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Avatar m tn Hi, losartan and amlodipine can cause bradycardia. Do you have any symptoms of fatigue, dizziness or lightheadedness? If you have these symptoms in addition your doctor may alter the dosages of your medications. Consult your doctor. Regards.
Avatar m tn I had one episode of atrial flutter over three years ago and take carvedilol,losartan and warfarin daily. I otherwise have never been diagnosed with any other heart disease. I will be 80 in Nov. I am male, I have never smoked and have a total cholesterol of around 150. I have never had a stress test. I just began some older adult arthritis water exercises and noticed that it took over an hour for my heart rate to return to normal.
Avatar m tn How low and how fast your heart rate come down all depends on how long and how hard you are working out. I'd say that the numbers you are providing are more than reasonable for a person who had been sprinting up and down a field for 2 hours. Technically so long as your heart comes down below 100 it's normal.
Avatar m tn I woke up this morning took my medicine, and about an hour later I stood up from sitting my heart rate wentfrom 75 to 97 maybe even higher at times....I don't do this every morning but sometimes it will happens. Is this my meds? Being as it only happens sometimes? I'm very active usually but lately I've been sitting around being concerned about my health might walk for 30 mins on the treadmill. What could this be caused by?
Avatar m tn So I checked my pulse and counted heart beats within 10 seconds, and I kept getting a heart rate of around 54. Which is usually a rate I'd see when I'm sleeping or not working. I noticed it was low for almost the entire day, but I didn't have my pulse oximeter with me so I couldn't get an accurate measurement. It's in the high 50s to low 60s tonight, which I have no problems with. My question is why are all of these medications dropping my heart rate?
Avatar m tn I would say until you get this figured out make sure you eat well, maybe put a bit of extra salt in your diet to counter the low bp you may experience with your high heart rate and drink lots and lots of water. This will help your heart function better then if you haven't go and get your thyroid checked to make sure that isn't what is causing your tachycardia.
Avatar m tn Rates in the 90s are not even classified as tachycardia and if you are a girl the normal heart rate for you would actually be 82, not 72 as most people think. Try not to worry about this as it will only make you crazy and you don't need that!
Avatar m tn No just the mess and my heart rate is anywhere from low 50's to 70's
Avatar n tn my heart rate goes from 60 to 125 every so often and it about drops me to the floor I'm currently taking losartan 100mg and metoprolo tarta50mg it help at the start but doesn't now
Avatar n tn "THe above information about valsartan and losartan seems contrary to the literature describing size as irreversible. Daily variations in measurements may occur, but actual shrinkage seems out of the question, according to what I have read. I am very curious if any further study on rats or otherwise has shown shrinkage. " Your information is outdated. ARB therapy results in ACTUAL shrinkage, not mere variation.
Avatar m tn A cardiac stress test is a medical test performed to evaluate arterial blood flow to (and indirectly the amount of oxygen that will reach) the myocardium (heart muscle) during physical exercise, compared to blood flow while at rest. A 11 MET exercise is very good and it correlated to heart rate (120-age)...not blood pressure. Because you are a smoker I am surprised you can do 11 METs.
Avatar f tn The preclinical and acute stages are usually reversible when alcohol abuse is discontinued, except in cases of sudden congestive heart failure or acute heart muscle degeneration. Your medication treats high blood pressure and stablizes the heart rate. That is the same treatment I was given. A reduction in blood pressure will help to reduce the heart's workload...the relief from the overworked condition can/will help and return left ventrical to nomal size if there is no heart muscle damage.
Avatar m tn Right now is the first time I've taken a alpha blocker my heart rate is staying in the 90's usual 60's resting for me and I'm feeling really warm all over....and a really dry conjested nose.....
Avatar m tn These events occur during rest, either I am just about to fall asleep or resting, or in resent events waking from sleep because of the rapid heart rate. I have had stress tests and EKG's several times, all showing nothing. In the words of the doctors’, I have a very clean EKG, no extraneous signals. Of course, these are taken in the daytime, not during the rest cycle. It seems to me that the doctors are not taking what I am telling them seriously since they do not witness these occurrences.
Avatar m tn The low pulse rate may not affect the blood pressure. In fact losartan causes a rapid heart rate. If you are experiencing symptoms of dizziness or consistently low pulse rates, consult your cardiologist to rule out arrhythmias. Regards.
Avatar n tn ) Make sure that you keep your blood pressure and heart rate low. Stay away from salt. Read about Diastolic Failure. I have it. Always get a copy of the actual echo results, so that you can follow the changes in the dimensions of your heart. This is one way that you can tell if your medicines are working, I think. If your Aortic valve leakage increases, you will have symptoms, if you do not already. In this case you will have to stop working until the valve is replaced or repaired.
