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Avatar f tn Sometimes after I eat I get a lot of pressure through my chest up to my throat. Like I have a lot of gas stuck in it and it makes the lump feel a lot worse. There are days when I can barely eat a thing because I feel so bad. I've been to the doctor and she thinks I have GERD and I have been on an acid reducer for about 2 weeks now. I'm still have symptoms. I've had an upper GI which came back normal. Does anyone have any idea what could be going on!?
Avatar f tn Have heartburn but not all the time,bloating excessive gas, The lump in visiable on my right side of throat where my thyroid is. I do have nodules and a goiter which are small and being watched. Going to gastro dr next month just woundering if anyone else has this Been to three drs and they all tell me I have acid reflux but the lump is really starting to hurt and getting worse People notice it all the time One nurse told me it is sitting right next to my esophgus and I better get it checked.
Avatar f tn Off and on for the past year or so I have been having this sensation of a lump in my throat. I went to see an ENT and he did a scope (went in through the nose and looked down at the throat), I had a CT of the throat, and an Ultrasound of my thryroid and a Upper GI Series (Barium Swallow).
Avatar m tn Around the same time (about 8 or 9 months ago) i started getting this feeling in my throat like a lump. It's kind of like someone is poking me right below the adams apple in that "dip" i guess you would call it and pushing down. It gets worse when i'm nervous, and is better when i first wake up..and gets worse in the evening. I read it was some sort of spasm and nothing to worry about, so i didn't worry about it. Here's the wierd part, though.
Avatar n tn do have allergies but on Allegra D once a day and that keeps post nasal dripping down.... Have had the sensation of having a lump in my throat for about a month.... especially when swallowing... Noticed the past few days that it is more on the right side.... not right in the middle... very tired all the time.... have no older sister does have under active thyroid but i was tested about 8 months ago and they said everything was fine...any suggestions as to what this could be??
Avatar n tn I have recently found that I have a lump on the right side of my throat. I do smoke regularly, and I am worried could this be cancer or something else?
Avatar n tn Even if you're not having distinct symptoms of acid problems, many with GERD experience the feeling of a lump in the throat called globus. You don't have to have overt symptoms for GERD to be present. Get it checked out.
Avatar f tn Off and on for the past year or so I have been having this sensation of a lump in my throat. I went to see an ENT and he did a scope (went in through the nose and looked down at the throat), I had a CT of the throat, and an Ultrasound of my thryroid and a Upper GI Series (Barium Swallow).
Avatar f tn I dilute 1 pack and drink before I eat in the morning and evening. It helped with the lump in throat feeling but it eventually comes back. Also, I start to feel like there is something shooting up to my throat like gas that wants to come out but it doesn’t and it slowly goes back down to my esophagus. By the third week, I went back to him saying that the medication is not working so he scheduled me for endoscopy.
Avatar m tn Nitric oxide (NO) is involved in maintaining airway dilatation and smokers may have constricted airways, since NO synthesis is reduced in smokers. Your symptoms are consistent with this observation. I suggest you cut down for a while on the amount of weights, specially bench press in regards to chest pains. Going low carb and gluten-free may help with the bloating. Avoid junk food. Optimize your diet! There's a chance you may have yeast/fungal overgrowth.
Avatar n tn They did an ekg on the spot (which came back normal), blood work which came back normal, chest xray which was normal, and urine test which was normal and I was sent home I then went to my doctor and he chalked it up to anxiety and prescribed lexapro (which I never ended up taking, scared of the side effects) the same thing happened in January of 08 (a few months later) and I called an ambulance, but I felt better immediately after they came then, I went to the ER again in February 08 with t
Avatar f tn I'm not sure if it may be due to me being sick because recently I just got over a virus I think that made my throat very sore. Today I have had a lump in my throat all day long that feels like a big piece of food at least a marble size or slightly bigger that is lodged in there. When I swallow, any the food or liquid seems to move around the lump to go down and it feels very uncomfortable. When the area is pressed on, there is alot of pressure.
1030353 tn?1262489288 I started having a lump in my throat after about a week on Gastritis medicine (Zegrid). I did not think I had Gastritis but my EGD said I did. I have been having pains in my upper left and right side of abdomen but no gas, no bloating, go belching and no acid reflux but I took it anyway to see if it would help with the pains I was having but a week into taking it I started having a lump in my throat kind of feels like my throat is reeally tight.
Avatar n tn I have a minor vertebral problem and it could cause (with the nerves and all that) to make me feel like I have a lump in throat. If somebody has the same problem or any information on that I would be really happy to hear it. It is just so weird to think that my throat problems could come from my spine.
Avatar m tn About a month ago I went to the dr. for some back pain and was also having some bloating and a distended stomach. Dr. gave me naproxen and an acid reducer (famotidine) for the back pain (acid reducer since naproxen is hard on the stomach). 3 days after taking the meds, I got worse and developed "acid reflux" type symptoms as described by my doctor. Large lump feeling in throat, indigestion, I could barely swallow a glass of water. Dr. took me off the pain meds and gave me prilosec.
Avatar m tn Nicotine is also a stimulant, so it appears that you might be having anxiety issues. When a panic attack starts it can feel like you have a lump in your throat, like a person gets when they are starting to cry. This is a bronchiol spasm. You might tell you physician about these symptoms and ask him if it isn't a panic attack and he might prescribe something different to eliminate them altogether. Just my thoughts...
