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Avatar f tn The concern of the Hydrocodone is the dosage of the Acetaminophen (Tylenol). My Acetaminophen in the Hydrocodone that I take is at 325mg per tablet and my Physician is comfortable with that dose. Again, it's not the milligrams of the Hydrocodone that is of concern, it's the milligrams of the Acetaminophen (Tylenol). I am sorry to hear that you will have pain for years with the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.
Avatar m tn benzo peeps are different than narc peeps///narc peeps use for a different NT deficiency///lyrica would as a rule be a bit more dangerous for a benzo addict vs a narcotic addict as narc addicts use for nrg as a rule//again we r all different... dealing with life without any meds is always the best route...but in reality it is not always the scenario for everyone..only we know what we can and an not tolerate..
Avatar f tn I have taken hydrocodone for5 years and have took more than what's prescribed,so I am once agin running out! I have taken 15-20 daily last year or so and yesterday I couldnt bc lack of supply. Today I have take halfs. All tog 1 1/2 so far, I did take a lyrica that I am prescribed once today bc I could feel it in my body. I also pushed myself to go out in the hot sun today and clean weeds from flower beds to keep busy.
Avatar n tn Someone correct me if I'm wrong but vicoden is so much better than tylenol3 due to vicoden having hydrocodone and tylenol has codine, a much weaker analgesic.
Avatar n tn My memory of this is good and I actually have it all written down in journals and even have a stick picture I had drawn back then showing the sweating discrepancy of left vs. right all the way down to my waist/innner elbow, so i am not only going by memory.
1268921 tn?1288922656 Lorazepam to slow down my heart rate, help with POTS symptoms, anxiety Robaxin for muscle spasms, neck and back pain Hydrocodone for pain Meclizine for dizziness Atenolol for POTS and seems to lessen the headaches. Tigan for nausea and vomiting I have a frennell prism (sp?)) on my glasses that seems to stop some of the double vision and glare from lights.
Avatar m tn Right now I'm taking about 300mg OxyContin a day and about 30mg of hydrocodone for break through pain. It's getting to the point that it's not working and a lot of the day I'm feeling like I'm in withdrawal. Quite frankly I'm sick and tired of taking the stuff. I feel like I'm a slave to it. Planing my whole day around it. I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times. I'm thinking of just going cold turkey but I'm deathly afraid of the withdrawals.
Avatar n tn He also gave me a stronger form of vicodin (norco 10/325 vs 5/500) for the pain. I just started today. I still have a deep, throbbing pain in my back and chest, but feel "high" from the norcos. What can i take to ease the pain but net get all looped from them?
Avatar m tn I've been on everything from Fentanyl to Oxy to Hydrocodone for legitimate spine and shoulder injuries. After a couple surgeries I am left in a situation where I will always have some pain for the rest of my life...and I am less than 30. All of my prescriptions have been legitimate but at times I have certainly taken more than necessary....or taken more than prescribed to get through a tough physical event. Anxiety about the pain has been one of the biggest problems...
Avatar f tn I have to try something to get a little relief from this burning - it is really getting to me. I'll call my Doctor tomorrow and see if I can try Lyrica. I think I started on Lyrica 75 last time and then went to 150.
1474625 tn?1371100679 Then was switched to Lyrica which seems to be more agreeable for me...One concern some have raised about the Lyrica which I ran across over in the Pain Management Forum is that for a few of those folks, the Lyrica had a bad habit of making them gain weight..Thats not a problem for me though. I have room for a few more lbs.. I do believe the Gabapentin, or Neurontin does help with wd's.
Avatar f tn I know you develop a tolerance and that opiates have no dosing caps for that reason but geez, how did I get here? I take 150 - 225mg of Lyrica, 20mg Prozac, 200-400mg provigil (as I can get my hands on it) plus the pain pills daily. I don't even feel good anymore! I'm so tired my eyes go goofy when I try to focus, I get more nausea than buzz or pain relief from the pills, and I'm moody as hell (understatement). I feel miserable.
195469 tn?1388326488 I even tried some hemp protein powder not long ago and found the same results. I'm still managing at 4 hydrocodone a day and 3 Lyrica 50 mg., with a diazepam 5mg. at bedtime. It's not doing the job as well, and I'm wondering what to do next, too. I believe that we have a right to decent pain control, though some of the older school doctors don't agree. You don't strike me as the typical "drug seeker",(like, no way!
