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Avatar f tn you would be going through a lot if you had gallbladder problems. Lump in throat is not a symptom. Your gallbladder is below your liver and causes serious effects if not right.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing a sensation of a lump in the throat or tightness/pressure in my upper chest in combination with a pain in my back/spine at the same level of the feeling in my chest. This feeling has persisted for about 4 weeks. I don't seem to have diificulty breathing, although I do feel the sensation more when I breathe deeply. Could this be a respiratory problem? Does this sound like anything you've heard of?
Avatar f tn Your GYN should make sure it's not the HRT that is causing these symptoms and the lump in your throat, well, I'm not sure what thest there might be for that, but just have the EENT keep his eye on it. Do NOT let the doctors blow you off because you are a 54 y/o menopausal woman! We women of a "certain age" are not hysterical, anxiety ridden crones! You stay after them until they find a diagnosis.
Avatar m tn I dont have a sore throat though. It almost feels like an air bubble caught in my throat. During the time I have had these symptoms I have also been waking up with a sore, stiff neck. The soreness is pretty much located right at the base of the neck on the top of my back. I dont have a lot of heartburn mostly just belching and acid reflux. I have had a little bit of trouble talking too. I suffer from anxiety and depression and wanted to know if those could be causes of this weird sensation?
Avatar m tn Had the lump in throat feeling for over 3 years. Just had galbladder out on oct 29, 2012 and the bothersome lump is gone. I had no galstones or serious attacks, just thought it was indigestion. Apparently I have had this galbladder problem for over 10 years and didn't realize what it was. First indication was from an ultrasound and next test was a HIDA scan. The hida showed a 27percent ejection rate of bile from the galbladder.
Avatar m tn When I swollow it sometimes feels like hair is fought in my throat weird huh.. It scares me to death I've lost 15 pounds in about 3 months .. I feel like I want to throw or gag up my food to help my throat but of course that doesn't help.. I have no appeite for the past week and all food makes me sick even thinking about it .. Maybe my nerves is the cause of that not sure but it's freaking me out ... But none of my meds work.. If you want you can email me its easy for me to get summer22.
Avatar n tn I am writing today because I have a peculiar pattern of symptoms that nobody can seem to figure out. First off, I am a 24yr. old female. I have asthma. Smoked for 11yrs.(quit in sept '05) Many hospitalizations due to asthma, none rescent. I am a recovering alocoholic with bulimia ( which went on for about 8ys). In 2001 I had my gallbladder removed .Got sober.. had a baby in apr '04. Whole time I was having bloodwork approx. every 3 months, checking my thyroid.
Avatar m tn About a month ago I went to the dr. for some back pain and was also having some bloating and a distended stomach. Dr. gave me naproxen and an acid reducer (famotidine) for the back pain (acid reducer since naproxen is hard on the stomach). 3 days after taking the meds, I got worse and developed "acid reflux" type symptoms as described by my doctor. Large lump feeling in throat, indigestion, I could barely swallow a glass of water. Dr. took me off the pain meds and gave me prilosec.
Avatar f tn Every once in a while I also would get mild chest pain and pain in my sternum. I also get this feeling that there is a lump in my throat but have tested negative for thyrhoids. My red and white blood cell has come back normal. Ultrasound if stomach is normal. X-rays of chest and stomach are normal. Ct scan came back normal also. Ive been to it could be due to acid reflex and heart burn but I don't get the burning sensations or the acid reflex coming up my throat. Anyone have a clue?
192055 tn?1263559137 Now and also then, it feels like I have a lump in my throat. I can actually feel the drainage and has to spit it out regardless of where I am. It is disgusting and I am trying everything, non-meds. My primary tried to prescribe me with meds that had all sorts of wild side affects. I use nasal spray that helps a little. I even tried allergy meds like Claritin-no good. My main lacking step is drinking at least eight glasses of water. I really wants to get rid of this problem.
Avatar m tn Serious conditions like a benign or malignant lump in the throat can also lead to heaviness in the throat. Breathing problems can be due to bronchial asthma, heart problem. She needs to get evaluated completely. A general health check up along with investigations like X-ray chest, ECG and esophagoscopy may be helpful. Do write to me again. Best of luck and regards!
Avatar n tn 37 year old female with spasms just below breast bone that extend right through to my back between shoulder blades, bloating, some regurgitaion, very sensitive to fatty foods, caffeine and alcohol, burping sometimes provides relief-stomach feels like it is on fire- room temperature water helps a little-feels like I have a lump in my throat or a slight spasm in my throat on right side have tried Zantac, Prevacid, Domperidone, Pepcid and a few others in the past 17 years that I have been dealing
Avatar m tn I have a sharp throbbing pain on the right side of my back. along with a lump in my throat. I feel like vomitting, each time I open my mouth to speak. Should i go to seek medical attention or is this simply acid reflex? I have taken 2 heartburn pills. Please help! in PAIN....
