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908392 tn?1316522899 this is a great thread on the forum here. I also love music, play a little piano still, recently had stent put in after recent heart attacky, and am wondering where i can share my lyrics i wrote about "My Stented Heart" -- it;s just some words like a poem i put together with humor about surviving a heart attack, i am not a pro musiicna and there won't be a real song from this, but if anyone is interested, i would be happy to share a link to my lyrics of the song.
Avatar f tn There is NO way I can narrow this down to one choice!!! LOL I have a very wide range of music that I love listening to-from heavy rock like Panterra, disco-Blondie, and classical Mozart. I'm not a huge fan of country music-I will admit to liking a few songs, like Carrie Underwood's-Before He Cheats (title????).
Avatar f tn Have u girls heard songs that you can dedicate to your baby?...I was hearing some n thought I'd share some with you girls...whenever I'm having a bad day listening to these songs help me..makes me think of my future with my son who is due march are a few ill post more as I hear them...
1692167 tn?1327539457 I am going to look up those other songs on your list. I listened to one earlier called Born to Be Wasted. Check it out.
408496 tn?1269603350 I listen to country music and Jason Aldean has a song out called "We laughed until we cried". I've listened to it before, but never truly listened.
10678677 tn?1413254266 If she really likes a song she starts kicking ALOT and has even kicked to the beat to an extent. I love it. If shes not in the mood for music she wont move and when i stop it she starts moving again lol. Or maybe it was just putting her to sleep. Who knows.
415867 tn?1323365503 ) We have always called her our little miracle baby and our photographer was trying to come up with a theme so i told him the miracle thing. i'm looking for a song (preferrably county) that talks about a miracle or the love parents have for their child or anything on that order. any thoughts would be sooo appreciated!! thanks ladies!
Avatar f tn Well I was going to say Alabama thats a great one You always have the old school guys Elvis!!!
Avatar f tn For a long time (a year or more) and up to about 9 minths ago 'Eyedeas' would post 'Hep Lyrics' to different songs every Friday evening. I miss her (I think she was a she) weekly gems.
362249 tn?1441315018 I always tear up when I see that video for that song "What might Have been" by Little Texas... Some Country songs always seem to make people cry!!
518031 tn?1295575374 those are good songs too. I have to look in my archives for some more too. Ever listen to Blackfoot??
460185 tn?1326077772 And, sorry, I forgot to ask you - who is yours?
Avatar f tn Haha mine knows the beats to certain songs especially country music and you are my sunshine it's like she has her own moves to it
1479078 tn?1329363783 Too funny. I was always jamming to my music before here at work, but the last few weeks I find myself often not turning it back up after I answer the phone. Before I HAD to have it on and singing in my head all the time. Maybe I need to make a consicious effort to remember to turn it back on? Maybe it would help my mood and energy level? Thanks guys, I'll do that.
572651 tn?1530999357 I love his voice. I still like Fire and Rain the best.
518031 tn?1295575374 The theme to my senior prom(which I did NOT attend) was 'Oh what a night' by the 4 seasons I think. I thought it was such a dumb theme! Funny story, My senior english teacher asked us to raise our hands to see who was going to prom...i was sort of anti- high school my senior year, and was engaged to my HS sweetheart(who had already graduated and is my dh now), so I did not want to go, and didn't raise my hand...
Avatar f tn Thanks ladies, I'm definitely gonna look these up!! I love to sing, especially to the babe, so I'm excited to learn some new songs just for her.
Avatar m tn hey can i download your song or album somwhere,yeah that songs really well done,..very nice and your new singer is really good reminds me a bit of the singer from dream theater james la brie,ummm....actually your singers better.rock on brother!!riki out.
Avatar f tn You need to bring the creative side of you out, this will give you peace. Try writing lyrics of songs and submitting them to an agent. Not the music just the lyrics.
535822 tn?1443976780 I heard "Common's" songs about killing cops for fun. I was not amused. A very disheartening event.
162279 tn?1270601359 i have a cd that was given to me its metallica songs that are done in lullaby form. sounds odd but its great addison calms right down everytime, its lots of bells and its actually very relaxing.
365714 tn?1292199108 I wondered about the change in lyrics too. It's hard to think that he'd forget the lyrics when it is obvious that a lot of time went into the arrangement. But perhaps you're right. I like this version better but I can understand why you might not. Maybe I like this version better because I think the lead vocal is much better live than it is on the studio version and so I listened to this version so much that these seem like the right lyrics to me.