Losing weight during pregnancy 3rd trimester

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10913038 tn?1424227711 It's not safe to try to lose weight during pregnancy. During the 3rd trimester you're supposed to consume about 400 more calories a day than you normally would and this is the time that the baby is rapidly gaining weight, so most women gain weight too in the 3rd trimester. It's good to be healthy but you shouldn't be trying to lose weight, not saying that you are.
Avatar f tn No it's normal at during your 1st trimester for your weight to be down and up.. Keep taking your prenatals and whatever you could keep down make it healthy.. I lost 13 lbs from my 1st and 2nd trimester.. If it gets worse your doctor will help you don't worry.
Avatar f tn I never threw up during my pregnancy and lost about 7 pounds. I didn't start gaining weight back until my 3rd trimester. Completely normal.
Avatar f tn Have any of you lost weight during your last trimester? If so was baby okay? I have been losing about a pound a week for the past three weeks. I am not meaning to, it is just happening. This is my third pregnancy and I have not had this issue before with the others.
Avatar f tn As long as your ob isn't concerned then you should be fine.
Avatar f tn I've been the same way - 9 wks. My certified nurse midwife said that just eating what you can keep down is good enough (food, drink, & supplements). And as long as your weight doesn't drop down a lot then it's normal to not gain weight until the 2nd-3rd trimester. But obviously if there's any concerns then check with your doctor first.
Avatar f tn So this is my 3rd baby im 11 weeks i haven't gained any weight. With my second i was already in that i look fat not pregnant stage. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn This is my first baby & I'm 15weeks , I've been eating nonstop even after I eat a few minutes later I feel hungry again . I haven't been gaining no weight , instead I've been losing it . I haven't been throwing up , & don't know what's going on ??! Has this happened to anyone else ?
Avatar f tn Does anyone keep track of their calories for a healthy weight gain during pregnancy? I cant find an app that doesn't focus on losing weight. I want to keep track of the amount im taking in and what exactly im eating and what i need to get more of. Also i was doing some research and i found that you should consume more calories during the second and third trimester -- about 300 in the 2nd and 400 in the 3rd. Is this right?
7136384 tn?1390142888 Has anyone lost weight during pregnancy? Is it normal and why does it happen? Ive lost 6 pounds since ive goten pregnant i am not 4 and a half months and have a flat belly still i had no nausia at all and eat healthy and regularly.
Avatar f tn I lost weight in my first trimester during my first pregnancy. His pregnancy I didn't lose any but I didn't gain any until about 20 weeks.
Avatar f tn Yes it's normal to lose weight while pregnant. I lost weight the first trimester and my doctor didn't worry as long as baby is growing. Just eat healthy and stay active! !
Avatar n tn Yea I lost 23 lbs during my first trimester, try eating carrots n other veggies n fruits if your nasuated it really helped me
Avatar f tn I am 30 weeks and I already having trouble with gaining weight but now I think I'm losing it again. Is that normal in 3rd trimester?
Avatar f tn I was losing weight due to no appetite as well. I was losing weight in my second trimester up until the very beginning of my third. You still have to force ur self to eat something. It's good for you and the baby.
Avatar f tn So, I'm 14 weeks along and I just keep losing weight. I don't really get it. In the early weeks a had terrible all day sickness so I understood when I lost weight then, but around 10-11 weeks it had almost subsided completely and I was able to eat normally. Since then I haven't been able to gain even a single pound, in fact I've lost even more weight, and it's starting to worry me. Is anyone else experiencing this or know something I could try to make some healthy gains?
Avatar f tn I lost weight during my first pregnancy so I would say its normal :) dont worry.
Avatar f tn I'm 30 weeks pregnant, and still losing weight. I've lost 18 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight due to sickness. & was not over weight to start with. My Dr isn't worried as the baby is measuring right on. I'm high risk and have a ultrasound twice a week along with no stress test twice a week for other reasons (GD) . But baby is great!