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Avatar n tn I am also wondering about other mid to long term side effects of using Zoloft. I have been on Zoloft (50mg) for two months now (not really long term but enough to get through the initial negative side effects and experience its benefits). Initially I was treated to deal with panic attacks but the doctor also said Zoloft would help with the anxiety I have upon awakening early in the am.
Avatar n tn I have been taking zoloft for 8 plus years 60-75 mg daily. I feel much better on it however I am concerned about the long term use. Any info on long term effects of zoloft.?
Avatar n tn I have been taking zoloft for 8 plus years 60-75 mg daily. I feel much better on it however I am concerned about the long term use. Any info on long term effects of zoloft.?
Avatar n tn It is usually given as a temporarly relief along with SSRI's such as Paxil and Zoloft until the SSRI gets a chance to settle in. Do not rely on Xanax to be your long term treatment drug. Alls it does is induce your GABA (stuff that calms the brain down). SSRI's actually restore balance to imbalanced nerve cells, which contribute to anxiety/panic disorder. Did you ever try theorpy?
1100140 tn?1260597869 Did your doctor prescribe you a benzo to use while you are starting Zoloft? Quite often people will use it short term while they become used to the SSRI.
Avatar m tn Plus, Xanax isn't really the most appropriate med for long-term use, simply because of tolerance issues. Another benzo, Klonopin, on the other hand IS appropriate for more of a long-term use b/c it doesn't share the tolerance issues of Xanax or Ativan. It truly sounds to me that the Zoloft started working for you and the side effects just became too much for you (which is very common). But, like I said above, there ARE ways to deal with that other than just stopping the med all together.
Avatar f tn Many medications actually are approved by the FDA for multiple uses and while it may not have originally been 'designed' for anxiety, it can be prescribed long term for treatment purposes. Benzos like Xanax are usually prescribed short term on as needed basis...Xanax has a fairly short half life and can become addictive if used on a regular basis for a long period of time in my opinion. However, I have used it in the past (short term) and followed my doctor's instructions.
Avatar n tn I used to be so happy and carefree and now i dont even want to start the day. I was just wondering if Zoloft(20mgs or less, i want a SMALL dose, really dont want addiction to be added on to this) might work for me? Anyone know side effects? Does it start working right when you take it?
Avatar n tn I have quite a few friends of mine on zoloft for depression, therapists often try and use anti-depressants usually zoloft as both anti depressants and for anxiety issues, the problem is that if you were on valium for anxiety i highly doubt that zoloft is going to do to much for your anxiety...i agree that valium is addictive and benzo wd is hell, but theyre many other options available taht are much more effective than zoloft for purely anxiety, I really do think so...
Avatar f tn it is certainly possible. There are not enough studies of long-term use of this medication to give you a definitive answer. You might consider tapering off of the medication to see if that affects your symptoms. Discuss this with your doctor.
Avatar n tn Does Wellbutrin become ineffective after long term use? Do people develop anger issues over time? One doctor told me that these effects are felt early, but would not present after years of use, and today a Psychiatrist told me that my recent emotional (angry) responses were caused by the Wellbutrin and that I needed to change to Lexapro. I'm confused. Can you tell me which is the better answer?
Avatar m tn It is a welcome relief to see someone aware of long term effects. Long term use can make depression more treatment resistant when you relapse. Can cause tardive dyskinea, tardive dysphoria. I am 47 days prozac free after 10 years and it is tough. I made the mistake of thinking withdrawal was relapse, which is why alot of people become dependent on SSRIs. SSRIs have defintitely been linked to symptoms of parkinsonism. Look up SSRI induced parkinsonism.
Avatar m tn First we kill animals, then we kill people, because we just don't really know what these drugs will do in long-term use. We find out after a few years. Yet I wouldn't ban Paxil -- it still is probably the best drug for some people whatever the costs, maybe even for me. I just can't seem to find out. Appreciate your and anybody else's help on how to find out such things -- my initiative was destroyed with the incredible anxiety and depression that has followed discontinuation of Paxil.
Avatar n tn Buspar is the medication you are looking for..its ideal for long term use, no sedative or withdrawal or cognitive impairment side effects. Takes three weeks to start working, and have to get up to dose of 30 mg./day to be most effective... Talk to your doctor about this medication.
Avatar m tn Could just depend on the individual, I'm not a doctor. After reading the horror stories of long term use of this drug and speaking with friends who are having trouble just recovering from 1mg....it was enough for me to say I need off.
Avatar n tn Roughly 28 million Americans -- one in every ten -- have taken Prozac, Zoloft, or Paxil or a similar antidepressant, yet very few patients are aware of the dangers of these drugs, nor are they aware that better, safer alternatives exist. Now Harvard Medical School's Dr. Joseph Glenmullen documents the ominous long-term side effects associated with these and other serotonin-boosting medications.....
Avatar n tn hey! if u get this,in your last post u mention rebound withdrawal bein short-term...i am in the grips of panic attacks n what feels like heart seizures trying to taper off HIGH xanax dosage..did u find it to be temporary and short term? that will be the best thing i have heard yet..i have to get off this..and i really don't want to go to an in-patient center..considering ER...have psychiatric appt in 3 weeks(no insurance.little money,best i could do) i am really scared i won't make it till then.
Avatar m tn I just wanted to get feedback on the best long-term SSRI-type drugs (Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, etc.) you all might have tried. Do they ever work at all? I suffer from stress-related generalized anxiety and occasional panic attacks. This has also, I believe, helped to increase my typical blood pressure readings to above normal (very healthy 28-year-old, otherwise. I work out, am at healthy weight, etc.).
Avatar n tn After experiencing sudden onset of bilateral loss of vision, I was seen in an ER, the MD ruled out retinal detachment, glaucoma other critical issues, he did observe some change inthe optic nerves. He postulated side effects from long term (10yr) use of Zoloft 100mg, Trazadone 100mg, and Serax, (oxazepam 10mg) BID. He also recommended immediate discontinuance of all medication.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your comments! Yes I was doing this under my doctor's supervision. Not a psychiatrist, just my general primary care MD. I am going to speak to a psychiatrist (not for therapy, just to find out the long-term effects of these medications). I have now been "clean" for a whole year, it has been really tough but I think I am over the withdrawal effects. If I can do it, anyone can.....it was incredibly difficult to adjust, but I am doing it, by God's grace.
Avatar m tn What I was wondering is if this short term memory loss can be explained away with long term antidepressant use or a possible physical condition. Doctors are in short supply in my city, and I've been to the walkin clinic for prescription refills, and when I've asked the doctor about it, all he has to say is that he's never heard of memory loss being a symptom of long term antidepressant use.