Avatar m tn Chest pain, sore throat, lump in throat, burning stomach, and still that pain on my right upper quadrant. At that point I went to talk to a Gastro specialist. Didn't want any organs pulled that were perfectly fine. Saw the nurse practitioner actually cause it was quicker. She put me on some anti acid stuff and ordered an upper endoscopy. I had that done last Tuesday. Dr. briefly said there was nothing major but he did take a couple biopsies of 2 areas.
Avatar n tn I recognise a severe acid build up by the pain in my chest which radiates towards the back and a lump develops in my throat. I am able to eat normally so i know there isn't an obstruction. I have been taken to hospital with suspected cardiac problems which always turn out to be an acid reflux attack. Although I always make reference to the fact that I suffer from GERD I am nonetheless checked out for heart problems and nothing further done on the reflux problem.
Avatar n tn I'm not an expert by any means, but I think anxiety and or depression could potentially be the culprit. About a year ago, I started feeling like I had a lump in my throat. Some times it was worse than others but never really seemed to go away. After a couple of weeks of a lump, I started having a little difficultly swallowing. I have a thyroid condition and after doing some research my symptoms sounded exactly like the possibility of my thyroid having enlarged and pushing on my windpipe.
Avatar n tn I had my gallbladder removed almost a year ago. I've seen comments posted about this in the forum, but no real answer or explanation as to why it happens. Luckily, I suffered no pain after the surgery; I recovered well and I am VERY HAPPY that I do not suffer through those horrible attacks anymore (the last one made me think I was going to die and I ended up in the ER with the surgery scheduled shortly after).
Avatar f tn Hello, I've been having discomfort around upper stomach and I felt a lump. Also, notice belching, nausea and my stomach would swell. The Dr said it was a fatty nodule. It bothers me everyday, Its a discomfort pain. They finally did a US and the findings are: Anterior to the sternum in the subcutaneous tissue there are 3 hypoechoic nodules ranging from 1.3 to 1.5cm. These nodules are nonspecific. They could represent fibrous tissue.
Avatar n tn about 5 months ago i got an pretty sudden and bad sore throat along with mild weakness. that lasted for about 2 to 3 weeks. then for the next few months, i would occasionally get a mild sore throat, and just not feel 100% and weak. then the last month or 2 i have had alot of exccess gas and belching, which sometimes feels like it relieves the chest pressure a little but does not compleltly make it go away.
Avatar f tn Doctor tells me to take Nexium (which my family doctor already told me not to take because it was making a lump in my throat.) April 30th 2010: Must return to work (parents can no longer support me.) July 20th 2010: After occasional check ups my Doctor finally arranges catscan while informing me my iron levels are very low. August 9th 2010: I have my Catscan.
Avatar n tn can anyone help me, is anyone experiencing the feeling in the throat i am having, i must add i dont have this throat discomfort first this in the morning or whilst i am eating. HELP...
Avatar n tn "tightness feeling in [your] throat " can be from many reasons, this globus sensation that paulyK mentions is a good term for it. Anxiety, asthma, GERD acid reflux, foreign bodies, these need evaluation by your doctor.
Avatar m tn This may or may not be what you have, but hopefully it will help someone. I always felt like something was stuck in my throat or I had a lump in my throat, sometimes left side, sometimes right side. I had trouble swallowing, was afraid to eat at first for fear or choking. I was very terrified for months.
Avatar f tn Really lost here. Hoping for some help! This is on behalf of my husband. He has been sick since September. After a LOT of tests, he had a HIDA scan that revealed an ejection fraction of 16%. He had his GB removed laproscopically on 2/2/10 with no complications. However, he has had no relief either from any of his symptoms. Symptoms are as follows: constant nausea, abdominal pain, oily/bile diarrhea, lump in throat (<~ NOT caused by anxiety).
Avatar n tn I feel like there is a lump in my throat, but it doesn't stop me from eating. I have no energy by the end of the day and some times it feels like my right kidney hurts. I was taken to the hospital last April with terrible pain in my lower back and right side. After many tests they desided I was passing a kidney stone. I did have blood in my urine and ended up with a nasty bladder infection the next day. Which cleared up with anti-biotics.
1094370 tn?1317138425 Also, when I get up in the morning, I have terrible sinus drainage in my throat. I was on nasal spray but it did not help. I've used my nettie pot the last two mornings. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Male, age 40. 5'10", 190lbs. No past surgery or serious illness. Symptoms began 3 months ago. Bowel movement mixed color (brown mixed with unusually light brown/tan). Sense of pressure under middle of ribs, mild nausea no vomiting. Fatigue/Flu-like feeling, no fever. Pain persists for 2-3 weeks. BM's continue to be light in color, mucousy, strange shape, texture. Fatigue/Flu-like feeling retreats. Pain moves to mostly right side radiating to back.