Meloxicam lawsuits

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Avatar n tn are there any class action lawsuits on meloxicam? I have a bleding ulcer as a esult of taking meloxicam.
Avatar n tn Also if she is or has been on an acid reducer usually called a ppi, ask about an alternative. There are class action lawsuits due to kidney problems the can cause. Also, Google chinese med acupuncture and kidney problems. In some instances these modalities have worked wonders. And stop any food w food colors.
Avatar n tn I feel OK now, thanks to the anti-inflamatory pills (MELOXICAM 7.5 mg) actually pain went away next day. But how long I can take pills?? Still waiting for blood test results from rheumatologist (appointment next wek), need to make x-rays of my knee and both hands. I think about taking MELISA test, still waiting for referal from dentist. The worst for me are costs.