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Avatar n tn I have had moderate scoliosis since I was diagnosed at the age of 11 with a 40 degree curve. I was fitted with a brace but only wore it when my parents were around. It was embarrasing and hard to find clothes to fit over it. I had lots of back pain through out my adolecsence until I started doing regular yoga and excersice, it has made a huge difference for me.
525594 tn?1212445376 Then my hands started to hurt, the meat in my thumbs would hurt in a way where I have to massage them and when I say massage I mean as hard as I can for HOURS on end! Sometiems I have to use a soft stiff device to use because my thumbs get tired. So I had an MRI on my right had which was the worst. It showed Ganglion cysts on my wrist. but the only explination for the meat/joint area was tendonitius. I was sent to a Orthopedists to have them checked for surgery or drainage and negative.
Avatar n tn I also complained about the back pain that I spoke of in my first post to you. I asked him if the back pain could be caused by the annular tear in the thoracic spine and his answer was "Who said you have any problem in the thoracic spine, I thought your problems were with your neck".
Avatar f tn Planning a vaginal birth but with my scoliosis I already have back problems and don't need anymore since I've figured out how to finally manage and cope with out medication. How effective was the alternate and what was it?
Avatar m tn So, when my regular doctors could not find why I had pain in my left side, guess who I went to. So, since then I have used the techniques listed above to get rid of the pain. Massage on my diaphram and acupuncture worked the best and it sounds like you have the same pain just on the other side. And I'm not just saying this because I'm a massage therapist.
1448936 tn?1363209946 My friend has a chiropractor that also does massage therapy that he highly recommended. I have a slight case of scoliosis so when I get bad anxiety my back gets way out of whack and makes me miserable. I'm hoping that at least an adjustment and a massage will help me temporarily. I know that anxiety comes in waves but this is seriously annoying. My head hasn't been hurting as much today which I'm grateful for but it seems like I've traded in the tension headache for an ibs flare-up.
599170 tn?1300977493 I had 8 months of PT prior to my lumbar fusion, which did absolutely nothing but make me more comfortable. I had ultrasound, Stim, massage, and traction. Then, I had 10 weeks of PT after my surgery, which absolutely helped. That time, I had water therapy, and land therapy including stim. I guess as my back got worse, the PT stopped working as well. I also had PT years ago, which seemed to help at that point.
1175033 tn?1492204828 The other treatments in the visits would include cold laser therapy and the activator (another chiro torture device) and intra oral massage. I told the lady, my whole back is out of alignment, leg length discrepancy rotated pelvis scoliosis. I had previously had strain/counter strain techniques on my lower back and hip and they wouldnt hold. What happens if it just does not want to hold at my atlas? Or it just keeps going out of place?
16888441 tn?1452159257 Orthopedic services and treatments to reduce deformity and increase mobility of the spine and neck caused by scoliosis, fibromyalgia, bursitis or arthritis are common as well. Orthopedic surgery involves many different techniques and methods for the treatment of hundreds of bone or joint injuries and conditions that limit range of motion or cause pain in men, women and children.
Avatar f tn There is daily exercise, yoga/stretching, physical therapy (easy to learn and do at home), massage, acupuncture, TENS unit (found used online), ice, heat, biofeedback, counseling, injections, steroids, nerve ablation, etc. Many people with CP actually suffer with depression and need to be treated by a Dr. This is nothing to be ashamed of...Learning healthy coping techniques along with how to live with a "new" normal. Some people even need medication for awhile to help them through.
Avatar n tn I've read through the Trigger Point Manuals and I do use a tennis ball myself and then a heating pad after once in a while. The first P/T's never used trigger massage on me. They just gave me a few exercises. Then last summer the P/T I went to was using is elbow all around my hips/glutes and it hurt, but then after a day or two I get bad spasms where I couldn't walk, so I stopped that P/T. Then I just suffered along for months. Then this past March I went to a chiro and did 20 treatments.
Avatar f tn a doctor can schedule an appointment for nerve tests that can be done weeks later but a chiropractor, if you tell him its an emergency can usually diagnose you right there, he cant fix you but he can give you meds to work it out and you are gunna have to go to a massage therapist for a bit for massage and stretches,being medical insurance can cover it if you got it.
Avatar m tn I have chronic pain due to scoliosis and also dislocated a shoulder. I am only about 90 days clean, but my pain is way less. I'm more conscious of my body and know when to slow it down, as not to make it worse. No amount of pain will ever send me back into that caos. My addiction progressed to the point that I almost died, no pain is worth that. NA says that active addiction leads to jails, institutions, or death.
Avatar n tn Your earlier replies failed to mention neuromuscular or trigger point massage therapy techniques, which might have nipped your problem in the bud. I am age 74 and have been successfully treated with these massage techniques more than a dozen times, for spasms in the rhomboids (most frequent), trapezius, paraspinal muscles, and elbow.
Avatar n tn I have tried Physical theropy, accupuncture, massages, pills, daily range of motian techniques. I find that the use of a body ball which i lay prone on and roll as far as i can till my head touches the ground to help in case i can feel it comming on as well as an evening routine which i do as well as rolling my neck in circles and working my upper body.