Avatar f tn Off and on for the past year or so I have been having this sensation of a lump in my throat. I went to see an ENT and he did a scope (went in through the nose and looked down at the throat), I had a CT of the throat, and an Ultrasound of my thryroid and a Upper GI Series (Barium Swallow).
Avatar n tn I am writing today because I have a peculiar pattern of symptoms that nobody can seem to figure out. First off, I am a 24yr. old female. I have asthma. Smoked for 11yrs.(quit in sept '05) Many hospitalizations due to asthma, none rescent. I am a recovering alocoholic with bulimia ( which went on for about 8ys). In 2001 I had my gallbladder removed .Got sober.. had a baby in apr '04. Whole time I was having bloodwork approx. every 3 months, checking my thyroid.
192055 tn?1263559137 Now and also then, it feels like I have a lump in my throat. I can actually feel the drainage and has to spit it out regardless of where I am. It is disgusting and I am trying everything, non-meds. My primary tried to prescribe me with meds that had all sorts of wild side affects. I use nasal spray that helps a little. I even tried allergy meds like Claritin-no good. My main lacking step is drinking at least eight glasses of water. I really wants to get rid of this problem.
Avatar n tn VCD attacks, cough, voice problems, asthma, globus (feeling of lump in throat), constant need to clear throat, worsening of sinus condition, sore throat, pre-cancerous conditions of throat &/or esophagus, etc. SOME GER/LPR CONTROL THINGS WE DO, that we learned from the excellent book: STOMACH AILMENTS AND DIGESTIVE DISTURBANCES, by Michael T. Murray, N.D. See page 9, References, in my website: and, also see GER/LPR info on page 5, and on LINKS page.
Avatar n tn Can certain Antibiotics make the symptoms in the throat and the sweeling of gas in the stomach and the difficulity swallowing worse?
Avatar f tn Off and on for the past year or so I have been having this sensation of a lump in my throat. I went to see an ENT and he did a scope (went in through the nose and looked down at the throat), I had a CT of the throat, and an Ultrasound of my thryroid and a Upper GI Series (Barium Swallow).
Avatar n tn At the worst times it feels like there is a lump in my throat and pressure in my chest and I also get really painful hiccups sometimes, just one or two at a time. Another Dr. said it was just stress and honestly I think he thought I was making it up because it wasnt happening while I was in his office which wasnt helpful! The one time I want the gurgles... If anyone knows of anythign that actually works I would love to hear it!
Avatar n tn constant tickle in the throat, white/yellow furry thick coated tongue, sour taste in mouth/taste distortion, fatigue, drowsiness, brain fog, depression, anxiety, constant burping/gas, sore throats when I lie down, shortness of breath, post-nasal drip, excess phlegm, excess salivation, extremely odorous gas and bowel movements, particles/powder in bowel movement, bowel irregularities such as diarrhea/constipation, a burning throat sometimes that can spread all the way up to the back of my neck n
Avatar n tn I recognise a severe acid build up by the pain in my chest which radiates towards the back and a lump develops in my throat. I am able to eat normally so i know there isn't an obstruction. I have been taken to hospital with suspected cardiac problems which always turn out to be an acid reflux attack. Although I always make reference to the fact that I suffer from GERD I am nonetheless checked out for heart problems and nothing further done on the reflux problem.
Avatar n tn The hoarseness gradually progressed to a sensation of there being a lump in my throat. Also, I began having difficulty swallowing saliva, although I could (and still can) swallow all food and drink just fine. It was not that I couldn't was more like the "timing" of my swallowing was off. The 1st ENT I went to looked down my throat with a tube and diagnosed me with severe pharyngitis. He prescribed Prednisone and nasal spray, but these did not help.
Avatar n tn I'm not an expert by any means, but I think anxiety and or depression could potentially be the culprit. About a year ago, I started feeling like I had a lump in my throat. Some times it was worse than others but never really seemed to go away. After a couple of weeks of a lump, I started having a little difficultly swallowing. I have a thyroid condition and after doing some research my symptoms sounded exactly like the possibility of my thyroid having enlarged and pushing on my windpipe.
Avatar f tn About a month ago I discovered a lump in my neck. It is hard as a rock, doesn't move. It doesn't hurt or itch. It's in the back of my neck (lower part), close to my spine. It's about the size of a bean. Also, I've been tons of other symtoms, I don't know if they are related to the lump.
Avatar n tn Milk and dairy products putrefy in the gut, causing gas to rise from this proliferation of bad guys and undigested food. Throw a little sugar in---aw, heck, let's make it fruit juice, kool aid, popsicles, a candy bar or two, sugared cereal---and those bad guys are having a party to outdo the frat guys! I'm not saying that you permit your daughter to binge on these things.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing constant burping (my boyfriend thinks it's gross) yawning, and gas feeling; almost as if i have bubbles in my stomache and behind my ribcage. In July I had my first anxiety attack, and since then I have been on an increasing dose of Zoloft and Clonazepam (which they are trying to decrease). I really hate taking medication, my doctor/therapist tells me to try not to think about it.