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2207073 tn?1338935516 i take gabapentin 300mg tid and meloxicam 7.5 bid(not sure if these even work..plusa new rx for norco 7.5/325 and 10mg cyclopenzaprine the pain i experienced normal? and if the injection don't work what's next? This is going on 6 years of chronic pain..and my kids miss their mommy!
159619 tn?1499916784 I think what you are experiencing is the post-injection flare. In post-injection flare the patient can present with swelling, tenderness, and warmth over the joint that persists for hours or days. Have you seen your orthopaedician again? What he has to say about this? Has he started you on any medications? I would be interested to know. Keep me informed. Bye.
Avatar f tn He injected me with cortosone and gave me 14 day course of Meloxicam 7.5 mg today. since the injection, my right knee is very stiff and having back pain. i cant move at all. my orthopedist is not available during weekend, so i have to wait 2 more days before i see him. here are my questions: What can i do to alleviate the pain. is stiffness a common sideeffect of the cortosone injection? What can i do to prevent future bursitis?
Avatar f tn I have seen 2 specialists and have had 2 lots of steroid injections in both knees and one steroid injection in my right hip. I have been taking Meloxicam and painkillers. Today I have been to see a specialist with the view to having knee replacement surgery. After looking at my recent x rays he has informed me that I have Avascular Necrosis in both knees. My left knee joint has collapsed and the right one is heading for collapse. Can you tell me if Avascular Necrosis is a form of Arthritis?
463897 tn?1468017350 my two main RA drugs are methotrexate and Enbrel, both by sub-q injection. Also Mobic (meloxicam), an NSAID. I also take meds for GERD, hypertension, glaucoma. Um, I think that's it...must consult my list. I have a husband, two kids, two dogs. I work from home as a writer, writing technical documentation, marketing copy, web content, and fiction. At this point in my life, there isn't any part of me that hasn't been poked, prodded, and analyzed to death.
Avatar m tn definetly sounds like sciatica. some people respond to medication. Lyrica,meloxicam, etc. have u seen a neroligist? they will put u thru a series of test bye putting needles in u to c how much this is effecting ur nerves. I have been out of work since Feb due to this and have just had surgery due to the fact that the nerve was being pinched and the antinflammtory did not work.
Avatar m tn I recently had an Echocardiogram at my doctors request after I had a syncopy 3days after a cortizone injection in my neck for an auto accident. I had mentioned to him that when I left the military, my physical showed I had a sinus bradycadia on my EKG. The technician told me that my heartbeat wasn't strong and vigerous but a bit weak. My blood pressure runs a lttle elevated maybe due to the cortizone injections that I receive for various orthopedic conditions and arthritis.
5222810 tn?1365351620 I go see my doctor in a month, but was wondering if anyone else suffered from the same thing, what could be causing it, and is there anything to do for it. I am on meloxicam, plaquinil, symastivin,asprin,stomache pill? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn We took him to the vet yesterday where he was diagnosed with swollen glands, a sore throat and a fever/a viral infection. He was given an injection of convenia and meloxicam, this morning he was being sick so we took him again to make sure nothing was wrong and he was given another injection of cerenia to stop him from being sick. I'm just wondering if anybody knows how long it will take for him to feel better? we hate seeing him like this!
Avatar f tn My family doctor prescribed Meloxicam which is helpful. Last year I had a steroid lumbar injection, and I felt like I was 12 years old again. The pain subsided completely for 8 months and gradually has come back. I am going back to the doctor this week because I really do not want to take the steroid injection again. I want to know what is going on and causing this pain. I have not yet been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but the neurosurgeon said that it may be a diagnosis.
1605482 tn?1297868378 Right now, my pain management NL has me on Meloxicam and Tizanidine....with some, very limited, success. My next visit next week I'm scheduled for an Occipital Nerve Block. I'm excited to try this and I'll post how it works (for me, anyway!). Good luck with whatever path you decide to take....I can SO appreciate where you're coming from....
Avatar f tn Currently she is taking 12.5 mg Methotrexate, 12.5 mg injections of Enbrel twice weekly and 7.5 mg of Meloxicam. She has been having temps of 99-101 for the last year and a half and thigh pain for 3 years. All the doctors conclude that this all may be her arthritis. I don't believe that. I am worried they are missing something. They have done 2 bone marrow biopsys and both have come back neg. But they were done with all of the medication in her.
Avatar n tn ceftriaxone 1 gram[[intravenous injection;02ampule per day _7 day] gentamicine 80 mg[intramuscular;01 ampule per_7 day] meloxicam 7.5 mg[oral;02 tablet per day...7 day]] omeprazole 20 mg[oral;03 tablet per day..7 days]] +at the day of decharging.she minght walk by herselk.
Avatar m tn Hi there. These symptoms need to be investigated for degenerative disc disease, lumbar disc prolapse and pinched nerve. You need to consult a neurologist to check for these symptoms, MRI spine to check, NCV or nerve conduction velocity test and EMG or electromyogram to check the integrity of these nerves.
1710955 tn?1309450073 (I didn't get them until I was on it for just over 3 months.) I put an ice pack on my injection site for 2 minutes, then, wipe my skin with an alcohol wipe, wait for it to completely dry, then, inject. Immediately after injection, I take a very soft, warm wash cloth and gently rub my injection site in a circular motion to disperse the medication. I've never experienced any site reactions. And I haven't had any burning, at all.