Avatar m tn It didnt do a thing except my bp would go up and down. I have always had pretty low bp,(my meds are to slow heart rate) so I was scared when my doc wanted to up the dosage. But once he put me on 50 mg everything changed, and I felt so much better,my bp did go really low normal for me is around 85/45 but doc said it was ok as long as I didnt feel faint.i take losar, and metop,the same time, but everone is differant.
Avatar n tn While in High School I used to run cross country and I did two marathons. I am 37 now, and am using a heart rate monitor, and I can not even get my heart rate abive 95 without feeling very fatigued, and quite tired. I had an exercise stress test recently done and my HRmax is 122. I recently switched cardiologists and am waiting to see my new cardiologist. My question is this. The effects of exercise have been proven on hypertension and on cardiology as a whole.
Avatar m tn It seems you have had a dramatic effect from likely all of these factors and your blood pressure has essentially normalized. You heart rate increasing with exercise is normal and physiologic. I would recommend to watch your blood pressure now off all medications to ensure tha you truly don't require any medications.
Avatar f tn To rhythm symptoms of AFib are high heart rate and irregular heart beats. I think you should at least discuss taking an aspirin a day with your doctor.. maybe just a low dose aspirin. The concern here is AFib can cause blood clots and that can (I did not say will) cause a stroke. Has your doctor diagnosed you with PVC, or is that your guess?
Avatar m tn Yes, she needs something to ensure her coronary arteries stay open, BP stays down, and heart rate (tends to be up around 80-90) stays down.
Avatar n tn As of recent I have been experiencing pressure in the head, a skipping of heart beat feeling, loss of short term memory and my resting rate is up to 84-90 and bp is at 98/82 sitting and at 118/100 when standing. I have had a complete brain MRI, blood work and all is fine. The change in my rhr and bp ( the closeness of the systolic and diastolic witht he fluctuations in it when sitting and standing) is conserning and the headaches are unbearible. Any ideas...
Avatar m tn Your BP will still increase, but the increase will be a lot less than when you use the Valsalva. And wear a heart rate monitor when you lift, so that your rate stays down. If you have a lifting BP of let's say 160/100 and your HR is 110, that is obviously worse than if your lifting BP is 160/100 and your HR is 80. There's more strain on the aortic wall. Lifting light weights *****, you say. Well, maybe not.
Avatar n tn I have seen a cardiologist and was put through an excercise stress echo test. All was fine my heart rate reached 180 bpm and was sinus tach. No blockages were found and test was normal, EKG was also normal. I'am currently wearing a 30 day event monitor and at present the racing heart has been showing up as PAT's with rates up to 176 bpm. My cardiologist said that he would put me on the beta blocker 100mg Toprol XL to help alleviate this.
Avatar m tn Yes that is while being on medications.
Avatar n tn My 17 year old son was going into delayed entry program with marines and they found a heart murmur. Took him to doctor, ordered an ECG, came back abnormal, Sent to have an Echo done. Red flags sent up and was told to stop all isometric exercises. Pediatric cardiologist was not available so they sent him to adult cardiologist. He sent us to have a CT scan done. Upon that he sent us to a geneticist. The geneticist ruled out any connective tissue disorder.
Avatar f tn This year his condition changed. He has aorta root dilation. It went from 3.5 to 3.9 in this past year. His heart rate is was also at 45, but he is an athlete. With a 24 test it went down to 35. The doctor is trying to rule out Marfan syndrome (which he doesn't think he has), but that could take 6 months to see a specialist. My son is only 6 feet tall and his wing span is the same, and he wants to keep playing basketball.
Avatar n tn My doctor put me on Coreg,(was a new med at that time) and it saved my life. Coreg also lowers the heart rate and helps the heart to pump more blood with each beat, basically it helps the heart from wearing out so quickly. It took a few years but now my ejection factor is up to 55. The only issue I have now is the top left part of my heart remains slightly enlarged and my valve is leaking. I wish you and your husbad the best and don't give up hope, sometimes it just takes awhile.
Avatar m tn In short, its entirely dependent on your heart rate. Meaning Mobitz II avb would get worse with exercise and would be worse during the day when your heart rate is higher. This is very good news for you. Mobitz II AV Block is a sort of grim diagnosis and almodt always results in prompt PM implantation. Your problem is definately sinus. However I think its kind of premature to diagnose the issue specifically as a Mobitz II SA as opposed to a Mobitz I.
Avatar m tn A beta-blocker should decrease the heart rate and blood pressure, not increase it. He may need his dosage adjusted. My daughter also has a congenital heart valve defect that, combined with the EDS, has caused her aorta and aortic root to dilate quite a bit faster than usual, compared to most EDS patients. Hopefully, this is not an issue with your son. Her cardiologist felt that without the valve issue she likely would not have had such a large change in her aortic root and aorta dilation.