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Avatar n tn I have read information that Zoloft takes 6-8 weeks to work but since then have also heard that it can take several months. Should I continue to be patient and wait for it to work? I can't help feeling that we are wasting time if it isn't going to work and something else might. Are all medications like Zoloft similar or might a different one work if Zoloft doesn't? Do you know of any resources that could help me with a behavior management program for him. Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn I guess medications are a personal choice, but as I went on the Zoloft, and increased it, it took a while for my body to adjust to it, but in the long run, it really helped me. I know what you are experiencing; I am only 29 and I went from running 40-45 miles a week, traveling everywhere, having a wonderful time with my wife, extremely social, to being depressed and wondering why this is happening to me. I too used to look at my old pictures, but you know what?
Avatar n tn Be patient and continue to take the zoloft as directed. I have taken zoloft, and i know it seems like a long wait for it to work, but it will.
Avatar m tn Im tapering of paxil to Zoloft..but it is going to be a slower process...nausea is the worst symptom...what is not feeling normal for u?
447939 tn?1235065543 hi guys has anyone any experiences with zoloft? how long does it take to have an effect? has anyone had alcohol on it? any side effects?
Avatar f tn Sorry to bother you again do u think a bump of 50 is generally effective. As 6 months ago it was bumped but i got it back. Has this ever happened to u within 6 months.
3183328 tn?1351187117 It does take awhile for these meds to get completely in to your system. like Nursegirl said, it may take 4 to 6 weeks and after that you may need a dose increase. Try to hang in there and be patient. I know it's hard. Been there done that. I really hope this med works out for you.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know how long it takes for prozac to get out of your system, I was only on it for 2 weeks but had very bad side effects from it? My last does was Wed morning and now starting Zoloft. Still feeling very very anxious!! Any comments would help!!
410475 tn?1262945967 I am a male and in my case while Zoloft didn't effect my ability to get my submarine to periscope depth, it did take much longer than normal for me to fire off the torpeedo. (if you know what I mean) My wife actually liked this side effect because I was able to perform much longer. (sometimes too long for her) It also made my mouth dry and gave me some diareea at first. I was taking 150Mgs a day. It didn't make me feel spacy or weird or anything like that.
Avatar f tn Every Individual will response differently. My recommendation is not to foucs on the side effects (let it comes naturally if it really comes at all) but looking towards feeling better as the days go by. I know its not easy but read my post regularly to remind yourself. :) I hope this would help you.
Avatar f tn It's been so long since I took zoloft that I don't remember. I know it made me irritable. Some other meds can cause increased anxiety though. I'd say call a pharmacy or dr and ask them. sorry I couldn't be more help.
Avatar n tn I know what normal feels like b/c that is when I Am the happiest. So, is it ok to take Zoloft to see if i were to really need it? Like to find out for sure if i suffer from depression?
Avatar f tn As they said it does take some time to get the full effect. You could start feeling a bit better in the next couple of weeks. If you were going to have side-effects you should be about over the worst part of that. Beginning SSRI's isn't always easy. Good luck. Hope you have a good doctor taking this journey with you.
Avatar n tn You didn't say how long you have taken it so its hard to tell you, but you should get better each day for a three week period. cold turkey is the wrong way, so be careful if you have to do it again.
Avatar n tn Hiya if you are scared of taking the xanax maybe instead of taking a whole pill, either half it or quarter it and take that at first just to get use to taking and experiencing the effects of it at an extremely small dose, this will boost ur confidence in taking them and i'm pretty sure you'll find that once you realise you feel better on them you'll be happy with trying the whole tablet.
Avatar f tn I'm off work today as I'm so depressed. All I want to do is cry and lay in bed. How long does it take for Zoloft to kick in? I have been on it for 4 weeks now. ..shouldn't I be feeling better by now? Am so depressed as I really want to try for a baby and I know I cant be on Paroxetine so scared ill be like this throughout my entire pregnancy when I want to be happy and enjoy this time.
Avatar f tn Having side effect like jitteriness and dizzy spells. How long will this last? Is it normal to have more anxiety on the medication? Anybody else feel like there heads stuck in a cloud starting Zoloft?
Avatar n tn And then there are alot of cases where someone gets started on anti depressants trying many different ones trying to get one to work right, but nothing seems to truly work, it can sometimes truly be solved by seeing a therapist or psychiatrist using behavioral cognitive therapy and other techniques and that can be extremely effective inn treating anxiety, depression, along with many other mental issues...
Avatar m tn I tend to be very sensitive to meds it seems. It is hard for me to believe that 12.5 mg of zoloft would have much of any effect. But it tends to make me a bit tired for about 2 hours after taking it, then about 5-6 hour after taking it I feel like I just drank a pot of coffee. Very jittery, shaky, odd bowel feelings. Today is my 5th day of taking 12.5 mg. Last night about 5-6 hours after taking it, I felt very odd.
Avatar n tn I would like to ask you how long you have been or were on Zoloft? At the time of me starting to take it (say 4 years ago) and my subsequent weight gain, I was exercising for 1.5 hours a day and on a 1000 calorie a day diet. If I reduced my calories by 500 - I would have been trying to live on 500 calories a day!!! That seems a bit extreme and unhealthy to me. The Zoloft HAS made me feel sluggish and tired all the time!!!
Avatar f tn It took about a month for it to really start feeling it, but there wasn't a major difference till i started 100mg.
Avatar n tn Did my sex drive shut down for good after I came off Zoloft after ten years? How can I get it back, as it doesn't seem to be there whether I am on or off an SSRI? Is it possible that my mental wiring has been altered to the point that I can't get back to where I was?
Avatar m tn Been taking Zoloft , but stopped after day 5 , coz I lost my sex drive and it's scary coz I'm not sure how long it will take to come back . Does it come back once Zoloft is out of the system ? But you guys reckon after only 5 days is it much damage ?
Avatar f tn Hello there! I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. Just to try to understand the situation a little better, what medication did you react to, and what was your reaction? What was the doctor's rationale behind instructing you to stop the Zoloft? Any other pertinent medical history, other medications or medical conditions, and any drug/alcohol use/abuse? It COULD be that with stopping the Zoloft abruptly, then restarting it, that you're having a hard time tolerating it.
Avatar n tn After that, my doctor told me I could take it on an as needed basis. I just did not want to be long term on a potentially adictive med. I did take Klonopin when the anxiety was not toned down using coping techniques. If you have "heart" symptoms with Zoloft that you are uncomfortable with I suggest talking to your doctor about another med such as Celexa. I was on Celexa and I did not have one side effect with it.
Avatar n tn Zoloft can also be a stimulant but it depends on how long you are taking the medication. If you have been taking it since April, that effect should have worn off long ago and you should think of switching to some other antidepressant. Paxil Cr is less likely to cause weight gain. Wellbutrin is another to try. You and your doctor should consider increasing the dose of zoloft only if you think the cause of your anxiety is not the medication( whatever the underlying cause is).