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1073473 tn?1257844249 my meds include meloxicam and antitriptyline i have hydro (exercise in water) once a week but missed one week and i was worse which is why im worried for when course ends thinking of having a baby to get me off my anti depressants cos ill have 9 months without them then doc can give me more for fibro
Avatar m tn Acetaminophen is useless. I'm on tizanidine and meloxicam (mel. for unrelated issues), so no ibuprofen. PT-tried, did nada. My NS says do a fusion and something else that I can't currently remember, I'll try to post it later. So now it seems, yes do surgery-but the thing is, I'm an active 14 y/o. I ride horses and I want to continue to do so. I can mostly ride now, just very painfully and I usually regret it later.
1210403 tn?1277956686 I have had bouts of this on and off for a number of years, but this fall it hit me like a ton of bricks. I have muscle weakness in my lower legs, with constant aching. I have weakness in my hands as well. I can no longer open anything with a lid. I am having to use a cane at times to walk, as my legs are so weak. I favor one leg over the other. I have extreme fatigue and tiredness. My feet are cold all the time, with electric sensations in my legs on and off.
487969 tn?1249316891 Numbness and tingles are still in my lip and face area, but I must admit, I have not taken the calcium this week (I had been waiting for the blood draw, but then forgot to start again). Last night, I got a severe headache, muscle tension in the neck and a shooting pain in the LEFT side, back of neck. I have to admit, I was almost thankful for a moment that it was the left and not the right.
394687 tn?1290924440 Hi friends - I posted this in Neurology but got no response so am going to pass it by my buds here.
Avatar dr m tn They were handling me with kid gloves and I'm telling them, it's groovacious, I'm not in any more pain than I'm accustomed to (I couldn't take my medicine before the procedure which was difficult because I was counting on it for a more comfortable ride, but with taking two powerful 24/7 pain management meds and Meloxicam for joint pain and Xanax for anxiety, plus anti-biotics, they were adamant about coming in clean as I'd be given a sedative, etcetera, I thanked them warmly, we came back home
Avatar n tn Perhaps your bones need strengthening. Try taking calcium supplements, and get checked by your doc for osteoperosis.
Avatar n tn The lack of sodium causes a muscle cramping that makes the horses nearly unable to move when it strikes and the home remedy for this is baking soda and water.This sounded so similar to what I was experiencing that I decided to try it myself.Now I carry some baking soda with me at all times because it can hit you any time ..any where.Naturally there still is no clinical answer for what is happening to all of us but there is relief with the soda and water...
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Avatar n tn I'm sorta' familiar w/ your problem. Use to play ALOT of tennis & eventually damaged rotator-cuff but have an idea of your muscle pain that extends from 'middle trapezius'? I'm surprised you get relief w/ Ibu. Guess it wks for some for the inflamm. Never did a thing for me. Only ice-paks & 1/2 lortab-7 (narcotic) & at bed a whole. They sell a clay-filled type flat cool-pack that lasts 3xlonger than ice by KAZ. It's great at the scapula area.