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Avatar f tn I think you're wrong - I never has asthma in my life, I don't smoke and I'm not overweight. I started taking Losartan and within 2 months I had exercised-induced asthma.. do a web search.. I found other people in the same situation who developed the exact same symptoms when they started taking Losartan.
Avatar n tn Are vivid dreams, nightmares, and/or hallicinations a possiblity with Losartan? Just the other night I couldn't tell if I was hallicinating or still dreaming, when I thought I saw two beings standing through my bed. I reacted by kicking and yelling, which awoken me only to double check to see if I accidently hit my husband but he said he wasn't aware of my incident.
Avatar n tn High BP can cause headache and dizziness and body weakness. Please restrict your salt intake, and fatty food consumption. It is also important to rule out nerve compression which can cause back pain. Ear infections and sinusitis can also cause headaches and dizziness. Please discuss these possibilities with your doctor. Let us know if you need more information. Take care!
Avatar m tn Before the A-Fib I had many yearsd of blood pressure control by standard drugs (Atenolol, Nifedipine, Losartan Potassium and Aspirin, plus Simvastatin though my cholesterol is usually low). They put me back on Aspirin when the Warfarin was discontinued. Cardio doc suggested the chances of ablation working are less than 50% and doesn't jusify the risks - I think they're basing that on the fact I have enlarged atria and also the weight issue. The UK National Health Service is a law unto itself.
Avatar n tn Side effects reported included diarrhea, muscle cramps, dizziness, insomnia, and nasal congestion. Losartan also may cause a persistent cough, increase serum potassium, impotence, and angioedema. Losartan may reduce kidney function in some patients and should not be used by patients who have bilateral renal artery stenosis (narrowing of both arteries going to the kidneys). Rare cases of rhabdomyolysis (muscle breakdown) have been reported.
Avatar m tn Hi I'm 22 yrs old, active about 225lbs 6'3 and I was wondering I've had high Bp ranging from upper 130's to 140's or sometimes 150's systolic my diastolic ranges from 70's to 85...I was wondering if heart ratehas anything to do with my high Bp..my rest hr is around 60's or 50's...does this have anything to do with higher blood pressure? Am I at risk more with a lower heart rate I'm on Bp meds losartan 50 mg...my heart echo an stress test in march of this ur was ok too. Should I be worried?
Avatar m tn I'm taking now losartan 50/12.5 htz and amlodipine 5mg. I'm on blood pressure pills over 30 years. My heart rate is slow, between 43 and 49. What do you recommend ?
Avatar m tn 52 yr old patient smoker, sedentary lifestyle (golf weekly), established hypertension ... 5yrs treated .. BP at diagnosis 215/115. Reasonable control on Losartan and Amlodipine .. Full doses of both. Normal bloods including renal function and cholesterol, no FH of CVD. Takes excess alcohol. Decides to adopt healthy lifestyle ... Weight loss of 42 lb over a 3 month period (from baseline of 280lb), stops smoking, reduces alcohol consumption drasticly.
Avatar m tn Couple of months back, i felt my heart stop for 2-3 seconds and felt slight dizziness followed by a 'thump'. Being anxiety prone, i went to my cardiologist and insisted on a holter test. The results were mixed- no arrythmias found except few sinus pauses spanning around 1.7 seconds at max (they were not reported as arrythmias in the report, but my doctor pointed it out from the ECG). They would have been less than 5-6 during the 24 hr period.
Avatar m tn Good energy. Less dizziness. Iregular heart beats on 6/28, 7/15, 8/24 and 8/30. Catheter ablation 7/28. No a fib noted yet.
Avatar f tn I have some dizziness (like being on a boat) and some shortness of breath (i had this olso in May and the doctor said it is not caused by the heart condition, but by some calcium deficiency.) Why this rapid worsening? What should i do to slow things down? Should i be worried for now? I got so scared by this worsening that i am on constant watch on my pulse, on feelings in my chest, on the shorness of breath...
Avatar f tn Hello, I've just come back from my P.E. lesson and I experienced severe dizziness and chest pain. I exercise (training) 3 times a week, go running regularly and used to do athletics 12 hours a week, but have experienced that faint feeling and chest pain (it feels like my chest cramps up) whenever I exercise more severely in the last 2 weeks. I'm a sixteen year old female, have a BMI of 18.
Avatar m tn I was not sure if these were all side effects since I sometimes have IBS and thyroid issues. I spoke to him and he switched me to Losartan. I have been on it for 4 weeks now. Most of those side effects have gone away except I still have stomache issues and sweating on and off unexplainably. I am wondering if I should try something else. Is there one with the least side effects? Does anyone sweat with this medication and will it stop eventually? My blood work is all fine.
Avatar n tn Side effects of losartan potassium-hydrochlorothiazide tablets such as dizziness, myalgia, muscle pain, weakness and restlessness may be managed with dose adjustment. Cutting the pill may result in unequal doses for each medicine and may not be as effective. It is best to take the medicine as prescribed or inform your attending physician regarding the symptoms that you experience for proper management. Lowering the dose to 100-12.5 or 50-12.
