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Avatar n tn My dog, a 10 year old female bichon frise, Daisy, was diagnosed with a kidney problem about 8 weeks ago. After having blood tests and a urine protein screen my vet explained that the kidneys were functioning, but that too much protein was passing thru holes in the kidneys. The vet put her on a low protein diet (Hill's Prescription Diet U/D, canned), prescribed 1/2 tablet of 5 mg. Enalapril twice daily and instructed me not to give her anything high in protein.
Avatar m tn Last week all of a sudden he had a severe nerve damage in his front leg. Since then he has stopped taking any food. If we give it anything it vomits. He is not even accepting milk or chicken Doctorsgave him Bcomplex etc but no use. He vomits. Yesterday traces of blood were also seen in his vomit. Kindly advice how to make it eat. He is growing weaker.
Avatar n tn They gave her Meloxicam by injection and I gave her three more doses by mouth. She did not have the dialated pupils or tremors when I took her Tuesday. She did show minor improvement Thursday and Friday, but seems to be as bad if not worse now. She has spent the greater part of her day with her head under my daughter's bed over the last two days. I am concerned that she has a neurological issue. I would like to know if you have a recommendation. I hate to think that she is suffering.
Avatar m tn me and preventing full erections and causing the premature ejaculations, or if it is just all related to the nerve damage caused by the herniated disc and/or surgery? Or was there damage caused by the catheter they used during surgery? I cannot recall if I had this specific pain before surgery. I have not gone into this much detail with my neurosurgeon. I guess I am a bit embarrassed by it.
Avatar m tn me and preventing full erections and causing the premature ejaculations, or if it is just all related to the nerve damage caused by the herniated disc and/or surgery? Or was there damage caused by the catheter they used during surgery? I cannot recall if I had this specific pain before surgery. I have not gone into this much detail with my neurosurgeon. I guess I am a bit embarrassed by it.
Avatar f tn A laproscopy was performed, examining all reproductive organs and no sign of damage or disease was found. In conjunction with the flank pain, I would have pain over my left ovary and sometimes my right, that would worsen in reaction to my back pain worsening, but would never cause the back pain to worsen in reaction to it.
1916673 tn?1420236870 It is hoped this reference guide will assist those with chronic kidney failure dogs, where one or more of the blood result levels are likely to be abnormally high or low. Although I have combined the results below, it is unlikely a dog will have all these elements in their blood test, as some are specific to particular diseases and conditions. The results that follow combine a blood chemistry panel test and a hemoglobin test, along with several other individual tests.
900459 tn?1304996859 You can't use Toradol long term because it causes kidney damage very quickly. So that's out. Ask about Mobic. It has helped tremmendously with my joint/bone pain. It is an NSAID also.
Avatar n tn Chronic pain is classified by pathophysiology (the functional changes associated with or resulting from disease or injury) as nociceptive (due to ongoing tissue injury) or neuropathic (resulting from damage to the brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nerves), with mixed or undetermined causes as well. Pain relievers or analgesics are generally effective for nociceptive pain but less effective for neuropathic pain.
Avatar m tn I’ve been checked for kidney stones, gall stones, kidney problems, liver problems, gallbladder problems, hernia but so far, everything is normal! I did go to physical therapy for a couple of weeks, but it did not help, it only caused me more pain. Same thing with a chiropractor. I have also tried acupuncture and injury massage therapy with no luck.
Avatar n tn I've been searching for hrs on the internet and can't really find anything that sounds like it but this thread and there seem to be no answers here. My theory on me is that I got permanent muscle damage taking statins (google that…there's tons of info out there that statins cause permanent muscle damage). I also used to have a lot of total body inflammation from autoimmune reactions to food.
Avatar dr m tn ) ablation will damage the tissue enough it will not grow back. At this point I'll try anything. I would love to hear from someone who has had this AND had good to excellent outcome. I know PeekAwho had this not long ago, but she is having additional back issues so it is hard for her to say the RF was a good solution. It is an interesting procedure. We use a similar procedure in horses with a certain type of lameness.
Avatar f tn Plus the invasive surgery causes extensive nerve and blood vessel damage, which will last a lifetime. I believe with the ribs removed, you now have joint and muscle instability. Even a tiny instability will cause pain. I am on a painkiller, Cymbalta, Meloxicam, and Trazadone. I live every single day in pain, but I, like you, am just very grateful to be alive.