82861 tn?1333457511 1. Severe scoliosis and spinal stenosis. Her right hip is several inches higher than the other. She postponed surgery for so many years that the neurosurgeon doubts he can help her. The discs from L1 through T5 are crushed to the point that they obscure her spinal cord on the MRI films. As predicted, Mom is now becoming incontinent and can barely walk more than a couple steps. Now she won't eat for fear of not making it to the bathroom, but denies the problem to medical professionals.
Avatar n tn I have an office job on campus doing things on a computer, and at times the pain is so bad it is distracting and causes me not to work. I have been to massage therapists twice and they never seem to help. Do you think I should visit a chiropractor? Has it helped anyone else with the pain?
5025679 tn?1363545101 I don't have any clicking when I eat or open my mouth. And I have heard of those massage techniques for the inside of your mouth. I should try them. The Xanax is such a small dose. It doesn't even make me sleepy. I haven't upped the dose either. But maybe I should since I feel like I did have a clenching episode last night. Maybe the clenching makes me move my leg and then it spasms and cramps up. Maybe it's all connected...
Avatar m tn It IS perfectly normal for young children to be curious and to do that because it feels good, just like a nice back massage. But now is a good time to teach her that she can only do it in private and that no one else is to touch her there and likewise. Also, don't make her feel bad about it or she'll be extremely uncomfortable having any kind of relationship in the future. It's not bad, it's a normal feeling.
Avatar f tn Physical therapy was helpful but the relief was very temporary. Now I put all my work on my posture and self-massage like occipital release techniques (YouTube that). I now rely on hard cervical collars to help with posture even I know if can cause atrophy at least it release the spasms that are compressing the nerves. I used a soft cervical collar at first but those thing are not isolated and not comfortable at all. Actually I was getting in the muscles under my chin from wearing it.
Avatar f tn everyday I suffer from headaches and or migranes, I have so much tension in my body that I can barely stand to be in my own skin, I am very forgetful and 'brain fogs' are frequent, I have very bad nausea due to the headaches, scoliosis etc etc etc. As you can see, I have so many symptoms that this is really effecting my life, so I will get the surgery because I am out of options. I have had everything under the sun checked and I am at optimal health at my young age.
Avatar n tn Now I'm scared. I am going to try water massage and accupuncture and ask for a x-ray of my hip. Maybe it is my back instead.
Avatar f tn I have been to the chiro over 10 times in the past few months(that's how long I've had this current problem) acupuncture twice, and massage therapist 3 times. Sometimes I feel like the massage helps but sometimes I feel it irratates the problem...some w/ the chiropractor. I had a dr. check my lymph nodes under my arm and they were fine. I have my womanly check up in August(dreading it, lol) but I don't feel it has any connection with anything like that.
Avatar n tn Hi Davidsgirl, It almost sounds like you have some scoliosis of the tailbone. Do you know what that is? In case you don't, scoliosis is a curve in one's spine, side to side. If a person had a curve in the spine forward, it would be called kyphosis (hunch back). Scoliosis is an s-curve. And since the tailbone is part of the spine, I don't see why a person can't have scoliosis down there. I can see where that would cause a "crooked butt crack look".
Avatar n tn I spent a month in pain management a few years ago which helped a lot and I still employ the techniques I learned to manage my Fibro pain almost daily. My Pain Management Techniques (PMTs) are not doing much for this current pain issue on a consistent basis. At PT, they tried putting kinesthesia (sp) tape over my right traps to keep the shoulder down and stop the muscle spasm, but I was allergic to the latex (welt/blister) and after three days, it didn't seem to help much...
363110 tn?1340924019 It has been way more helpful than a deep tissue massage and much cheaper too! The massage therapists could never get as deep as I requested but the theracane does. When you hear a lot of popping during the theracane therapy it means that you are breaking up those thick bands of muscle. Be sure to drink lots of water afterwards and stretch out the deeply massaged areas well.
Avatar n tn The pain seems to be emanating from my spine, and tensing up the back muscles nearest the spine. I have been seeing a chiropractor/massage therapist for about 4 weeks now, and it has not helped, because the pain is only after I sleep! I am 23 years old. I help my dad deliver produce 2 times a week in the morning, and I am also a full time sales associate at Sears selling electronics (which I'm on my feet all day.
Avatar n tn Even if it is just irritating at this point, do something proactive to keep it from getting worse. Massage does help to keep blood flow and nutrients flowing through the area and helps it from becoming very stiff. it also helps with pain if you have it. get a pillow that will support your neck while you sleep and is not to stiff.
Avatar n tn I am so glad to find this page/ venting arena, I have had chronic pain (undiagnosed) been to chiro/massage/GP and was given muscle relaxers, no help! I changed my diet, tried vitamins, exercise and then decided to give acup. a try yesterday, my Dr. even wrote the order, I did try cortizone and had terrible side affects with that! So I went to a professional who has been doing this for 30 years, she was very nice and seemed educated, I asked some ??