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1795943 tn?1315543619 Hello and hope you are doing well. It's obvious that you have developed an allergic reaction to Macrobid. You can have an allergic reaction to a drug even if it caused no reaction in the past. The most common signs of a drug allergy are hives, rash, facial swelling or fever. If you have an allergic reaction to a drug, it causes the release of histamine and other chemicals that cause allergic symptoms.
Avatar m tn Last Sunday, one week from my UTI diagnosis, I had extreme pain on my left side and still had the low grade fever. Went to a OBGYN ER and was disgnosised with a cyst on my right ovary and one was resolving itself on the left ovary. Following Monday I went back to my GP because the low grade fever was still happening. She preformed a Chest X-Ray, CBC, Kidney and Liver Function, and inflammation blood test and all came back normal.
Avatar f tn I would definitely put a call into his doctor and not only tell him that he's still feeling sick, but also let them know that his fever goes up following his med dose. As this is now Friday evening of a long, holiday weekend, you may even want to consider taking him to either the local ER or an urgent care facility rather than wait until Monday - a high fever like that for the length of time tha the's had it is definitely an indication that something is going on.
Avatar n tn As of late (5-6 months) I have had this weird thing happen where I wake up in the night or morning with sever left side pain, vomiting and fever. Usually I would think that was a Kidney Infection and try to make it to the morning and get into my doc. But my urine will be strangely clear. Then after a bowel movement the pain will subside within 45 mins or so and my urine will be cloudy and foul smelling.
Avatar m tn I was very concerned and called after hours service and dr. on call said stop the Macrobid since Cipro was more effective and stronger. MY QUESTION: is the original prescribing doctor clueless? Am I am over-vigilant and wrong? Should Macrobid be given to someone with 3rd stage kidney disease especially when on a 32 ounce daily liquid limit? Which as I understand it makes the antibiotic ineffective (needing to bind to the protein in the urine).
914672 tn?1243089324 I had a cold for couple days and a fever along with it of course. My man paniced about the well being of the baby and insisted to take me to the hospital, the ER doctor (obviously I don't know him) priscribed me amoxicillin for my throat infection (now that i think about it I would of managed with tylenol). He said it was PRETTY safe during pregnancy. Not convincing. So before i took the pill I asked the nurse if it was 100% safe and she said "Yes, it's 100% safe.
Avatar n tn (worried about increased problems with breast cancer etc) I have had several CBC and other blood screens over the last few weeks after having a continued low grade fever and extreme fatigue (17 days hovering around 99-101). My counts have shown elevated liver enzymes and other significant #'s that began and progressed at: Week 1: ALT 123 AST 95 Protein 8.8 Lymphs 49 Glucose 100 Week 2: ALT 178 AST 245 Protein 8.8 Lymph 49 Glucose 104 Week 3 ALT 195 AST 148 Protein 8.
Avatar m tn My tests came back negative for HIV, Sphillis, HEP A,B and C as well as oral and penile Gonnorhea and Clamydia (urine test and oral swab). I am now in a committed relationship with a woman. We had unprotected sex a week ago and she developed some buring after unprotected sex. Do you believe that this is just a UTI or could I actually have an STD from the experiences described above that was not picked up through my STD testing? Please share your thoughts, I am stressed out.
450785 tn?1205639814 Elevated blood count of 14,000, 10,000 and under is normal, over 20,000 is very high. No fever. ER MD's do not have a clue what is causing it. I am on Macrobid for a slight UTI which is not casuing the pain.
Avatar n tn I now have chills and a slight fever and am thinking it might be that. They can't do anything but check that and do bloodwork. Will check back in late tonight and let you know the results. I am actually hoping thats what it is so they can give me antibiotics and I can feel better.
Avatar n tn 3 days after exposure i became really sick (sore throat, swollen glands, fever) and the doctor said i had non strep A bacterial infeciton...he gave me antiobiotics (azithromaxin or Z-PAK) and i was better in a week...but then a week later i began to feel very tired, swollen glands in my neck, groin and armpits i think, sore throat sometimes, no fever though...this was all during finals at an Ivy League school, so it was a stressful time.
Avatar f tn After I started having side pain and severe back pain. For 4 days, finally one night I had fever and bas uncontrolled chill. I went to the er. They told me it is a uti. Got the same antibiotic macrobid, im on my 3rd day and still having fever, sweats, pains. Shouldn't the antibiotic start working. Also if I dont take tylenol my fever continues to rise. I also fainted. Idk what to do. When I called the office I was given instructions to complete the full regime of medication...
Avatar f tn Also, after taking the macrobid, I got another urine test taken and there is minimal amount of bacteria in the sample. My GP said that this was normal since it's hard to get a completely clean catch.
Avatar f tn I did at 27 weeks with a high fever im on macrobid till im due 1,a day your baby will be fine have faith!
Avatar n tn I know it's horrible...first it was leukemia because I was having night sweats, headache, fever, etc. and then I thought I had colon cancer...etc. Now, I think I'm freaking out with this pain thinking it is related to cancer somehow probably making it worse. I saw many posts saying it is from stress and I hope that is it and not cancer. BTW, I'm 25.
