avatar n tn I used to use it to drown out noises or people I was trying to ignore and used it to meditate. Since I am in my 40's I have found it to be unique not alot of people can do this. I have found it to be a blessing but I dont know the medical term wish i did.