Avatar f tn Just had one more comment for ya: back when my back pain was at its worst, I was looking at things like surgery, because I couldn't find a doc who would give me any kind of pain meds, or any kind of pain relief. I was so desperate I would've gotten what would've turned out to be an unnecessary back surgery out of that desperation.
Avatar n tn i too am a huge proponent of weening. i think cold turkey is way too hard especially if kicking methadone, sub, or oxy. i think hydro is a LITTLE easier than oxy but it is by no means easy. i, on numerous occasions, have had to hand my pills over to my mom to administer them to me so i have at least some each day and after the first couple days of weening it gets much easier. plus you may be feeling like **** for several hours but at least you get to look forward to not feeling bad.
522415 tn?1242941355 They already have me on Cymbalta, Lyrica, Lortab10mg, Soma, Xanax and Ambien BUT I AM IN SUCH PAIN! It is unreal! I know it's not a good idea to double up or whatever but I have in desparation- it does not help! My legs give me the worst trouble. I take magnesium, calcium and a few other natural things. I do swim exercise religiosly now BUT the pain is beyond any pain I've ever been through including natural childbirth!!!
Avatar f tn I am a 39 year old female with chronic pain issues. I have Fibromyalgia & Psoriatic arthritis. Not much of anything I have taken throughout the years has ever really helped my fibro. I am on medication for my arthritis & that does seem to help my chronic chest pain, however because the meds lower my immune system I am always having to stop the meds due to being exposed to illness or actually getting sick & then starting them again...
363110 tn?1340924019 Another medication to try is Neurontin (generic is Gabapentin) or Lyrica (there is no generic). I am taking Gabapentin. It is anti-convulsant that is frequently prescribed off label for nerve pain. It helps tremendously with the pain that runs down my legs. Lastly, you may want to try another injection in the near term.
Avatar m tn My pain doc put me on the fentanyl patch for the chonic pain in between surgeries and admissions. Also had hydrocodone for breakthrough pain and phenergan for the nausea that is so prevalent with bowel adhesions. Some pain docs will only keep increasing your current meds as your tolerance increases. Some will switch to a different long-acting medication every few months to "fool" the body into thinking it's getting more medication.
Avatar n tn The withdrawals are not as bad as hydrocodone withdrawals, but they are bad. They feel like the most extreme exhaustion and lethargy you can possibly imagine. I tried to get off fast, and am not going to be on it longer than 3 weeks (this is my last week, and I'm on half a pill every few days). Best to be done with opiates if that is what your goal is. Suboxone will only prolong it. If you are interested in a non addictive med that can help subdue cravings, ask your Doc about revia.
Avatar m tn Again this is only my opinion but using Sub to kick an addiction to a class 3 narcotic like Norco (Vicodin) would be like using an atomic bomb when you only need a hand grenade. Even heavy doses of Hydrocodone can be tapered and then quit with only a week or two of withdrawal symptoms. However Sub withdrawals can last for months. As long as someone is taking Sub they will not have W/D’s but only a very few on this site have testified that they are glad they used Sub for their addiction.
356518 tn?1322267242 Kayleigh I also suffer with nerve damage and severe sciatica, are you on any seizure meds for this? Gabapentin or Lyrica can be very helpful. I've taken gabapentin for many years.... best to you all old and new friends....
Avatar n tn A while back I posted a topic on Morphine Vs Negative Drug screen. It has some very informative info and also explains why the tests can come out negative. Scroll down a few pages and you'll find it or PM Beargizmo, I sent it to him.
Avatar n tn I am diagnosed with BPD, Panic disorder and Bipolar II disorder and am currently taking Lamictal, Prozac and Lyrica for sleep. I am also taking percocet for the horrible panic episodes that I have because that seems to work as well for me. I think I know why this works for some people. In an article that I read a couple of years ago,(unfortunatly I lost it) they said that the brain produces it's own morphine.
Avatar n tn My surgery was October 17, 2006. On October 19th I went home. I am recovering and except for taking 2 hydrocodone and the scar on my neck, you can not tell that I had surgery. By the 20th of Oct. I was helping my wife with dishes, I drove my pick-up, and feel very well. Today is October 30th and I was raking leaves. I still take it easy, but I was blessed by having an excellent doctor.