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Avatar m tn Its yellowish patches on the back of my tongue and on the back of the roof of my mouth. It feels like I have an extremely small lump in my throat. Also my girlfriend is complaining of bad pains in her cervical region. I'm just very very worried. Is it possible that my oral thrush is caused by a HSV outbreak or some other STD I do not know about? Can oral thrush occur almost immediately after seroconversion?
Avatar f tn Hello~Your blood tests look completely normal, I did not see any red flags at all. As to the ANA, that would need to be discussed with your doctor, but as I read it, it does not sound very serious either. I would discuss your concerns with your GP, but as I said, all looks good to me. :-) Oh, the feeling like you have a lump in your throat can sometimes be caused by anxiety, there isn't one, but we feel like there is, I have had it, it is nothing.
Avatar n tn I recently took my 7 y/o daughter to the ER due to coughing, red throat and whitish lump in the back. The Physician's Assistant said it's most likely food particles that will eventually dislodge itself, but has yet to do so. Should we get it out ourselves? How should we do that without putting my daughter through any pain?
Avatar f tn I understand things something feel worse before they get better and the gland on my neck is going down now but I feel now like there's a lump in my throat so I know the thrush has spread quickly. My question is... now long does it take to clear up once you have had the treatment?
Avatar n tn So I'm thinking it must be thrush. My question is, can thrush spread to the throat and cause the feeling of a lump in the throat? I'd actually be happy if that was it because of relief!
Avatar n tn ) Re: Lump in Throat / Globus Hystericus From Lovingkindnes [Log on to view profile] on 2005-05-16 Hello Penny, I was wondering if the Ignatia has been of any help. What does mint have to do with Globus? Any help with what you found benefical would be appreciated. Thank you Re: Lump in Throat / Globus Hystericus From pennythomas [Log on to view profile] on 2005-05-17 Hello Lovingkindness, I used Ignatia 30c, not 6c in the end.
Avatar n tn In the picture I found, the circumvallate papillae are a little bit bigger than my own, but i noticed that there is also the presence of white hair toward the back near the enlarged circumvallate papillae. Does this seem normal. Also my tongue/throat feels like there is a lump/very dry. I have also been smoking for two years. Does anyone with large circumvallate papillae also have the presence of white hair near the back of the tongue where the circumvallate papillae are present?
Avatar f tn I've been doing a lot of research, finding things on GERD (but I don't have any heartburn), and LPR (but can't figure out why my glands would be swollen because of this or the achiness up near my ears), and a thyroid problem (but still can't figure out why gland in neck would be swollen, and I don't feel any sort of lump where the thyroid would be). Also concerning is thrush in esophagus, is feeling of lump in throat that feels better with eating a symptom?
Avatar m tn My doc sent me to an EYE EARS NOSE AND THROAT doc, I asked him if maybe the dead tooth could be causing the Thrush and swollen tongue, he said NO, IT'S PROBABLY NERVES OR ALLERGIES. I did a swab of my tongue and a swab of my mucus from down in my throat, I was told by his receptionist that the tests came back looking fairly normal. I went back to my doc again after he told me that my BILE level was high in my blood test.
Avatar n tn At the worst times it feels like there is a lump in my throat and pressure in my chest and I also get really painful hiccups sometimes, just one or two at a time. Another Dr. said it was just stress and honestly I think he thought I was making it up because it wasnt happening while I was in his office which wasnt helpful! The one time I want the gurgles... If anyone knows of anythign that actually works I would love to hear it!
Avatar n tn However I keep having this sensation of heat around my body/skin randomly during the day (arms, legs, head, neck, back, face etc), it was similar to hot flash i think but I didn't sweat at all, and when i measure my body temperature orally it was normal. I also have this sensation of lump in my throat, on and off for over 3 weeks too.
Avatar f tn I recently developed thrush in my mouth as well. My question is can the lump in my throat and the thrush be related to my thyroid condition?
Avatar n tn I had a right-side-only throat discomfort in varying degrees for over a month that my ENT diagnosed as tonsiloliths a couple of weeks ago, but since then, the right-side only lump/pain sensation has become a lump in the middle of my throat and seems to be getting worse. In fact, the PAIN is no longer there, now it is only this globulous sensation, like a dead area in my throat.
