Medication for yeast infection while pregnant

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Avatar f tn Doctors recommend monistat for yeast infections while pregnant... I dont recall azo being on the list I was given for medications...
Avatar n tn Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that only vaginal medications, such as creams or vaginal suppositories, be used for yeast infection treatment during pregnancy. Pregnant women should not use nonprescription medications without first discussing their symptoms with their health professional.
Avatar f tn You are only supposed to use the monistat 7 for yeast infection while pregnant, if you are currently. Its the safest for baby.
Avatar f tn I have a mild yeast infection and I am 29 weeks pregnant. My doctor gave me two doses of flucanazole of 150 mg. I am scared to take the medication because of what I have been reading on line. Although there is not enough studies on the affects of the drug on human babies, I really don't want to take the chance. My question is, is leaving a yeast infection harmful to my baby??
Avatar f tn if you have a different experience or have been through a yeast infection while pregnant please share your experience but no need to shoot the rest of ours down ..none of us our DRS ...
Avatar f tn Monistat or something similar is safe to take during pregnancy and if the baby is born vaginally while you have a yeast infection, he or she could end up with thrush in his mouth and that would be much trickier to get rid of. Unfortunately, yeast infections are just more likely to happen during pregnancy. I never had one in my life until I got pregnant and now I've had two! Both were diagnosed by my midwife and both times they told me to take the over the counter remedy.
Avatar f tn Same symptoms and turned out to be a yeast infection for me but since i have been on medication no discharge and i got my sex life back but i do need to start using lube....
12693075 tn?1442249992 this is my 4th yeast infection during this pregnancy. Any advice?? I honestly think my husband has something to do with it. I get them more when we have a ton of sex. I'm 32.
Avatar f tn Have any one gotten an yeast infection while pregnant and how did u treat it? I believe I have one n I'm 13 weeks n I'm scheduling an appointment tomorrow but I was curious is it only me?
Avatar n tn Just figured out I probably have a yeast infection. Since I dont have a doctor, has anyone else ever had a yeast infection while pregnant and been told over the counter medication for it is unsafe? Everything I have read online says its fine to use...
14346590 tn?1451858157 Has anyone taken diflucan for a yeast infection while pregnant. My doctor gave it to me yesterday and I read that it has Not been proven safe for pregnant or nursing women. And no smart comments about "your doc wont give you anything unsafe to take while prego" because I started bleeding a WHOLE bunch last night/this morning around 1am and I had to go to the hospital. That's why I'm asking.
Avatar n tn appt on Tuesday because I been feeling uncomfortable and Wednesday they called to tell me that I had a yeast infection that's common to happen when your pregnant; I was told by my dr to get monistat; I purchased the 3 day treatment and it came with the cream to place on the skin where it's itchy; but my huge concern was will this treatment affect my unborn baby ? Im 33 weeks today and dr said it won't but I'm still so worried; has anyone else try to use this before while pregnant?
Avatar f tn What do you do when you have a yeast infection. I have been using ONLY the topical cream, but worry it will hurt the baby. I am 10 weeks pregnant.
Avatar f tn Have any of you all had yeast infections while pregnant? I have one and it's driving me nuts now. I go back to my OB tomorrow, but is there anything I can take before then for the itching or w/e? What did you all do for yours??
Avatar n tn Thank you for your help, it turns out it was a yeast infection, and they told me to use monistat-7. Not the cream but the Suppositories. I am now starting to enjoy my pregnancy again. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Only complication I have heard of a yeast infection causing to the baby is that it will be more likely to have thrush.... I was looking it up the other day and that's all I could find.... I also read that a lot of midwives will say to let it run it's course....
10203682 tn?1418697354 Now I really really really hate using conventional pharmaceutical medications but I'll use them if it's bad enough, thankfully it's not yet bad enough for that, if I can't treat it at home by the time my appointment comes around I'll get the same meds I got before but I'd like to avoid it, last night while washing my hair I remembered that my shampoo has tea tree oil (it's an organic shampoo) and using it helps dramatically with dandruff which is most commonly caused by a fungus on the scalp
Avatar n tn Ok, I've been at the beach for the past week and while I was there me and my DH were having sex and it started burning, it did this twice. well i,ve never had a yeast infection before but thats what I tought it was so i went to the drug store and bought some medication for it. I took it on friday night, well on sat. i had some spotting. It was just when I wiped, not even enoght to wear a panyliner. I am about 9 or 10 dpo so it cant af coming this soon.
Avatar f tn I reaaaally want to give you advice but I have the same problem lol. I've had a bacterial and yeast infection since 25 weeks. It's been horrible but the medication won't help. I was told that it will go away or at least get extremely better after pregnancy lol. I took Monistat 7 and over the counter medication. For the itching get Vagisil cream. It works wonders!
Avatar n tn Sometimes combining the prescription therapy with the over the counter topical cream will clear up the infection. I really feel for you. Two months of a yeast infection was enough to drive me crazy. I can't imagine having one for six months. I really hope it clears up soon.
Avatar f tn Hi I have worked for a veterinary dermatologist for years and seen some horrible bacteria come from dogs being on raw diet so the only information I have is from what I've seen first hand. Plus my ob/gyn told me not to handle any animal on a raw diet while I was pregnant because pregnant women are in a weak state and can contract things easily. Also children or any person with a weak immune system say someone on chemo or HIV etc.
Avatar n tn Well I was with ONE guy recently and was planning on him being the last. He got me pregnant and that caused me to end up with a yeast infection. I have some bumps around the opening of my vagina as well...they sting pretty bad when I urinate and when i touch them. They aren't very visible...I honestly can't see them, but i can feel them. The feel like an open tiny scratch or something when i urinate. Do you think it's from the yeast infection? Or could it be Herpes?
Avatar n tn Ladies, I wanted to mention that if you keep treating yourself for a yeast infection and it's not clearing up at all, it could be a bacterial infection. That happened to me before. Bacterial infections have very similar symptoms and are treated with (yea!) antibiotics. You should really see a doctor if self-treatment isn't working. And for the ladies who have been told it is or might be herpes, I went through this too.
Avatar f tn i went for a blood testbut the results i dont know yet... i already got treated for the chlamydia by takin antibotics.. for a while i thought i got yeast infection but blisters or cut like sores showed up.
Avatar n tn I have this problem, i had this yeast infection for a while and im getting rid of it but only on occasion. It comes back, and it's very irritating because I try everything. my physician tells me its sugar, and hey! i love sugar, but i have been cutting back. I'm also on probiotics and that helps too. but its still coming. Bottom line, I have two questions: 1) is this normal? and 2) (which is my main question) my boyfriend and I are up to our, approximately, fifth or sixth time having sex.
Avatar n tn I am glad to know I am not the only person experiencing this, I have been with my boyfriend for four years and every time we have sex I get that burning itching sensation of the yeast infection, and it last for days last time it went on for about 2-3 weeks, I've been to Dr.'s and they basically ignore everything I tell them and give me a pill, and then next time I have sex the yeast infection returns.
Avatar n tn If you are constipated try drinking metamucil everynight, it may help and is ok to take while pregnant. 2) A yeast infection takes a while to clear up, even if you are done with your medication. It tends to make the skin very raw. Being pregnant myself, I'm always very sensitive and raw. I always think it's a yeast infection but my doctor says that it happens with the hormonal changes that our bodies go through during pregnancy. I would wait a few days and the rawness should subside.