Avatar n tn my heart rate goes from 60 to 125 every so often and it about drops me to the floor I'm currently taking losartan 100mg and metoprolo tarta50mg it help at the start but doesn't now
Avatar f tn I looked at what the side effects are, and guess what, they are; ankle swelling, headache, tiredness, dizziness, stomach upset and others so that could explain why i'm getting all these things happening. I'll see how I go and write down my symptoms. Well thats my day and now I feel so drained so i'm gonna watch TV and chill. Let me know how you have been getting on and take care. Talk to you soon.
1210142 tn?1266080631 As for the losartan and carvedilol, dizziness and fatigue are two common side effects of the medications. These side effects are often related to either low blood pressures or low heart rate but can often be relieved through adjustments in the dose and timing of the medications. I would check and keep note of your blood pressure and heart rate frequently (and not if you are having any of the symptoms) using a home blood pressure monitoring kit that you can get at your local pharmacy.
15481674 tn?1440857141 Yesterday morning i took my thyroid pill on an empty stomach, then around 6 i took my famotidine i ate breakfast around 7 and i took a 1mg of Ativan, and My Losartan 100mg which is a blood pressure pill and Amlodipine 2.5mg which is a small dose, also my Metformin after breakfast too. All day i felt tired i was feeling weak like i was going to fall out and i was crying a lot.
Avatar f tn no no no energy and could sleep 24/7 I just went to a neurologist bc the sight in my left eye was crazy and dizziness a nd forgetting simple things ...they called today and said I had extremely low b12 levels and vitamin d. Also I had breast implants put in back in 2009 and one or both seem to be ruptured and they r silicone. I am on the path to find out what is wrong with me but I am not living now...just exsisting for my 3 girls.....no doctor can figure my issues .
Avatar f tn My mother is diagnose with unstable angina a month a ago and the doctor asked us to monitor her blood pressure since she is discharged from the hospital her blood pressure is always normal but there are sometimes that her bp is 100/50 and last day her bp is 120/40 she is 71 years old and taking medications such as norvasc. lipitor,aspirin, imdur or ISMN and losartan. Please help me is it normal for her age? Thank you...
Avatar f tn It was atenolol (20 mg) and I took it in the morning with my other blood pressure med, which at that time was lotensin, but I was taken off that for a while and later put on Losartan, which I've recently been taken off, also ... The only thing I'm currently on for blood pressure is Furosemide, because I have a problem with fluid retention, but I'm working to get off that, as well.
1210142 tn?1266080631 The above mentioned side effects are very bothersome and I don't know if they are from Losartan or...just need time? From your expirience: looking for BP medications with good proven record and less side effects? Do I still have to take beta blockers for the rest of my life or there is another alternative- I understand they are very useful after a heart attack but I feel horrible.Statins and Plavix do not give me any trouble so far. Any opinion and advise will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn Also I do check my bp at home frequently some times its high like stated before and other times I have seen it 99/70 and it flucuates between low and highall day, like my body fights the medication I am at my wits end. constantly dizzy feel like I am going to pass out (I have passed out several times now) feel short of breathe chronic fatigue and weekness.
Avatar m tn So you don't necessarily need to stop your workouts but maybe just try and ease up a bit and not push as hard and see if giving your heart a little breather will help the ectopics settle down. In any event, try to not worry too much about the rate your heart is at and focus on keeping a healthy lifestyle which includes not over doing things and it will keep on ticking just fine.
Avatar m tn When I take Tylenol or Advil the pain goes away for 7-8 hours. I have controlled high blood pressure and taking Losartan Potassium, Metoprolol and Crestor as medications. (Age 45). Please advise.
Avatar m tn others I do not. My meds are unchanged and include Losartan, atenolol, HCTZ, and Simvastatin. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I suffer from migraines which make me want to throw up and last for days and weeks at a time. I also have terrible dizziness all the time - especially in the dark! I have been told the disc was so badly prolapsed that it has caused permanent neurological damage to my Left arm and right leg. I also suffer greatly from the hip where the graft was taken.
378273 tn?1262101221 No results yet---Since then the BP has ranged from 105/65 to 181/94. I am also having off and on vertigo. No dizziness, but feel unsteady on my feet. Can the vertigo cause the high BP or vice versa? I am so nervous when I take the BP that I can't even look at the machine when the cuff is inflating. I am sure my anxiety is not helping. I am so afraid of getting a stroke because I am on Warfarin due to off and on afibs.
Avatar n tn Research reports favour different ones and contradict each other. Some favour Candesartan, others Losartan; and still others Valsartan. They all have slightly different modes of action. Which would you choose? OR - would you favour a different class of BP meds? CNS; vasodilators; calcium channel blockers etc. Since I had a problem with ACE inhibitor, would I also have a problem with ARBs, given that their modes of action is similar?