Losing weight after heart surgery

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Avatar n tn I lost quite a lot of weight after my bypass surgery, I assumed it was a more efficient heart enabling fluid retention to be more controlled. Saying that, when I came off the strong pain killers (about 3 months post), I started to eat a lot more and I ended up back at my original weight. If he looks OVER lean, gaunt, then I would have a Doctor check him over. Is he drinking plenty of fluids?
Avatar f tn Told I was stressed and detoxing off Ativan. I went on the Keto diet for three months losing a little weight (maybe 10 pounds). I’m on an anti thyroid medication that makes you gain mor weight and hard to lose it. Frustrating. Food isn’t my problem since I’ve been on medication. Frustrated and desperate to lose weight. My question is, would gastric bypass work for someone like me? Thank you for reading my rant!
Avatar m tn ive lost twenty pouunds since my surgery on the 11th of feb 2011 is that normal to,i have a wound infection i am fighting also. I am on antibiotic ceflex one every six hours. I clean n pack it twice daily. It is just yukky to me. I feel like i smell like fish in the wound area but told this is to be normal it has only been three days since doctor took stiches out of the site at my belly button so the healing process can start...i think i am reading allot of horror stories on the net.....
Avatar n tn an example of the Karvonen formula for a 23 year old person with a resting heart rate of 65 beats per minute (*to get your resting heart rate, take your pulse for one full minute when you first wake up in the morning or after you've resting for a while). This formula also includes an updated calculation of maximum heart rate (the previous formula was 220 - age, which has now been shown to be inaccurate): 206.9 - (0.
29837 tn?1414534648 Going into the hospital, I weighed 185 (my normal weight). Upon release I now weighed 192. This after having been denied food for 9 days, then 6 days of regular diet Lately, I noticed my watch is not tight on my wrist anymore, I weighed myself yesterday. I now weigh 175 lbs. This is the weight I weighed at 27 years old. For many years now, my weight has been 185. The now weight of 175 lbs. is a loss of 17 lbs. in less than 3 weeks after leaving the hospital.
Avatar n tn I have lost nearly 20 kilos ( 44 lbs) since my surgery. But I know that only part of that was to do with being on medication after my TT last Dec and the rest to bloody hard work on my part! Saw a Naturopath as I wasn't losing any weight by May this year...and felt lousy. I have lost most of the weight to changing my diet and doing excersise. I can see how easily I can gain weight even though I am now officially hyperthyroid! So I do my utmost to keeping the weight down.
Avatar f tn Please help! I had back surgery in 2009 and put on alot of weight due to constant pain and neuropathy. I have not worked since and have been sedentary for past 6 yrs. I decided 6 weeks ago to do something about it. As of 6 weeks ago I started walking 45 min a day, use an eliptical twice a day 30 min each time, cut out all carbs do only spark, water, protein shakes veggies. Went to dr yesterday and have not lost even a pound. Feel so angry depressed sad etc... What am I doing wrong?
Avatar f tn Have you lost weight? It is fairly normal for the heart to change position when one loses a significant amount of weight. Mine has changed position since losing 80 pounds, now it's a little more tilted to the left. My doc said it was fine and due to weight loss. In any case, if it was a problem they would have let you know.
Avatar n tn I know because my Sunshine went through this also. He was eating like a hog and losing weight!!! I was frightened. He would also display odd behaviors once in a while. If this is what it is (all that is required to dx this is a blood test), there are three treatment options that I knew of then (year 2000): A particular medication whose name escapes me(something like Beclor)......This made Sunshine MUCH worse. Surgery on the thyroid gland to remove the benign tumor....
2053729 tn?1330435506 According to what I have researched, my BMR is 2485 and I eat about 1800 calories a day, so I should be losing weight just being me. Add in the approximate 2000 calories I burn with my exercise and I should be melting into a puddle! We do a lot of weights, pilates, abs, pushups, strength bands and squats at my aerobics class so I know my body is changing. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? I have had my thyroid checked in the last 4 months and it was "normal".
Avatar f tn s blood test back and his Vitamin D levels are below the norm - 18 (normal range 30 - 100 ng/mL). He is 2 months post CABGx4 and he has been losing a lot of weight since the surgery despite the fact that he is eating very well (more than before actually). He was also very thin prior to surgery so this continuous weight loss is very concerning as he can' afford it. Is this a normal side effect of the surgery? Also what can he do to improve on this?
Avatar f tn I cannot exercise a whole lot do to a medical condition where I suffer from daily headaches and pressure in my head. Losing weight will actually help this condition. Besides my overall health, this is why it is so important that I lose weight. I have lost weight in the past, but always seem to gain it back. I think that I was not eating enough calories. i was staying at about 1000 a day. I lost 70 pounds, but gained it all back plus a lot more.
Avatar f tn Midwife said less weight is better. My baby heart rate id 150. I was just worried bc with my first i gained ten lbs byv15 weeks ..
Avatar f tn So I had an ultrasound today again, I'm about 11 weeks. In the last month I've lost about 8 lbs. I was a little bigger before my pregnancy. I haven't been vomiting or anything but I've been losing weight. The baby's heart beat and everything was normal. Have any of you other ladies lost weight during pregnancy without throwing up? I'm kind of worried.
Avatar f tn t have the energy to workout like I used to even though I am trying. Can I still loose weight after my thyroid surgery like I am now which I hope I will it's better to loose than gain. I much prefer where I am right now at 125lbs than my normal weight 160lbs. Again thank you for you advice, also should my body go back to it's normal stage when my thyroid is removed.
Avatar f tn Workout is important but diet is more important, you should take a controlled diet and count your calories. Hope this will help you in losing weight.. You can also try diet supplements with your weight loss program..
Avatar m tn Thank you, Dr. Sharma. My husband has a appointment with a Gastroenterologist on Monday and we hope that the Doctor can find out why he keeps losing weight. He's already had several blood workups and many tests and they have found nothing. So, hopefully, we'll get some more blood tests and other tests to see what is causing him to lose weight and not gain since last year's heart surgery. Take care and thank you very much for your time. I will let you know how it turns out.
Avatar n tn Im 26, and am constantly tired/fatigued and am losing weight without even trying now (like 1 stone in the last 3-4 weeks). Prior to this I was on a reduced calorie diet and exercise regime and lost a stone over 6 wk period. Have been reading about gastric dumping and the syptoms all fit with what Iam experiencing but it only seems to be related to gastic surgery which I have never had.
Avatar n tn Anyhow Effexor did wonders for my attitude however after 3 years I am now convinced that it was the cause for all the excess weight. Anyhow I was wondering if the weight comes off after I get off the meds? or am I stuck with excess weight forever in which case I will be contacting my doctor because they lied to me.
Avatar f tn Yet I contionusly gained weight. I downloaded my diet diary and bought a heart rate monitor to see how many calories I really burn during my workout. I stuck to the calories on the app and it was even healthy calories. Gained another 2 pounds since then. Idk what I'm doing wrong but my pants are too tight and I am freaking out.