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Avatar n tn hi, i have found a huge lump inside my vagina and smaller lumps on my bikini line. i have had them for some months now only on the bikini line they kept disapearing and coming back, but the one on the inside is getting bigger and bigger. it only hurts if i press one of the lumps down hard and when i squeeze them yellow puss comes out. The huge lump inside my vagina makes sex uncomfortable only when the penis is first inserted.
Avatar f tn i have been sore and feel swollen down below and i noticed a fairly big sized lump inside my vagina on the right hand side. its like half the size of a golf ball, any ideas?
Avatar f tn hi, I don't really feel comfortable talking to anyone else about this, but I have recently found a lump inside my vagina. It is uncomfortable during inter course and it seems to have grown larger over the past few months. I was just wondering if anybody could help me?.
Avatar n tn i then felt where the pain was and came across a lump inside my vagina. it is about the size of a cherry. It's not a pimple and I cannot see it externally, I can only feel the shape of it. I was wondering what this is from.
Avatar m tn Right now I am seventeen, and over the past five months or so, when I masturbate, there is often a large lump far inside my vagina - and it is not as if it is in the walls. It is actually like a big, protruding ball, just in there, and sometimes it is larger or placed elsewhere than other times...? I guess that sounds a little weird, but I'm really wondering if I should be worried about this.
Avatar f tn I have recently found a weird dis formed lump inside my vagina. I'm 13, never had sex, have master bated but have been safe. I'm really scared to what it could be and panicking! Has anyone got any ideas on what it could be? I've no pain down there or going to the toilet and have no symptoms but still am wondering what it could be.
Avatar f tn Three days ago I found a small lump on the upper inside of my vagina lip. It only hurts when I press it, other then that its painless. It is skin color and no puss is coming out. I have never go this before, and im worried, should I go get this checked out? What could it be?
Avatar f tn About 3 months ago i noticed a bad smell down below i went to my doctor who gave me antibiotics, it cleared up but came back 3 weeks later and again i took more antibiotics which made me very ill. i have been sore and feel swollen down below and i noticed a fairly big sized lump inside my vagina on the right hand side. its like half the size of a golf ball, any ideas?
Avatar n tn I have had a small lump just inside my vagina. At first it wasn't painful and didn't bother me. Now it has grown a small amount and is white. It is very hard and now painful. I tried to squeeze it but it hurt so I stopped. I don't have any discharges or smells. I'm really worried and can't go to the doctor right now. I'm worried it might go away before I get the chace to go. I have looked at pictures or all STD's and I can't see any similarities with what I have. Please help!
Avatar f tn The other day I felt a lump on the inside of my vagina on the left side about a half an inch in. It's a good sized lump about the size of a small grape. It is not painful when touched or anything and I don't feel it when I'm having sex but I'm sure my partner can when he sticks a finger in. I've had it for about a week now and it hasn't increased in size but it also hasn't decreased. Anyone know what this could be?
Avatar n tn I have recently found a large lump about half the size of a a golf ball inside my vagina about an inch up inside and against the front wall of my vagina I have been reading on here about cysts and fyrboids but I am not really sure what this might be, I have no insurance and am going to go to the free clinic that we have here in town, but I would feel a lot of better if perhaps someone here might have had this or has this or has heard something about this.
Avatar n tn The other night I found a good-sized lump INSIDE my vagina right under the skin on the left side. It's a little smaller than a walnut, and I've never felt anything like that before. Any ideas on what that could be? I'm making a doctor's appointment tomorrow, just want to steel myself for the possibilities.
Avatar f tn I don't know if this is even in the right topic but I have become concerned about a problem I am currently facing........About a week ago I discovered a painful bump/lump INSIDE the lips of my vagina. Any touching/wiping/some movements, etc aggrivates it more........Idk if anyone has ever experienced this or what.....but I figure'd I'd come here and ask before I go to a doctor since I am rather uncomfortable with doctors looking "down there"......
Avatar n tn I have noticed a lump that feels like it is larger than it has been inside my vagina. I am 56 years old and had a pap smear last year and everything was normal. I am concerened and should I be?
Avatar n tn I've never had one there before, but I have had a ingrown hair bump on the outside and it puss's like a pimple when I squeezed it. The one on the inside of my vagina feels like this, but it hurts to squeeze. I've been with the same person for 11 years, so I have no fear of disease, what is this?
Avatar n tn I have a lump inside my vagina. It is about 3 inches in, and it is twice-triple the size of a grape, and seems to hang down, from what I can feel. It doesnt hurt and feels like body tissue. I am a virgin, so it cannot be a STI or STD. I am very worried, what could this be?