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Avatar m tn I am not only thinning fair eyelashes, but also fair hair and eyebrows and in my 40s with only slight graying. so has lumigan been studied long enough to know if fair skinned/hair people get similar darkening and lenghtening benefits? I'm interested as much in the darkening as I am the hopefully hair growth in these places. I've been using Lumigan for about 1 week and maybe slightly longer lashes but no darkening. How likely is it that darkening occurs in fair skinned fair haired people?
Avatar f tn taken many medications. For 1yr. now, my eyelashes are extra thin and grow extra long. They grow to my ankles, I have to cut them. What can I do, or what medications cause this, so I may stop taking, if taking.
1775444 tn?1319261910 Well, I used to pull on my eyelashes to clean them but i stopped after I knew that it was causing my eyelashes to fall out. I dont think thats because of any disorder.I just find one or two eyelashes lying on my cheeks after I wash my face.Sometimes it is more than two.This bugs me a lot. Is it because of lack of nutrition? What can I do for this? Lattisse will be really really expensive for me:(.. I want something that is very effective, safe and affordable(cheap).
284078 tn?1282620298 03% solution (known as the glaucoma drug LUMIGAN) to create LATISSE to be marketed to our increasingly appearance driven society. LATISSE is applied to the upper eyelashes once a day with a special brush and after several weeks when the effect begins, the dose is usally tapered down quite a bit. Now for those on the cutting edge of beauty, they have one more weapon in their arsenal.
Avatar f tn I've gone to skin doctor's, eye doctors and they just say it is due to allergies or allopecia.... Most women want to have eyelashes, me included. Other people just look at you weird... The only eyelashes that I ever pull out are a few that grow into my eye at the corner of my eye lids closesy to my nose. The rest twitch and itch and fall out, and my eyelids are about three times more swollen then they use to be....
Avatar f tn i invite friends, well wishers and advisers to give suggestions, advice, help me in whatever way possible. i want to grow hair quickly and successfully without any side effects. i am thinking of options such as lumigan,folligen,black castor oil etc etc. for my eyelashes,eyebrows and hair line. pls pls pls pls pls pls help me.. Gods name forever..
757137 tn?1347200053 Has anyone on this forum used Latisse to grow longer, thicker eyelashes? One of my daughters wants to use it, but doesn't know if it is effective, or whether it can harm the eyes. Your personal experiences using this product would be very much appreciated.
Avatar n tn The maker of LUMIGAN glaucoma drops is just gearing up to introduce the use of LUMIGAN to grow eyelashes the new product is called LUMILASH It is not a drop but apparently applied like mascara. The product is not out and was just annouced this past week.
274009 tn?1224438067 You are on all four major glaucoma drops. There are no serious long term side effects to being on those meds. You must have pretty severe glaucoma. Yes I wwould get a third opinion. Find one at Yes Lumigan, Xalatan and Travatan make eyelashes grow thick and long. Lumigan is being marketed as "Lumilash" for cosmetic reasons for just this purpose.