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551604 tn?1333986735 Macrobid is the black and yellow pill. Ialso heard no Bactrim, you can take amoxacillin. and Macrobid that everyone has mentioned.
Avatar f tn Hi im 14 wks and 5 days pregnant and my doctor told me i had a urinary tract infection and he prescribrd bactrim.. On the label it says do not take if pregnant. Can bactrim hurt your pregnancy?has anyone else takin it while pregnant?
Avatar f tn At our last visit with his urologist five days ago, I asked about putting him on some sort of prophylactic antibiotic for the UTIs, as he becomes confused when he has one. The doctor prescribed Macrobid. Unbeknownst to me, he was already on Bactrim for this purpose. The nurse at his assisted living facility pointed this out to me, so his primary doctor discontinued the Bactrim and he’s been on the Macrobid. Since he started this, he’s been more tired and complained of feeling weaker.
Avatar n tn I know macrobid is cat B and safe during preg, but she wanted to keep me on bactrim. If you look up bactrim they show possible brain damage to babies, and during their studies have shown increases in defects vs placebo. I know i may sound crazy but after 2 MC's, and now i am only 11 weeks, i am just so paranoid. Please help.
297280 tn?1226710005 I have a slight UTI and was prescribed Macrobid at first. It upset my stomach somewhat and I was concerned with the possible side effects, even though they are rare. Well, the second thing the doctor has prescribed is Bactrim. Not only does it also have some similar potential side effects but it's in pregnancy category C and blocks folic acid absorption. It's only a 3 day course of treatment but I'm scared to take it.
Avatar n tn I had a recent UTI with staph, and they gave me macrobid. I was also on bactrim for a staph infection on my skin, and that wasn't helping the UTI, so they gave me macrobid along with the staph.
Avatar m tn ) The CFU per ml is less than 50,000 so it is a mild infection, but I have obvious UTI symptoms (urgency, smelly urine etc) My doctor gave me Macrobid, because it's susceptible to that. However, soon upon taking the 1st pill, I developed a few red welts (only 1 or 2 of them itched), which my dr said could be an allergic reaction. He told me to try taking the Macrobid for 3 days. I tried this, but it did not wipe out the infection. I'm not sure what to do at this point.
176741 tn?1295237589 I had a bladder infection two weeks ago that was treated first by Macrobid, then by Bactrim and I think that is healed. However, I am having a yellowish discharge now. Do you think this is part of the normal course of events at this stage after birth, or is it something else? I am not prone to vaginal infections-may not recognize it if I had one. What do you think?
749677 tn?1253694225 Last winter, I took 3 months of macrobid and I felt improved to some degree, but not as dramatically as with the bactrim. I stopped the macrobid this time when I began the bactrim. It is quite possible your infection is not totally gone, maybe it is "simmering".
592774 tn?1325397342 I have not had any kidney pain since last Tuesday, when I began Bactrim for 7 days. I have already been on macrobid since Nov. 13 and had 1 IV dose of gentimicin or floxin on Friday. I guess this flu with bronchitis treatment has allowed me to attack my Kidney infection with some strong meds. DH thinks it was gentimicin and I think it was floxin. I am going to have to get my records to find out for sure. I am going to try to call my Uro and see if I can get a long term bactrim Rx from him.
Avatar f tn I have a long standing issue with recurrent UTI's, had a bilateral urethera reimplantation as a child, frequent UTI's in teen years and about age 28 began taking macrobid at HS to control this. After being on it about 10 years I started to notice signs of neuropathy, although I mentioned this to several doctors, they dismissed it. I finally found an article in an OBGYN medical publication at my hospitals library ( written by doctors) about this being a forgotten side effect of macrobid.
Avatar f tn As for UTI's - I am on a prophylactic dose of macrobid and it has worked very well. The bactrim worked too but my urogyno wanted to use a drug that isn't needed for other infections and Macrobid fits that description. I have been UTI free for about 18 months or so. Good luck in finding the right balance - it takes some time but can be done.
493068 tn?1224768915 Within 48 hours of stopping macrobid symptoms came back culture showed ecoli again and same macrobid for 7 days. Then symptoms returned and again ecoli put inpt on imipenem for 10 IV doses and dc with macrobid for 7 days. Then culture positive for ecoli again now ESBL. No UA has ever shown WBCs but cultures grow bacteria and frequency, urgency, nocturia and burning present. Can you have a UTI with NO wbc's present in UA and bacterial growth on culture? Thanks for your input.
Avatar f tn I starting taking Bactrim thinking that if I had an UTI it would wipe it out. The Bactrim was not working out so I went to the dr. She perscribed me Cipro, and some Nystatin Triamcinolone cream for the rash. Well I still was not getting relief so I went to another dr who perscribed me Cipro in a higher dose and pain medication. That still was not working so I went to the ER. They tested me for diabetes, they did an catscan on my kidneys and everything came back negative.
Avatar m tn Went to my gyno she saw bacteria and white blood cells in urine and gave me bactrim for uti infection. Took it but 1 1/2 week later it came back. They said I had a uti again which was strange because i have never had it before. I went back again with same symptoms and they again saw the bacteria and white blood cells and gave me cephlex. Took all the pills and 9 days later i went back. They said because i had three in a short period that I needed to go to a Urologist.
