Sad country love songs of 2009

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362249 tn?1441315018 I know sad subject but i like so see every1's point of view so whats the song that makes you bawl your eyes out! i cant' decide but Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle (sp) makes me cry so much that vid on you tube is tooo much , me and my DH TTC and its says she was sent here from heaven and she's daddy's lil girl it kills me everytime!! That or Martina McBride's Concrete Angel every SINGLE thing about that song makes me soo sooo very sad i just hate child abuse!!
460185 tn?1326077772 And, sorry, I forgot to ask you - who is yours?
Avatar f tn Haha mine knows the beats to certain songs especially country music and you are my sunshine it's like she has her own moves to it
Avatar f tn I love all their songs but especially love one of their latest - Make a Memory.
454863 tn?1208306979 I quit listening to Tori Amos because of it. I love her songs but I always end up in a really bad place. When I am in a bad place her songs come to mind. I listen to Christian Contemporary or Country. The lyrics you can sing along with and they usually don't make me cry. Some country songs can be pretty depressing too though so I have to watch.
518031 tn?1295575374 Glenn Miller: Moonlight Serenade Maynard Ferguson: Invitation
Avatar f tn AmyG- loved #15! I only listened to a handful; it's not exactly my style but sometimes I do love those older worship songs. Reminds me of going to church with my mom when I was a child! My husband actually sang Before the Throne of God Above and It is Well With My Soul recently on Sunday morning. Sometimes those Gospel songs just say it better!
541150 tn?1306033843 I love oldies. You have no idea; I like all kinds of genres. Sometimes my husband thinks I'm a weirdo because you'll see me listening to some strange electronic/aria/opera song and then the next day I'll be totally romantic listening to ballads and love country songs. Then again, I’m listening to hip hop right now LOL. Thanks for the tips. I really would like to have the entire song downloaded to my phone. It'd be so cool.
266539 tn?1281402152 It depends on what type of music your into and what you dont like :)
162279 tn?1270601359 I am going to make a DVD slideshow of her life from birth to graduation, and I need help with some great songs that will fit the different stages of her life. Baby, little girl, teenager, and graduating. Like songs about daughters, little girls, the love between parent and child, etc.whatever you think seems like it would be good background music for a DVD of her life. Any input would be very appreciated!
408496 tn?1269603350 That is a wonderful song. I am a Country fan. I can relate to most of the songs i hear.
4540912 tn?1379630447 I'm an everythin' kind of person, I love variety... never gets old... well except for the screamo stuff, I don't like that....I've always been a big fan of Dubstep... It makes me wanna get up and dance lol. Then me bein' a hopeless romantic, any kind of love songs when I'm In the mellow, lazy kind of mood, they make me bawl now lol....
Avatar m tn Again I am so sorry for the loss of both your loved ones.When I read your post the first songs that popped into my head were 'Holes In The Floor Of Heaven" by Collin Raye,and I believe someone already suggessted "Love,Me".These two songs have always brought comfort to me when remembering my grandparents.You're family is in my prayers...Peace.
Avatar f tn The songs almost pose as a reset button during the hardest of times. Songs that have little or no words and a certain euphoric feeling about them that I believe helps. Although I have found no studies on such a narrow subject I am curious to find out myself. I wonder if any of you use techno music to soothe you when you are down, or manic.
1428227 tn?1283012106 While taking care of my dying mom for 2 years I never listened to music because to me music=happy and it was a very sad time in my life,after mom died dad got sick,I took care of him also for 2 years without music(not even in the car) he has also since passed, and I make sure I listen to some kind of music everyday,I believe it is a type of therapy weather it is heavy metal,country or classical music it works!!
Avatar f tn U know what I've noticed- the music i listened to alot during my other detoxes are essentially ruined for me. i can no longer enjoy them because they immediately bring me back to that terrible time and all that i was feeling. jeez- psychosocial is ruined for me forever (ibkleen may actually find this a blessing). does anyone have suggestions for kinda good bad music i cam listen to and i won't be sad to lose forever - Justin brieber or some other sad sack. no country please.
Avatar m tn welll, now that im over a week the physicals are gone and i actually have felt the best i have ever felt going thru this im not trying to thnk about about the future which usually scares the sht outta me just kinda going with the flow, but music has always been apart of me and got me tru stuff so i was wondering if any of y have certain songs that either lift ur spirits or get u over the humo from thinking bout bad thoughts or usung or old days or even songs that mayb u cant listen to anymore cu
676032 tn?1315674063 Im big into country music... Absolutely love it, Diamond Rio, Gareth Brooks, Dolly Parton.... Give me a good country song any day!! Theres a song by diamond Rio called "We all fall down" and I love it. Mainly as it kinda sums up how this year went for me this past year or so! It has such meaning... I listen it to in college when Im doing my thesis.. Just to keep me going!!!!
284738 tn?1283106819 nothing liek dancing with your hubby to back in black... or hells bells.. ... we are gonna do Love of a Lifetime by Firehouse....
5141429 tn?1379904822 I don't know what songs he's singing but I like his songs too. This will be my first concert and I'm 19, its sad to say haha.
Avatar f tn We always have music on in our house, so usually it's anything and everything. Although I do listen to Sam Smith rather often and now I'm further gone it's funny cause she kicks like crazy as soon as one of his songs comes on. Hopefully it will send her to sleep once she's here but with the amount she kicks she's more likely to have a dance than sleep lol.