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Avatar m tn I had an MRI showing damaged discs, stenosis and arthritis in my back and arthritis in both knees. I started with meloxicam for the arthritis which is a godsend. I also started norco 7.5 as needed 30 a month. I have had several spinal injections which worked but my job would undo the repair. Surgery is not an option right now because it would put me out of work and all 3 doctors said that my work would undo theirs. I'm in pain management which I go every month for review.
Avatar m tn I have a screwed up back which lead me down this road,and sub does nothing for that so my doc put me on meloxicam. Which has clearly been eating a whole in my insides, classic symptoms of an upper gi bleed. So is all of this even worth it? Am i killing myself faster by taking meloxicam?
Avatar f tn for several years i have been taking painkillers or chronic pain for moderate RA, lupus, and back problems. Right now I am on percocet, methotrexate, meloxicam, and tazanidine and although the percocet helps, i am wondering if there is a painkiller out there as strong as percocet but less addictive that i can take instead.
Avatar m tn Then to make it all that much better, living in constant pain at both ends of my body for so long, caused me to fall into a deep depression, with high anxiety. As of right now, they have me on 50mg. Butalbital, for migranes, 7.5 mg. meloxicam, for a non-steriodal anti inflamatory, 10 mg fexmid, which is a muscle relaxer, 1 mg. klonopin for high anxiety, neurontin, for damage to the nerves in my feet from the burn, and 7.5 mg. Norco, for the total round about pain that I stay in!
1420486 tn?1384796753 " Boy Im glad I did'nt find and burn the Alieve. I love Alieve!" Well im sure Alieve is glad you didn't also, sounds like a match made in heaven. Have you told Alieve about how you feel? And does Alieve feel the same way? And is it possible there might be 'little Alieves' in your future? As for me, i'm just glad tx didn't have any lasting sx effects on my brian. Serious i hope tx is going well for you and you soon earn that SVR diploma.
1118630 tn?1260199389 I went to my local doctor and he said it might be a pinched nerve. He prescribed me Meloxicam and Orphenadrine. I take one of each every day along with two tylenol and daily vitamines. The reason I think it is more than a pinched nerve or an out of line spine is because of some of my other symptoms. I have random tingling and numb sensations on my back and in my feet. The most common numbness in is my left shoulder (this occurs about 2-3 times per hour continuously for about 5 hours a day).
Avatar f tn So since I see so many people here talking about painkiller addiction, I thought it'd be best to ask here, though it may be a bit out of place. I've always been a fan of opiates. Not for abuse potential, because they WORK. I've been in a lot of pain for a long time, even prescription doses of OTC stuff stopped working a while ago. Tramadol was the exception, which is mainly why I had issues with it...
394687 tn?1290924440 Also I have a very good RA doc and she put me on morphine sulfate ER 15 mg tabs one tab every 12 hrs.Had me on Meloxicam 15 mg tabs one time a day and methotrexate.No Meloxicam or methotrexate now while I have HCV. Hydrocodone as needed for pain...I hate to take pills but I do know where your coming from with the RA.Good Luck in finding the right choices in tx your health issues.Keep me posted what you decided.
900459 tn?1304996859 I know your mind is going a million miles an hour right now and it will till you find out what it is you actually have. Hopefully it wont be what you have read on the internet. You and your doctor will be able to come up with a plan when you know for sure what you are dealing with. There will be a point when you do have to do the acceptance thing with this. Its always hard to accept when our body wont allow us to do the work we have done in the past.
Avatar m tn Started to come up with different treatment for pain, something that involves various injections (thoradol) and nerve blocks (head). He also gave me Meloxicam for pain, it is an anti-inflammatory. Also, he gave me a tranquilizer and heart blood pressure med for shakes and heart palpitations. This thing works! I was taking 50mg and after taking blood pressure and tranquilizer meds, didn't even finish that, stopped at 40! And today, it's 4:45PM I only took 10mg!