Avatar f tn 10 years now that i have this problem,in my ears back of my nose the string that comes out of my throat once in a while,ya i can tie a knot whith it soooo sticky,i take klynnex twist it in my nose and pull some of the mucus out,i feel it pull from the back of my eyes when i do get to pull a good peace out i get like a buzz feel so good air gets in pressure is better for about 1min,in my tears too, fells like fibers in my tears,cant live with this problem anymore,so many doctors scan operations p
Avatar n tn Since the beginning of this year I've been unable to speak in my normal voice and have had the tightness and lump in the throat you describe. My life is not a happy one. My gi doc and ear nose and throat guy have, after many tests, agreed that gerd is the cause. I was told that the throat takes about two months or more to heal and there is nothing to relieve the symptoms meanwhile. That is two months if the meds work for you--- my problem is the meds, this time nexium, aren't working.
Avatar f tn Wednesday when I took my shower and shaved my vaginal area I noticed a lump in the lower part of my vagina. I never seen it there before so I thought I had a ingrown hair! But once I poked and looked at it I didn't see anything. The sores looks like a canker sore you would get in your mouth after you but your mouth or eating to much acidic food. I then started noticing little white dots in the back of my throat and I now have one dot on the roof of my mouth and a bump on my tongue.
Avatar n tn ==Anyone ever had a persistent lump in throat? ==Or have these symptoms/diagnosed with thrush and tested negative? I know symptoms are never a reliable indicator of an infection, but it seems like thrush is much more reliable than any others.
Avatar m tn It feels like ive got a lump in my throat by the Adams apple and my tonsil area is really red and what look like small blisters just in front of the tonsils.Also the pain sometimes extends to my ears too and the area below my jaw line also seems sensitive.
Avatar f tn My current concern is that my throat is still very raw, swollen, and painful feeling. It still feels like I have a lump in it, sometimes more than others. Is this normal following a severe allergic reaction? It has gotten a little better, but doesn't really feel close to normal yet. Then again, it has only been a week. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I just wait it out? Is this even related to my allergic reaction?
Avatar m tn Hello, An ENT examination is absolutely necessary for determining the correct cause of your symptoms.Tonsilloliths cause bad breath, sore throat, white debris, diifiiculty in swallowing and tonsillar swelling. You’re your symptoms it seems you are suffering from tonsililiths.Gargling with warm, salty water can help ease the discomfort of tonsillitis. Antibiotics may be used and if the tonsillolith is large surgical removal may be needed.
Avatar m tn Hi, it could be due to a fungal infection, which is common in throat infections. Thrush is an overgrowth of a fungus that is normally found in the mouth, called Candida albicans. This generally looks like cheese curds, which when wiped off, leave a raw, bleeding surface. Thrush could certainly cause all of the symptoms that you have described. This is treated with Nystatin Oral Suspension or Mycelex. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. Regards.
1094370 tn?1317138425 Also, when I get up in the morning, I have terrible sinus drainage in my throat. I was on nasal spray but it did not help. I've used my nettie pot the last two mornings. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I've been battling a lump in my throat feeling, sore throat (back of mouth almost above soft palate and at sides - I do not have my tonsils), slight abdominal pain where spleen is. Been to ENT twice and he can't see anything. No weight loss, no fever, some headaches, no night sweats. Here is the latest history - my bloodwork shows low absolute neutrophils at 1.3, my spleen was mildly enlarged at 12.1cm and as of today's ultrasound is 13cm.
Avatar m tn I used protection all of those time, and after removing, checked for any tears too, and found none, no slippage as well. 1 week after sex, I had this weird tingling sensation in my throat and my tongue became white brushy in texture starting from June 1. I immediately saw a doctor who said its just an infection and gave me Hexamedine oral spray. I got tested on June 3(7 days after the last sex encounter and 18 days the first sex encounter).
Avatar n tn Since recently a good (older) friend of ours was diagnosed with throat cancer (only symptom was sore persistant sore throat and a lump in his neck)so, obviously Ive nearly convinced myself that this must be the case. We live in a small town (i.e. no ENT within 2 hours). Do you think I should be concerned about cancer and how should I proceed from here?
Avatar n tn My fever and sore throat resolved in 2 days. Now I have the white throat, dry mouth and tastelessness. As the doctor only a test result can help me. Friends wish me luck for the tests and the future. Thanks for the help.
Avatar n tn Then i felt nauseous for a couple of months in the mornings. I also experienced a chronic mild soar throat and for the last couple of months I have had the armpit pain which does appear to get more intense with stress. it has been almost six months now since encounter. I have heard that my sypmtoms fit CFS quite a bit. Currently. when I get home i eat dinner and then crash by like eight O'Clock and then get up around 3:00 AM.