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11446816 tn?1418304166 So I was just prescribed 3 meds to start. One is Meloxicam for my joints. This one is the one I am most uncomfortable with because I had never heard of it. I took it about 30 minutes ago after breakfast. What should I expect. I know all people react different, but trying to find out if any one else has taken it and what your experience was like.
Avatar f tn I know three people who take Meloxicam. Two of them have absolutely NO problems with it and the third has a very sensitive stomach when it comes to ANY med, so they tend to have stomach issues from it, but then they have stomach issues from every pill they ever take. Depending on what kind of damage there is in your spine from the herniated discs you may or may not get much relief from it, but you won't know until you try.
Avatar m tn For this I've been prescribed Meloxicam/Mobic for the pain and inflamation. The data sheet that came with the prescription details some pretty nasty potential side effects. I normally don't have too much trouble with meds but this stuff is potent. What have been your experiences with this med? I'm also on Paxil, 10mgs per day, and Methlyne, 15mgs per day, for the depression and anxiety problems. Thx in advance for all your replys. Thom.
Avatar m tn There are still ppl that take glucosamine and chondroitin, alone or together, for osteoarthritis. Some people believe this helps. But an analysis of studies looking at glucosamine or chondroitin for osteoarthritis in the hip or knee did not show that these supplements slow joint destruction or relieve pain. It's kind of gone by the wayside. It was found to not be the wonder supplement it was once thought to be. Multiple studies revealed that they will not help you more than a placebo.
Avatar f tn The frustrating part is finding the right medication or combination of meds for you - no two people respond the same way to the same medications. My "cocktail" is Enbrel and methotrexate, plus an anti-inflammatory called meloxicam (Mobic). These three meds only scratch the surface of what's available. Good luck!
1920386 tn?1323286149 starting to feel like an old man. dammit i just turned 31! goddam im really uncomfortable. thanks for nothing meloxicam. worthless medication.
Avatar m tn In 2004 is when it started, I went to two rheumatologist, but the results show that I don’t have Rheumatoid arthritis. The doctor give me Meloxicam, sometimes it helps relieve the pain. I have to say that in 2004 I had a jaw surgery that was for a dental tooth crown and I had also dental braces for three years. My questions: 1) how do I find out what this is. 2) what can I do to relive the pain.
Avatar n tn I understand that motrin isn't the greatest drug for the liver and it should only be taken under the guidance of a hep doc and for short periods of time. It's kind of a risk vs benefit type of thing. Another friend of mine who tried everything and got no relief swears by methadone. At least methadone is liver friendly.
Avatar n tn She's not in pain and has been on Glucosamine and Senior vitamins for a long time. Her hips had been broken before she came to me. They mended on their own which left her with one leg slightly shorter. I'm worried that her hind legs will give out before her mind does. Can you suggest supplements or herbal remedies to help strengthen her muscles? Your input would be greatly appreciated..
Avatar f tn I take a 1x day nsaid called Mobic. (Meloxicam) that's working ok. But still need something for breakthrough pain. Thanks I'll check that out for sure.
Avatar n tn I've been told that any of the anti-inflammatories, while good for arthritis, are not good for high blood pressure - they all can affect it. I, unfortunately, found this out the hard way when I was prescribed Celebrex - it was working pretty well for the arthritis, but it DRASTICALLY increased my blood pressure to a dangerous level (165/105) so was told to stop it immediately and to stay away from ALL anti-inflammatory medications, over the counter OR prescription.
Avatar f tn I have just been diagnosed with keinbocks stage 3-4 lunate already collapsed. I was told that I was to late for early surgery's and not yet ready for fusion, did you find out what happens with no surgery?
1155483 tn?1262436247 2 months ago I requested to drop to the 10mg Oxycontin. I also have been taking Meloxicam and Cyclobenzaprine PRN. I asked my GP, who I have been seeing since early childhood and who I trust completely in medical matters, to attempt a Non-narcotic treatment plan. He took me off the meloxicam and put me on Toradol (Ketorolac) 10mg 3xDaily. Now, I have researched a bit about the drug, checking the insert and also several websites, such as Drugs.
Avatar f tn I don't know anyone in KC that prescribes the old stuff. It was great for me, so I am wondering if I am one of those people who has not converted well, but can't find anyone to believe me. Know anyone in the Kansas City area?. I take many meds: synthroid, nexium, meteprolol (rapid heart rate), meloxicam, Embrel, azathioprine, tramadol, multi vitamin, calcium and fish oil.
Avatar f tn My doctor started me taking Tramadol 50 mg three times a day together with Panodil and Ibubrofen maximun daily dose. Though Tramadol worked slightly for me, the effect diminished, and I´m now taking 300 mg daily, still with no maximim effect. Has anyone experienced the same effect of taking Tramadol? My medication today is: Tramadol 300 mg, Cymbalta 30 mg, Panodil 500 mgx2, Ibuprofen 400 mgx2. Before my illness I was a busy and active person, always wary about taking medication at all.