620923 tn?1452919248 I have dispensed a lot in practice for other nerve pain disorders and have seen good pain relief with low rates of abuse. Wide range of doses and can be given twice daily or once daily (ER formulation). Might be something to consider 2. Inflammation - daily NSAIDS are okay but only if using the right formulation. Enteric coated naproxen 550mg is cheap, RX only, and protects your gut from bleed risk. Celebrex and Mobic (meloxicam-cheap) are once daily options that help lower risk of bleed.
Avatar f tn I've never taken it, but I've heard that it works pretty good. My doctor gave me Meloxicam, which is like ibuprofen but just a once a day deal and it worked while I was taking the norco with it, but doesn't work as well now for me, but alot of people say it helps with cramps (which is why I thought it would help with my endometriosis). I'm glad that you are hanging in there. Soak in a HOT bath with two cups of epsom salt, that will calm you and pull toxins from your body.
1161075 tn?1262992028 From different things I have read, the oxycontin will be slowly disappearing off of the shelves because of it's high potential of abuse by un-prescribed folks (taking it from the family medicine chest or those that don't really need it, selling it on the street. I know my Medicare will no longer pay for it. However, I had been on the plain old oxcodone 15 mg before and it seemed to help much better than the Percocet.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your post. No one feels any shame nor guilt. There may be some possibility of abuse. Also, other people have commented on the personality change the daughter has when on Vicoden, not just the mother ... in fact, the daughter has also commented on it. From almost a decade of working with my boss, slideshow, I can assure you she is not judgemental and loves her daughter so very much.
Avatar f tn that in its self is abuse the fda never ment for them to be snorted thats y the bottle says dont crush. half a dose is a good start if you dont want with drawl cutting back is the answer. I was in the same place you are now but i went cold turkey. Your right in saying it was about 3 weeks before i got to feel half way normal. And go get your hand checked the meds are there to help but you cant over do it!!! Need anything else let me know.
522415 tn?1242941355 being that it is a Cll medication but I would say that 40Mg a day would help you out so so so greatly and if you still read this then see if you cant get on that, I don't advise anyone to go on OxyContin because it is so addictive and so easy to abuse in about 3 different ways and when you abuse it in those ways you get a heroin feeling and then your hooked, but methadone is safe if you take it as directed or you could actually take your whole dose at once if your only gonna get like 40mg and t
Avatar m tn that you could not possibly get into a whole lot of trouble using them (except, of course, in the event of extreme abuse). Obviously if this is the case, then they are more likely to relieve you of your cash than your symptoms. 2 - The OTC products contain what could possibly be a therapeutic dose of T3 and T4. In this case, there is absolutely nothing benign about them. If they can relieve your symptoms, then they also have the potential to make you hyper, a more dangerous state than hypo.
Avatar n tn wow I'm a 50 yr old male - 6'4" 230 lbs... very active & in shape... had a bad knee/ torn meniscus from years of basketball & softball abuse.... went through the entire routine the rest of you did.... dr appt, x-ray, MRI etc.... the hot-shot dr in the area told me after 6-8 weeks i would be back on the ball court with all the young dudes just like the old days...... been 12 weeks now and I'm singin the same song as the rest of you.....
Avatar n tn Well I understand your reluctance to get prescription meds, but clonidine is simply a blood pressure med that will help with the withdrawal. It has NO abuse potential. Benzos do, but if you have a small amount there is no real harm. As far as herbal meds, Valerian helps calm you during withdrawal as does Kava. Valerian or melatonin may help you sleep. No herbal meds will do more than help slightly however. Good luck with the taper!
Avatar f tn I'm only 18 but I've suffered from from most of these disorders my entire life (aside from the depersonalization, which i assume might be from past drug abuse). I feel like I'm always in zoned out, or in a dream, and nothing really seems real anymore. Much of what you've described. Also I feel a sharp pinch in my heart area multiple times a day, but they seem to fade when I relax and rub it.