Avatar m tn I have seen 2 doctors who have tested me for vitamin D deficiency, rheumetoid arthritis, lupus, infections... everything came back negetive. They have given me Meloxicam in the meantime, which is not helping much. I am seeing a new doctor and she is determined to get to the bottom of it. I will keep this posted with what I find out. Keep me posted.. it seems we are in the same boat.
Avatar m tn The specialist only gave me medicine like papain 10 000, mobic meloxicam, norgesic (blister tab) to be completed and flanil analgesic ointment to apply. He also advised me to wear neck collar. However, I had completed the medicines. But the symptoms are off and on. He didnt ask me to go for physiotherapy. My questions: 1. What is this disease? can it be fully recovered? 2. I heard about radiofrequency injection and the patient will be injected for once, the pain will 90% go off.
Avatar m tn -) . About 3 months later I had the fusion. I went back to the Urog and he said my level was at a good level and it was left up to me. The shots have continued to help my energy, but my sex drive has gone to nothing. I was able to get off my Celexa for about a week and that helped, but this time it’s not helping. The depression has got worse. I’ve tried many times to get off the pain and other medicines, but that makes me worse. They allow me to get up and be able to function every day.
Avatar m tn I'm 53 and I have been battling with pimple type festing bumps in my head, behind ears back of neck in hair line. I was and clean up daily. I have fought several Staph infestion over the last 3 years, never had it before that. I've been to GP, and Dermertoglist. I will add my Rx, and med history below. Every time the Dr. would put me on Antibotics for my staph, and about a 1-1 1/2 all the bumps in my head would clear up. After about 2 weeks after stopping they would come back.
Avatar n tn They gave her Meloxicam by injection and I gave her three more doses by mouth. She did not have the dialated pupils or tremors when I took her Tuesday. She did show minor improvement Thursday and Friday, but seems to be as bad if not worse now. She has spent the greater part of her day with her head under my daughter's bed over the last two days. I am concerned that she has a neurological issue. I would like to know if you have a recommendation. I hate to think that she is suffering.
Avatar f tn I no longer have any of my OLD aquaintances got rid of all the phone numbers and even switched doctors as the one I was going to was the one that prescribed the high dose pain meds for Rheumatoid Arthritis only to find out from my current doctor I DO NOT have I only take Meloxicam 15mg for pain in my feet, ankles, knees and hands and ITS working...but again now that I know Methadone Is A PAIN med then I guess Im really doing NO better....
Avatar f tn ) I took it orally for a long time but now take it by a simple, sub-cutaneous injection. A couple years ago I added the biologic, Enbrel. The combo has worked pretty well for me. I also take the NSAID, Mobic (generic, meloxicam).
Avatar f tn so i call and ask for something different and they give me 15mg meloxicam which does the same thing. I'm so frustrated with my doctor. I to know where I can get prescribed something that actually works and a doctor who takes me seriously.
Avatar f tn Has your doctor prescribed any of the stronger NSAIDS (Meloxicam/Mobic, Toradol injection) in conjunction with Prilosec OTC, etc.? As an addict who also has chronic pain, I've found these of some (limited) use. Good luck with getting through this - what I've found that helps more than anything else is getting up and around as soon as possible, interacting with others, etc.
Avatar n tn Now for the passed two months my cat is having flare ups but sometimes he starts eating well for a few days. I believe the only resource will be to give him another steriod injection. In the meantime, he does not look and act well at all and has lost weight. Probably because he just eats small bits. He does drink a lot of water. It also seems that he has arthritis just recently. His front legs look slightly bowed, and on many occasions he falls to the floor when he tries to jump.
Avatar m tn I was generally just given muscle relaxers and painkillers, then I finally had an XRay and then an MRI, and finally ended up a Physiatrist who diagnosed me correctly within about 5 minutes. It was my left S.I. joint! I was given a cortisone injection and I've felt about 80% decreased pain since, and haven't needed any pain killers at all.
Avatar m tn I have been prescribed meloxicam 15mg daily. I have been taking it for about a week without much relief. I have been told that at my age the plan should be to manage the pain as best as I can until it becomes necessary to have a total hip replacement and because of my age I am not a candidate for hip preservation surgery, i.e. arthroscopic remodeling of the femoral head, labrum repair or debridement, etc.
Avatar m tn My daughter is 15 and began complaining of pain and clicking on the upper ulnar (pinky) side of her wrist in June 2014. We don't know of a fall or other injury that would have caused it; the pain seems to have started spontaneously. We saw an orthopedic nurse practitioner several times and went through the normal conservative treatment of rest, ibuprofen, and a soft brace for 3 weeks (an in-office x-ray did not show anything).
Avatar m tn I recently started having extreme back pain had a MRI and I could not believe how bad my back is l4 and l5 is sitting on my nerve of s1 I have been taking MS Contin 60 milligrams for 5 years now from an accident in the surgery room. I take percocet 7.5 - 325 and it does not touch my pain. I called my doctor and he suggested ibuprofen 800. I took one when I was in extreme pain level 10 and my pain was gone within an hour completely gone.
422104 tn?1209767504 Hi, I've been doing Enbrel injection for over 3 years ago. I do mine on Sundays. What are you taking it for? I have Ankylosing Spondylitis. No matter how long I've been injecting myself, I hate it. So I take an ice cube and numb the skin before inserting the needle. I think it helps. Also, let the injection sit out for a little to let it come to room temperature. The medication does burn, and that helps. I also push the plunger really slow because it does burn.