Avatar n tn 5 days later had ureteral scope? and the stent removed. (stent slipped on day 4) I was on Macrobid 2 weeks prior to surgery as a precautionary. When stent put in place I was put on cipro - 5 days by IV then orally for 10 more days. 3 weeks after removal I am still having kidney and pelvis pain. I am still not passing urine normally. I also tend to have a low grade fever in the evenings. I am not doing any strenuous activities and getting lots of rest and fluids. Is this normal?
Avatar m tn Went back to first dr who said there were still wbc in urinalysis and prescribed macrobid for 10 days. Urine culture taken that day was negative. I felt a slight improvement after 3-4 days on macrobid, but still had some tenderness in the bladder area and frequency so I saw urologist. Based on my history (this was first uti in years), he said it was unlikely to be IC. I have no back pain or blood in urine. No nausea or fever.
Avatar f tn I have started to notice some swelling now in leg and hands on left side. day 2 of macrobid 23 x a day for 7 days. what else can this be? I have never had fever, after abortion they started amoxicillin so dr thought no chance of infection. no abdominal tenderness on rebound nothing felt bad she said. Would kidney infection or uit show up on cbc panel, and can kidney infection come almost overnight?
Avatar f tn For the past three weeks i have had off and on fevers and my doctor just keeps telling me to rest and take tylenol. This morning my fever spiked up to 100.8 and i also could not keep breakfast down, which my doctor told me if it gets higher than 100.5 to call so i did. They then told me to get more rest and take tylenol and it seems to not be working. I also just failed the gluclose test with a reading of 150. i am sceduled to take the 3 hour test on thursday.
Avatar f tn Hi, I can understand the pain and agony which you are going through due to the recurrent and resistant UTI. I hope you are taking adequate fluids as the flushing effect of the urine is actually the best antibiotic. I hope your doctor is giving the antibiotics based on the urine culture report and you actually need a good cover with at least 2 different antibiotics as you have got pyelonephritis which is somewhat difficult to treat compared to simple cystitis.
233616 tn?1312790796 after some very weird sides I talked to Hepatologist who TOLD me my urologist was an idiot and NEVER to take Macrobid, (for UTI) which goes by several names. Furadantin (U.S., UK) Macrobid (long acting preparation for twice daily dosing available in U.S., Canada, and UK) Macrodantin (U.S., UK) I posted a warning in here a while back. well unfortunately I never thought to tell this to my current mother-in-law...
Avatar n tn because this can get very painful very fast. You might even get a fever and you don't want that when you're pregnant. Don't worry about the antibiotics, there are a couple that are safe like macrobid. (I even got that during an IVF-cycle).
Avatar m tn For this procedure, she was under a basic anesthesia (Versed, I think). After the procedure, she spiked a fever of 102 by that night, and has kept the fever for the rest of the week (4 days), although it has lowered to about 99.8. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? The dr prescribed Macrobid and she has finished her course.
Avatar m tn Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection Endocarditis Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome Meningococcemia Mononucleosis Rocky Mountain spotted fever Scarlet fever Sepsis — an overwhelming bloodstream infection that uses up neutrophils faster than they can be produced Strep throat Viral hemorrhagic fevers Other medical conditions Petechiae may also be caused by noninfectious medical conditions.
Avatar n tn I have the rash/hives on both cheeks, very itchy, red, bumpy and is spreading, and its hot. I have no fever. I started taking Macrobid Yesterday for my UTI. I am already allergic to another anti biotic called levaquin, it swelled my tongue. Now this is happening! Very irritating and unconfortable. I am not taking another dose til I can call my Dr in the morning!! This forum helped me tremendously!
Avatar f tn Drink plenty of cranberry juice (pure not cocktail). And you need to take an antibiotics like macrobid. It's perfectly safe to take, but the infection left untreated can turn quite serious and jeopardize your pregnancy. Totally not worth the risk.
6320170 tn?1380351097 they gave me a strong dose of IV antibiotics, and sent me home with macrobid and had done a cat scan and saw I had kidney stones.I was seen again on 9/8 and was given a fifth antibiotic for the UTI.I had another lab done on 9/16. was seen on 9/17 and after all this time of complaining my vagina was on fire they finally did a pap culture. And turns out I had BV and a yeast infection. They also called and said my urine culture came back and to discontinue my antibiotic.
Avatar n tn They prescribe Macrobid to me. The burning upon urination peeked at this point (it was pretty severe by then, and I couldn't believe that it had progressed so quickly). I also felt like I had to urinate pretty badly every 1-2 hours, but not all that much came out. I even noticed tiny red blood clots on the toilet paper when I wiped, and I just felt very uncomfortable. It has now been a bit over 24 hours since I started the Macrobid, and I have taken three pills already.
Avatar f tn Hello I was wondering what it means to have blood in urine ( RBC 3-8 ) and UTI symptomes (which stopped after a treatment with MacroBid) but no increased level of WBC? I was already treated for UTI even if the level of the WBC was normal.I thought that UTI apprears as a increased level of RBC but also a WBC in the urine. It worries me a lot since now I start having lower back pain and even some strange bruises on the sore spots. Also I have light fever ( 37 ).I'm just married 22 years old.