5082295 tn?1371254511 I had to stop it by the 5th day because the side effects were awful and that pill almost killed me. As far as I know this medication (Mobic) is prescribed for arthritis. For pain I took a muscle relaxer Flexeril and it worked since the first day I took it. In 2 days I was pain free in my neck, arms and shoulders after having non stop pain and numbness for months.
Avatar n tn I was prescribe Meloxicam and tynolol with codiene,is this a good combination for severe arthritis?
Avatar f tn If you google "Co-Cure's Good Physician List", you can find of list of physicians who frequently diagnose and treat both fibromyalgia and CFS.
Avatar f tn and it is impossible for doctors to know every medication out there and how people tend to react to them (whether it be positively or negatively) Also, are there any fibromyalgia medications you think/suggest I should avoid? I was almost put on Cymbalta to treat my depression but it never ended up happening (whole another story). Thank you for reading, I really appreciate the help!
522415 tn?1242941355 i'm depressed and i'm in pain every day of my life my primary doc just suggested i go see a new neuro and put me on cymbalta this disease i have is very rare happens to 1 and a million people.......lucky me! i have tried to ask for something for the pain but they refuse me it's crazy....people that aren't even in real pain get pain meds and i was payralized from the waste down and have leison in my spain and can't walk for more then 5 mins without crippleling pain......
Avatar f tn This thread scared me a lot when I was having side effects from Meloxicam so I just wanted to leave a comment to clear things up. If you're having numbness and weird tingles, even slight burning, don't worry. These side effects will most likely pass with time. They did for me (it took about 10 days though). I feel perfectly normal now. The comments the people left in this thread are completely irresponsible and unacceptable. It isn't right to wildly speculate.
Avatar m tn I have been on meloxicam for many years. I'm on day 25 norco free and working with my pain management doctor on non narcotic relief. I thought this maybe a good choice but the insurance company disagreed. Any opinions on arthritis relief options. I have liver issues and I'm tested every 6 months. I also have stenosis, 2 bulging discs and one that has been detached. I do commercial refrigeration and the arthritis is in my back, knees and hands.
534785 tn?1329595808 For my back injury I have had more then 20 years ago the exercise and massage helped the most; for people with artritic like symptoms, aleeve (sp) is usally the strongest, but in long use any painrelievers may cause some dependancy. The "Ice-hot" patch may help for shoulder/ lower back, hip pain.
Business man2 mineral tablet (“A to Z” brand), - 1 raspberry keytone (sold by Walgreens), - 2 fish oil soft gels 1200mg (Walgreens brand) , - 2 ibuprofen (200mg each) usually, OR 2 acetaminophen (500mg each), OR 2 naproxen sodium (220mg each), OR 1 Rx meloxicam 15mg. (Pain killer taken for residual pain from knee being “scoped” 1/20/12) What is the doctor’s opinion?
Avatar n tn Hi, Thanks for writing in. Anti-inflammatory painkillers are sometimes called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), or just 'anti-inflammatories'. They include: aceclofenac, acemetacin, aspirin (see also below), celecoxib, dexibuprofen, dexketoprofen, diclofenac, diflunisal, etodolac, etoricoxib, fenbrufen, fenoprofen, flurbiprofen, ibuprofen, indomethacin, lumiracoxib, ketoprofen, mefanamic acid, meloxicam, nabumetone, naproxen, piroxicam etc.
Avatar m tn The Meloxicam you were taking has a tendency to constipate people. When hardened stool collects and won't come out like normal, it will irritate delicate tissues and cause them to swell, which those irritations are called hemorrhoids, and they'll bleed a little when constipated stool comes out, and the blood is usually seen on toilet paper. I might add that your age is helpful, in that it is quite unusual for a 41-year-old to have colon cancer.
692643 tn?1372614827 I honestly don't know where to begin.having an off day_ I'm getting Methotrexate shots for my arthritis every other week. from pain/managemnt dr...for the.last 5 months,been feeling extremely exhausted,passing out w/ my boots on, no energy whatsoever,just scrolling the mouse,is painful. low vitamin D I'm taking vitamin D2 1.25 MG <generic for Drisdol.and for pain Meloxicam 15 mg..still in pain,I live in pain.doing much less activity..
Avatar m tn definetly sounds like sciatica. some people respond to medication. Lyrica,meloxicam, etc. have u seen a neroligist? they will put u thru a series of test bye putting needles in u to c how much this is effecting ur nerves. I have been out of work since Feb due to this and have just had surgery due to the fact that the nerve was being pinched and the antinflammtory did not work.
982333 tn?1305792489 I ended up finding a wonderful doctor. She is a very intelligent Romanian woman. They must have wonderful medical schools in Romania, because she was able to determine the cause of my undiagnosed joint pains, with 1 VISIT. She was so sweet and really cared. She made a promise to me that she would never waste my time or money, with unnecessary tests and visits. I thought that was really cool.
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