Avatar f tn Alternative, if you have symptoms of frequency, urgency, and pain with urination, you can be treated with a standard antibiotic like bactrim or macrobid for 3-5 days, and see if the symptoms clear up. Dr.
Avatar m tn I have recently come to find out (after 3 different urine cultures) that there has never been any bacteria, meaning i haven't actually had a UTI. I have taken Bactrim, cipro, macrodantin, levaquin, deoxycycline, and now am on macrobid just in case. i will occasionally have UTI symptoms but not all the time. and i constantly have kidney pain and occasional side pain right above my hip. i have also been very tired lately and feel like my muscles are weak.
Avatar f tn Have you done a urine culture to determine sensitivity? That can tell them what drugs to use. Also, you can develop insensitivity to sulfa drugs like Bactrim. Macrobid only works sometimes. Amoxicillian works most of the time. In my experience, if the symptoms aren't diminishing after the first 3 days on an antibiotic, then it isn't working and you need to get an RX for something else. Good luck... Sounds hellish.
Avatar m tn late August felt a sense of stinging at end of penis, then burning when urination. NP did urine test (found bacteria) and 7 days of macrobid....bacteria was gone but week later, still symptoms and after another urine test, it came back clean....but still "burning sensation" within penis. So, NP gave me 2 weeks of bactrim....which did nothing. Went to urologist who did tests on urine, PSA and prostate check...all came back fine. He put me on a month of cipro 500mg.
Avatar m tn Applied the cream but did not start taking the Bactrim. Wanted a skin test done but no help from my doc.'s office. Bactrim initially was painful but on the 3rd day, some relief not much. Panicked and went to see a Dermatologist, who said it wasn't MRSA but instead Folliculitis etc. and advised to stop applying Bactroban and prescribed a new cream. Stopped Bacroban and applied the new cream.
Avatar n tn She had not, so I gave another sample that day. After three days on the Macrobid the symptoms were worsening (in the past, Macrobid had always cleared up my UTIs -- I had several asymptomatic UTIs while pregnant). I went back and she said the culture showed no infection. She mentioned that I might have interstitial cystitis. She was waiting to get the results of the scan before treating me for IC. She was to call me today to let me know if I should fill a presciption she gave me for IC.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with a minor UTI (my first one ever) about 8 days ago. They gave me a three day dose of Macrobid - which I did not consume. I am too afraid. I am allergic to the cillins (anaphylaxis), and have had a horrible reaction to quinones. Every time I thought about putting that little Macrobid in my mouth, I would start to panic. The following day, without the Macrobid, my symptoms were much improved. The day after that - even better.
Avatar n tn Ensure that whatever is growing is sensitive to Macrobid or Bactrim. Although STDs are not suspected, I would test for this anyways, since this can always cause dysuria and easily treated. Vaginitis can also cause dysuria - either bacterial vaginosis, trichomonas or candida. You can ask to be tested for these and treated appropriately. If you are post-menopausal, estrogen-deficient women can develop dysuria caused by desiccation of the urethral and vaginal mucosa.
Avatar n tn After culture I'm given Diflucan and 3 days of Bactrim. (they decided I had yeast infection).Diflucan in first 24 hours seemed to make me feel better but then things got worse again.I call back and gyno says come in.I get full exam, she looks at discharge and says yeast infection still.I get another Diflucan and wait7days and all symptoms remain.No relief.I call again and gyno is not there, I see her partner.She still sees yeast on 12/29and prescribes 3 Diflucan 1 a day for 3 days.
Avatar f tn I went to a walk in clinic and did a urine test, it showed that I had the UTI. I was put on 3 days of Bactrim. It seemed to work great and the next day all of my symptoms were gone. But then two days after finishing the antibiotics, the symptoms came back and I had abdominal pain and kidney pain. I went back to the walk in clinic and was put on Macrobid for five days. After five days however, none of my symptoms seemed to be gone.
Avatar n tn I got pregnant with my first daughter while on birth control, but I was taking antibiotics, that made them less effective... Well I am currently taking Metrondazole,Bactrim, Macrobid, and Prozac.Do you think with me only being on Nuva Ring for 9 days, and being on these antibiotics...I could have an increased chance of pregnancy??If so, has anyone ever used the morning after pill??
Avatar n tn There are several options for reflux. The first would be chronic antibiotics (either with Bactrim or Macrobid) to prevent the infections. Open surgery is the usual technique for correction of reflux. Less invasive alternatives under investigation include laparoscopic extravesical implantation and endoscopic injection of materials behind the ureter to provide backing and a valve mechanism during bladder filling and emptying.
Avatar n tn After a cat scan, ultrasound, multiple urine cultures and three antibiotics I was told I had a kidney infection. I've taken Cipro, Macrobid and now I'm on Bactrim. My recent urine culture came back negative but I still have a burning feeling around my urethra. Not pain and no burning when I actually do urinate, just a weird pressure/burning sensation when I'm sitting. The pain in my back is gone but the side pain still bothers me on and off throughout the day. What could this be?
Avatar f tn I went to the OB/GYN two days later, and the tests again showed white blood cells. She prescribed Macrobid, which I continued to take even after the culture came back negative. I continued having intermittent bladder pain, and went to yet another doctor two weeks ago. White blood cells are again present, and a microscopy showed some bacteria.