Lump in throat thrush

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Avatar f tn feels like lump in throat
335728 tn?1331414412 very painful sore throat and white patches in throat. Dx with Thrush and given Nystatin for rinsing throat.
Avatar f tn Possible thrush on my tonsils.
Avatar n tn I recently took my 7 y/o daughter to the ER due to coughing, red throat and whitish lump in the back. The Physician's Assistant said it's most likely food particles that will eventually dislodge itself, but has yet to do so. Should we get it out ourselves? How should we do that without putting my daughter through any pain?
Avatar f tn pylori and 5 months later i am still suffering from very bad chest burning sometimes going into shoulder blade neck and down the back, i have had upper endsocopy they picked up thrush in the osephagus and i was put on thrush medication for 2 months, the thrush did lessen alot and my speacilist said this should notn contriubte to continue burning, i have had barrium swallow and still nothing, but slight gastritis.
1398693 tn?1343684738 I keep getting that lump in my throat it's driving me crazy today it seems larger than yeaterday I feel it every time I swallow anything.
Avatar n tn Felt like there was a lump in my throat
Avatar f tn Lots of nausea and intestinal gas and lump in throat.
Avatar f tn I started on Lansoprazole 4 days ago and have not felt any relief from the feeling in my throat. Does this sound like reflux or a heart problem??
Avatar f tn it just pop out like magic. It was not there yesterday---the next day it appears--there is a lump in my throat. It moves up and down when I swallow. I don't feel no pain or anything. It just seems very weird to just get it for no reasons or cause at all. I am very worried and concern.
Avatar n tn Thats wonderful to hear! Were you diagnosed with oral yeast infection (thrush) by a medical professional? What were your symptoms? I had receptive oral twice and now I have a negative test result after 24 days, but I still have this feeling in my throat like there is a piece of food that won't go away. I have read this is one of the symptoms of thrush in the throat, Candida Esophagitis.
Avatar f tn But they referred me to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist as I have some strange lump on my throat and my skin is glued to my esophagus in that area. Weird. Also, three yeast infections in 3 months and possibly conjunctivitis. I didn't get sick all during tx even though my ANC hovered around 400. So strange it would happen now. I must have some bacterial infection because although I am happy my WBC and Neuts are up, they are actually a good bit higher than pre tx.
Avatar n tn the swelling, redness and itching could be thrush but not sure where the lump comes into play though.
Avatar f tn wake tired up a lot thinner lump still in base of throat vitamin
Avatar f tn my symptoms now 5 months later have been constant, feels like lump in throat when i swallow, burning in uppee stomach going to chest, and up in throat, sometimes shooting sensation in shouulder blades and back of neck and when i swallow feels like air bubbles and get alot of gurgling in throat and sometimes stomach. i am very frustreated now cos non of the protom pump inhibitors are now working and nothing is working and i am serioulsy suffering.
Avatar m tn Hi, it could be due to a fungal infection, which is common in throat infections. Thrush is an overgrowth of a fungus that is normally found in the mouth, called Candida albicans. This generally looks like cheese curds, which when wiped off, leave a raw, bleeding surface. Thrush could certainly cause all of the symptoms that you have described. This is treated with Nystatin Oral Suspension or Mycelex. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. Regards.
Avatar f tn I recently developed thrush in my mouth as well. My question is can the lump in my throat and the thrush be related to my thyroid condition?
1550654 tn?1294747554 What is this damn lump in my throat and my does my face hurt!!!!
Avatar f tn I think I'm having symptoms of GERD, but they aren't the typical symptoms, such as "heartbutrn." I feel like I have a lump or hairball in my throat most of the time and it's a little bit hard to swallow. Sometimes my throat burns, especially after I drink orange juice or coffee. I've been having more asthma problems at night lately and I'm not sure why. I'm wondering if it's because of GERD, which I've had in the past.
Avatar f tn I am having problems with my throat. I started experienceing ear pain about 3 weeks ago after being on biyoxien antibiotics for a ear infection a month or so ago. I have been getting alot of sinuous and earinfections for a year and a half. They did sinous surgery on my deviated septum and tryed t pto open up my sinus passages. We hoped it would help solve my infection problems, but it didn't.
Avatar m tn Its yellowish patches on the back of my tongue and on the back of the roof of my mouth. It feels like I have an extremely small lump in my throat. Also my girlfriend is complaining of bad pains in her cervical region. I'm just very very worried. Is it possible that my oral thrush is caused by a HSV outbreak or some other STD I do not know about? Can oral thrush occur almost immediately after seroconversion?
Avatar n tn are saying that thrush can be a symptom of ARS, as well, and not just from when AIDS sets in. It seemed too coincidental that a white coated tongue and lump in throat developed at the same time. I cannot get in to see the dentist until next week. Do I have special reason to worry? You seem to treat thrush as if it is more seriously linked to HIV than other symptoms presented... please, please help...
1448645 tn?1370067496 Today i have such a heart sore lump in my throat. my AF is here in force. The *****!
Avatar f tn throat bothering me , lump in is, both feet hurting ,they pushed me in a wheelchair to help hip