Avatar n tn Since about the age of 25 and currently at 44, I have had many bouts with prostatitis, kidney infections, epiditimitis, and orchitis. Just recently I found out that I have a fistula (hole) in my prostate and rectum. Currently pain can be so bad that I can't function. I'm not suggesting that you might have a fistula, since the pain now is far worse that what I used to have about a year ago.
Avatar n tn The MRI showed very little damage, but the pain and swelling were effecting me. Once the OS began the scope he found much damage to the knee cap and performed seven diffferent procedures including a lateral release. Now, a year later I have severe swelling and pain. My right kness is anywhere from 4-6 inches larger than my left because of the swelling. I have seen the OS and he has given me 3 cortizone shots. I explained they did not help. He then suggested a series of Suppartz shots.
975514 tn?1325001538 I learned that I have degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis in my spine, minor scoliosis and nerve damage- I even had a shoulder surgery on a bone spur because I kept getting tendinitis and the doctors couldn't cure my arm pain. It wasn't until after that surgery was unsuccessful (at age 32) that I "ended up" finding a great Rheumatologist who knew what to look for. I was in pain all of the time, I was exhausted and stressed.
Avatar m tn I just read your post. PLEASE email at ***@**** to fill me in on herb meds. I know nothing about them. My 6 yr old 10 lb terrier has seizures & they've started on phenabarbatol (however it's spelled) & after 4 days (& before reading all this) last week, I cut her back b/c she was so lathargic & out of it, upset stomach going to the bathroom everywhere, it was scaring me because she is normally very active. I felt she was possibly over-medicated!
Avatar n tn A. more muscle tension in my back, compressing my main nerve OR B. lots of "stress" chemicals in the blood for a long period of time - known to hurt nerves.
Avatar n tn I have had Kidney stones for the past 8 months and I also have been taking the same pills that you have and when I was cut off 5 days ago I had the same symptoms. I was aweful, so I did call my doctor (Kaiser) she gave me no advice accept deal with it. So I called around at Kaise and they have a Chemical Dependantcy center, this is a common problem for chronic pain sufferers. The center put me on what they call a Taper.
Avatar n tn I was hurt at work and had basically the same symptons, with bludging disc L3-4, L4-5 and was in excruciating pain radiating down my leg, causing numbness in half of my calf and toes, to the point to where I lost all sensation in my toes (little toe up to 3rd toe) and neurologist still refused to acknowledge I had any nerve damage. Insurance company rehab nurse sent me to an arthritis doc who, is trying to treat me for arthritis.
Avatar n tn I tried a NSAID (non steroidal anti-inflamatory drug) called meloxicam, which does little to nothing except make me feel strange. I am still trying the drugs. At this point, I am reasonably sure that a nerve is spasming for some reason and the possible causes of the spasms are brain farts (epileptic like events or migrain like events) of some sort, a bone spur, muscle tension, a blood clot that acts like a bone spur by impinging the nerve somehow.
Avatar n tn Hi Steff: I've had this same issue for 6 years now. I won't recount all the docs and treatments I've had. I've been getting cervical epidural steroid injections which are hit or miss for a c3/c4 herniation. About a year ago I started to have arm tingling so a Ctscan revealed a c-5/6 herniation. Had a series of injections in c5-c6 in late 2006 and most of 2007 it improved my rhomboid problem. I hav been better, not great, but able to work out with weights and enjoy life.
Avatar n tn I was in Europe with my daughter and awoke from sleep with terrible pain(I have had both labor pain and multiple kidney stones so I know)as I thought someone had snuck in and put a knife in my spine. I have had 4-5 nights without pain since. That was 4 yrs. ago in Dec..The only possible injury was slinging a "too heavy" bag over my shoulder running to catch a train or something (nothing I noticed at the time).
Avatar f tn I just remember how happy we were to get our little boy off of seizure meds after years of horrible seizures and all the bad side effects he's just now overcoming from the meds (including liver and kidney problems)... I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to take them, weightloss or not. I mean, after all, they're for nerve blocking in the brain and can really change things (sometimes for the worse). Really, honestly.... just curious.
203342 tn?1328740807 No energy at all - Random poor breathing also but xray shows lungs and heart are good. Passed some kidney cells in weak urine. Some compression of 2 discs near her rear and very high white cell count. Its been almost 2 weeks overall - Vet gave a shot of antibiotic and prescribed 3.5 weeks more of doxcycline and amoxicillian. I am very concerned - any suggestions?