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2068019 tn?1331251732 I have a lump on my vagina lip, its not a bump, its a lump. It hurts a little and i just noticed it today, I am sixteen and have never had sex or sexual inter course. I know that it is not an ingrown hair because i have had those before and this is very different. I just noticed it today and it is about the size of a pea. Its not on the surface of the skin but its underneath it. It doesnt have any pink/redish tint to it and you cant pop it because it is underneath the skin.
Avatar n tn ok so i have this pea size lump on the left lip of my vagina. it only hurts when i press on it. i tried to pop it thinking it may be a zit or an ingrown hair but it just hurt really bad nothing came out. its the same color as the rest of the skin around it and you can barely notice it if you are looking. i found it yesterday idk how long its been there. i looked up sebaceous cysts but i'm not sure thats what it is.
Avatar m tn i woke up today with a hard lump like a small ball on my vagina lip and it hurts so bad and i was wondering what this could be as i never had it before..
Avatar n tn Well just a few days ago i found a lump in my lip of my vagina. LIke not on the outside..but inside the skin. Its hard and hurts to touch it. Im not sure what it is? Im thinmking its a cyst but im not sure. What do you think this is?
Avatar n tn I figured I'd come here and ask for help being that I cannot afford healthcare at the moment. A week or two ago, while washing, I felt a lump on the lip of my vagina (it feels like its about the size of half a pea). I tried to see if I could find it but could not - its as if its not even there but I can feel it. It doesn't itch nor is it painful. I'm confused as to what this could be. I do not believe it to be an STD because I've only had protected sex twice and that was over two years ago.
Avatar f tn Hi! 4 days ago i found this lump on the outer lip of my vagina, it wasnt big, but it wasnt small, I am 18 and was sexually active 3 weeks ago, always using a condom but just over 3 weeks ago, the condom broke.The lump was kind of red on the outside and a bit whiter in the middle, there is only 1 lump (I have tried doing loads of research but it seems most people have more than one).
Avatar n tn I recently felt a lump on my vaginal lip inside close to the vagina opening. It is painfull to sit and burns when urinating and painfull to wipe or clean there. I am a married woman and it is very upsetting to myself and my husband. My gyn cant see me for two weeks should I seek another gyn, or am I just being paranoid and I should wait the two weeks. A friend of mine had the same thing years ago and in a few days hers went away. Her gyn said hers was a lump from lymph nodes???
Avatar n tn 2 days ago i realised i had a lump on the lip of my vigina im not sure what it is its fairly small hard and kinda hurts when i touch it, any information would help loads thanks
Avatar n tn I have a lump on the inside of my left lip of my vagina. It is a little smaller then a dime and it is sore. It really hurts when I touch it. I thought it might have just been an ingrown hair but it don't look like one. WHAT IS IT??? PLEASE HELP!!
Avatar n tn i have a red sore spot type bump on my vagina lip, it gets really sore and i am a little bit worried... what could this be?
Avatar f tn Okay so basically im 15 and yesterday my vagina felt a bit sore and in the bath I felt a lump on the back of my left vagina lip and it's really sore and hurts to be touched but the pain is bearable. I have also noticed that my left lip is quite swollen compared to the other. Does anyone know what this could be, if it maybe serious or how to reduce the pain etc.
Avatar f tn I posted yesterday that I had found a lump on my vaginal lip, and yesterday when I found it I had done some research and seen that people where popping it.. Today I put a hot water cloth on it, and a sort of puss thing started coming out, I then squeezed it and blood started coming out. Should i still be worried?
Avatar f tn Three days ago I found a small lump on the upper inside of my vagina lip. It only hurts when I press it, other then that its painless. It is skin color and no puss is coming out. I have never go this before, and im worried, should I go get this checked out? What could it be?
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Avatar f tn I have a lump on the inside of my vagina lip that has been there for 2 days. It isn`t discolored and it isn`t growing, but its hard and it hurts when pressure is applied to it. My boyfriend was tested not even a couple of weeks ago and I went with him, and he is clean. He is the only guy i have ever slept with. Should i be worried about him cheating? Should i go to the doctor? Or is it just a pimple? I tried to pop it but there is no head and i`m currently putting an antibiotic on it.
Avatar f tn I have this lump on the left lip of my vagina and it's really painful. it's large and hard and the area around it is swollen. I don't know when I got it because I thought it would go away but I think it's been there for less than a week. Does anyone know what it could be because it is really painful.
Avatar f tn I am 14 years old. I have a bump on the outer lip of my vagina. Under the skin their is a lump as well. i have had this type of bump twice. But the second bump I popped. And now after maybe after a month the same exact bump has returned. I have noticed a characteristic of this bump it seems to only come when I use those body washes from perfume sets(you know the cheap ones that are only to make you smell good) I have tried to stay calm as possible. But I mean I am kind of worried. I am a virgin.
Avatar f tn Ok so, about two days ago I started to get a mild itching sensation on my left vagina lip. Not anything serious, but it was annoying. Then today I just noticed that the itching was gone but in it's place was one, hard, lump that's kinda inflamed and hurts a little to the touch, like a bit of a pinch. I looked up some stuff about what it might be but I'm not sure yet. I'm young and kinda nervous about telling my mom about it and was going to wait a couple days to see if it gets any better.
Avatar n tn i had just had surgery so thought it might be a reaction to being rundown or something. i found one lump on the inner lip then swelling just beyond that on the outer lip. i went to the gp, then to a gynae who said they are called 'sebaceous cysts' that MIGHT just go away or MIGHT need to be removed surgically. please tell me if yours has changed or gone?
Avatar n tn I have a red, hard lump on the outside lip of my vagina. If I squeeze it pus comes out, I just had a baby 3 weeks ago, a C-section. Everything went just fine, but I am a little concerned about what this could be. It hurts very badly.
Avatar f tn i have a lump in my vagina lip u cant see it but u can feel it.. its painfull and now the outside of my lip is black and blue .. what could this b..
Avatar f tn I have a sore, round ball-like lump on the right lip of my vagina. I can squish it and it hurts TERRIBLE but seperates into two different lumps. It goes away for maybe 12 hours, and then forms into a bump again. The area is very sensitive when I touch it, but doesn't bother me much when walking, exercising, or doing anything regular. Can anyone please help me out?
Avatar f tn I hadn't checked the area until yesterday but yesterday I noticed a small lump on the underside of my vagina on the right vagina lip. I do shave this area and last shaved on Friday night. The lump feels hard and is slightly red, there is only one lump/spot. It is a little bit itchy but i'm not sure if it my clothes irritating it. It's not painful unless I prod it, when I prod it with quite a a bit of pressure there is pain.
Avatar n tn I have a hard nickel size lump on the lip of my vagina. What could it possibly be?