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Avatar n tn I had 4 times miscarriage (I have PCOS) and found out that I have low protein C with heterozgous Factor V Leiden. My doctor has advised me to take clexane 20mg with 75mg aspirin when I get pregnant next time. In Feb 09 I got pregnant and treated with cleaxane, aspirin and cyclogest but I had miscarriage last night. I am not sure what to do. Could you please advise me?
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks after the d and c I had blood work done to see if I had any conditions that had caused the miscarriages. The only thing they found was that my protein c level was at 54 L (reference range is 70-140). Also my Coag factor VIII activity was 42L (reference range is 50-180). Based on this information, my current obstetrician team is having me take baby aspirin every day, and has recommended that I self-inject with heparin for 6 weeks post-partum.
975357 tn?1252708323 Hi thanks for responding something about my WBC came back high but it wasn't just WBC it was something else on the WBC profile I will check when I get home my albumin came back low at 3.2 but they said it was fine b/c my prealbumin was normal. I have had 2 TPO antibodies tests and they both came back at <10 my thyroid levels have NOT been stable the pas couple years and yet I still have to ask when I want my levels tested.
Avatar n tn I also have a c-reactive protein level that puts me at high risk - 10.7. The test was repeated and came back at 10.3. My cholesterol level is 174 with good ADL/HDL/triglyceride levels. I'm a 41 yr old female, non-smoker/drinker but am overweight. I take a good multivitamin daily. I know I need to increase my exercise/activity. I have no cardiac related symptoms. I do get cortisone injections for rotator cuff problems and that is what brought me to the doctor in the first place.
Avatar f tn The only test that came back abnormal was my c-reactive protein which was more than 3x the normal amount. The doc said this showed I had inflammation in the body but they weren't sure what was causing it. My rheumatoid facter came back normal. Any ideas? Could it be I could have RA but the readings are just off? He put me on a ten day run of a steroid to see if that helped and I just started it today.
Avatar n tn I have read about specific protein tests that are good indicators of heart disease but am confused about which test to request. Should I ask for an LPa test or a C-reactive protein test? What is the difference? What specific test should I have done in addition to the normal Lipid work-up? Finally, what are the pros and cons of Niacin therapy vs. Statins should I need medication? Thank you.
5031861 tn?1362592552 -always an official HIGH protein C count, nothing I have says Reactive C (is this the same thing), 7 years of swollen glands, weakness and fatigue, sweats and chillls; it's been so hard and depressing, so tired of going to doctor after doctor. I'm hoping my unfortunate pelvic fractures not healing just might lead me somehow to an answer. I've had every diesase test in the book (lupus, lyme disease, thyroid, creatine, TB,....) any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar m tn On Aug 2009, I did complete blood work, and everything came out fine, except I have slight low white cell and slight high protein. After that, I did 4 HIV tests, and Hep A,B,C at 2,4,9 months after my unprotected sex counter, All come negative. So, do you think a slight high protein is a sign of HIV, or Hep as they said on the internet?
Avatar n tn I have found that while taking protein drinks my ANC which has always been low during tx seem to come up and lower when not taking the drinks. Only a observation, could just be coincidence though. I am on very low Inferon dose due to low ANC counts. In Australia Hep C people on tx are not treated with something like Neupogen to increase neutrophil.
Avatar n tn What is this, how does one get it and what can one do to keep these numbers low? I was treated with interferon when my Hepatitis C was first discovered, but, it didnt work on me. Now I am told I have to go on interferon again with a lower dosage to keep the numbers under control. I do not understand all these technical terms. Can u explain it to me in "plain English"? Thank you very much for yor help.
Avatar f tn Therefore, people prone to encephalopathy are advised to maintain a high intake of vegetable protein and a low intake of animal protein, or even better, to become vegetarians. This type of diet will help control mental symptoms in people suffering from some degree of chronic encephalopathy—that is, those who have some degree of mental confusion and/or memory loss all the time.
Avatar f tn My hubby is wanting to get back in shape eventually after we figured out if he's cleared the hep c virus for sure. My question is, is whey protein safe if you have liver issues? I've heard someone say no but I never knew the reasoning. We put a call into his doctor but I just wanted to see if any of you might know.
3211536 tn?1359389169 In the meantime, please do try to drink Ensure or Carnation Instant Breakfast (blah), look for the high protein foods that are low in sodium (send that son of yours out fishing!), and eat the small frequent meals that I already know you are doing. Personally, if it were me in your situation Cree, I would avoid spinach and kale, and only eat other greens (e.g.
86664 tn?1291561395 and you would have albumin or protein in the urine. Low albumin/ low protein may also be caused by protein malnutrition. Since you have diabetes, be aware that starchy foods promote water absorption. When you absorb glucose, you also absorb sodium.....and that can cause the leg swelling. And you're taking Alinia....I don't know whether it could be causing protein to be lost from the intestines. So for you, diet and keeping your blood sugar under control is going to be very important.
Avatar f tn not sure if Neumega is available in Australia.. We read about new trial medication for low platelets & Hep C but its not available in Australia yet... thanks for your advice.. we will ask about it. Doctor seems to have experience... so hard to know for sure?? Thought it would help to speak to others that have been down this road...
Avatar n tn Be VERY warry about blaming the way you feel on your Hep C. Can Hep C contribute to your feeling poorly, yes....But is it more likey to be work, anxiety, restlessness, job stuff, family stuff, getting a little older every year...not getting the five-a-day we need, not getting the 30 minutes of excersize 4-5 days per week, not getting the 40gm of fiber daily, not getting sex 2-3 X per week...ect.
Avatar n tn The headaches have led to stiff neck, nausea, upset stomach and bowel, periodic loss of appetite, low back pain and random slight senses of tremors. Since, I have had CT of brain, ct of spine, MRI,v,a, went to ENT and everything has been normal. My nuerologist also did a complete MS physical check of me and everything was normal. What was out of range in my spinal fluid was: a MBP level of 31, RBC count in CSF of 15, B/C ratio of 8.9, and PaO2 arterial of 105.
315996 tn?1429057829 I use BCAAs because they bypass the liver and are heavily involved in Muscle Protein Synthesis. However, there is additional information about BCAAs and how they might stave off Cirrhosis. this paper is by the people that sell BCAAs. http://www.ajiaminoacids.com/docs/research/Branch_Chain_Amino_Acids_Reduce_Liver_Cancer.
315996 tn?1429057829 Weightlifters don't usually have a severe liver disease, so what applies to them doesn't necessarily apply to us. You can do the protein powder a once a week. I like low fat yogurt, I don't like milk but I do eat beans. Treatment is only for a year at maximum so any shortage can be made up when tx. is finished. It's not so easy to keep food down when you are on INF/RIBA. I lost 17 lbs. People who are heavy can lose a great deal more. Sometimes you have no appetite for anything.
Avatar f tn I've found the cheapest, most efficient way is buying Premier Nutrition's Protein Bars. A 2.5 ounce bar gives you 30 grams of protein. I also sprinkle some EAS Whey Protein powder underneath my cereal, and top it off with an 8 oz. bottle of "Boost High Protein" meal replacement drink. That, plus milk and yougrt puts me at about 75 grams of protein per day.
Avatar n tn A few weeks ago there was discussion on some alt. med's and folks experiences with their use. I was (and still am) interested if anyone has information or opinions they would care to share on Natcell (live protein cells) Products. Oh and by the way I don't need to hear anymore "Goatboy" or "the pig in you" jokes -- LOL :) Note: cells are taken from bovine fetus', if I understand the reading I've done.
Avatar f tn Still I am a bit worried and anxious as I sweat by far more than before, I still have a pharingis hiperemia with no other simptoms and beacuse on January, during a routine lab test, my C reactive protein came out 3 mg/L whith a lab indication of normal of 5mg/L. I heard taht CRP can be a sort of predictor of Hiv infection. I wrote to you after the second test. Should I have to consider the 118 days test conclusive beyond any doubt?
Avatar f tn I am keeping my meat portions down significantly, especially since they found the high protein levels, but I don't think it is as low as 6 oz. I guess if the kidney isn't functioning properly even the slightest amount of protein can be difficult to process. As for the stones, my husband has just started getting them. Last May he ended up in the ER due to the pain. I am 29 years old and I have never experienced anything like he describes and don't think I ever have.
Avatar n tn AS or Ankylosing Spondylitis commonly attacks in cooperation with either PA or RA, so with a C Reactive Protein at 10.6 (where my level is while taking Methotrexate, Humira, and Naproxen ) he surely needs to see a Ruhmetologist, but not necessarily at the 6.
468265 tn?1207544118 Thank you for correcting me. I really don't know know where I got the idea it was associated with kidney disease.