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Avatar n tn i am a dental student and now attending the classes, but i have slight liver pain, and very mild temperature . Dr. what shall i do now ?
Avatar n tn I immediately stopped and was in pain and have been in pain for the rest of the day. The pain started and increased until I was unable to move my neck very much beyond looking straight ahead and turning it to the right about 75 degrees. I have been unable to move it beyond about a 5 degree turn to the left without shooting pain on the right hand side of my neck concentrated in two local regions which I'll describe below.
Avatar n tn bottom line was that I didn't have CA of the pancreas (my BIG worry)...have had flare ups over the years when I feel lousy, get the pain, and have elevated liver and pancreatic enzymes, then it eventually goes away. I was having moderate problems in October 2002, so had the repeat CT scan (with,, and without dye)...both showed same enlargement of the pancreatic head (maybe it's congenital) so had an MRI (with dye),and had an ERCP at a major uniiversity...
Avatar f tn My brother also had Hep C, cirrohosis of the liver, liver cancer that spread to his bones and blood. He hardly ate and was losing weight everyday, and wanted to try anything to help himself live longer without losing any of the quality of life he had left. He was told his cancer was terminal, and a week and a half later he started on Nexavar. He took it for nine days before he started to vomit blood.
Avatar n tn However, it sounds like radiation therapy is an appropriate next step to treat this cancerous area in the spine, the idea is to prevent tumor from pressing on the spinal cord, and to help to control pain in that area. In general, treatment of metastatic breast cancer is done to control the disease and symptoms associated with the disease, which it sounds like is happening.
Avatar n tn Good day to all, I have been having alot of liver pain I know my vl is up. I am taking milk thistle along with liver aid,to try and help so far no help. I am one of the many that tx didn't work. Now I wonder if anyone mighthave an idea to help with the discomfort . I have changed my diet and trying to stay away from sugar although I crave the stuff for energy. Along with hep I also have fibro and cfs .
Avatar m tn I used to get headaches too with the neck pain, but after years the condition has changed and I only get neck pain - no headaches. It generally lasts 3 days - but that also has changed in last couple years, so it may last 1-3 days now.. I get nauseous on movement an vomit green bile. Saw a Gastroenterologist, the only thing they could find was a bit of agitation in my stomach and a hepatic shunt on my liver, nothing really to say why this was happening.
Avatar n tn My knees bother me and I have swelling heat and tenderness to the touch at my neck. I have consant muscle spasms in my neck, shoulders and upper chest. My right upper leg hurts as does the base of my scull. I am taking oxycodone 30mg and cybalta. The cymbalta only helps with my anxity, it does not touch the pain. The oxycodone helps with pain but it only lasts for about 3 hours. What is wron with me? Why do I so much sharp pain?
Avatar f tn So I didnt think much of anything until recently when I got very sick with vomting, naseau, abdominal pain and back pain along with Diarah, funny bowls and belching again. My bowls have been very light colored and not normal for a long time also due to pain meds they also sometime cause constipation.
Avatar n tn I am having four prominant issues. 1. My lymphnodes are hard (elbow bends, neck), swollen and painful (burn) 2. My abdomine hurts under my right, (your left) rib cage area. The pain is more of an impacted feeling. Like I would like to open myself up and retrieve whatever it is. 3. I cannot concentrate on much or better put, focus. I tend to feel like I am in a fog or away from the activity around me. My thought pattern is labored. 4. I had a CT.
1408609 tn?1281845487 Sheesh, what a bummer that you had a nasty experience like that. There are other people here who've said the same and I'll post some links for you, so you can see for yourself that you're not alone. "What are the risks of liver biopsy?" "Pain at the biopsy site is the most frequent risk of percutaneous liver biopsy, occurring in about 20 percent of patients....Other risks include puncture of other internal organs, infection, and spread of cancer cells, called cancer seeding.
Avatar f tn doesn't have to be cancer does it and if it is cancer, what is the prognosis? I've heard that you can cut some of the liver away and it re-generates itself, but that's why I'm asking you. Please help!
Avatar m tn And MRI is used most commonly to look for liver cancer it can't be used for staging liver disease. Only a biopsy can properly stage liver disease. Knowing how advanced your liver disease is very important as it can determine when you should start treatment. Maybe the doc didn't do the biopsy correctly? What part didn't was difficult or you. It is really pretty much painless. The thought is worse than what happens. Did you get something to relax you first? You should ask.
Avatar m tn so after 10 weeks I have had the worst pain in my life,the same pain i have had before and more,thay told me that my liver,loungs,galblader,look good in CT.but i have this pain in the back right uper side of my head that runs down my neck close to 2inches from my ear.So we had to do surgrey again.When the doctor opened me up second time the mass was near the first time,but as he started to cut more he found a second one.....and then a third behind my ear..
Avatar f tn Some - I would say few - patients do complain of some pain after the procedure and some feel pain during the procedure. I think that the majority of patients would say the procedure was rather uneventful aside from the anxiety attendant to having the biopsy. If you have confidence in your doctor and the hospital is a quality institution I would follow your doctor's advice and have the biopsy. The knowledge gained can be crucial.
1138731 tn?1260825724 Currently taking 60mgs Apo–Propranolol daily. --Pain on left side from jaw down, neck, shoulder, left arm and sometimes chest. • Ear Pressure + headaches (spacey & dizzy) – Clinic Dr. mentioned fluid in both ears. Possible infection. Some blood in nose / ears (very minimal). I also have had a swollen lymph node in the left side of my neck that has been there for as long as I can remember.
Avatar n tn Had PET scan and CT scans last week, they show 2 lymph nodes in the neck, 1 lymph node by the esophagus, 2 lymph nodes in the iliosopas area, fundus of stomach, and right lobe of the liver all to have cancer. Not good, right? I go to see my surgeon at U of M in a couple of weeks. My question is what kind of treatment should I try now ? I will not give up and have a strong will to live. Any hope for me?
10175413 tn?1427173851 but the lining or membrane surrounding the liver that is causing my pain. The pain feels like it's caught on something and can't work it's self lose. The pain is stabbing and makes me bend over, it hurt worse when I try to breath or straighten up. I massage the area but it takes time for it to relax away. Last month I found a lump which is the size of a small marble. That's where the pain comes from. Anybody had this? Any ideas please. In 2012 I had an AFP test came back negative...
1737879 tn?1386205914 Hi SpookyKim11, I would first like to thank you for posting in the forum, hopefully your question will help to educate all of us who visit. Metastatic adenocarcinoma is cancer that has spread outside of its site of origin. Adenocarcinoma is a word that helps us define what cell type the cancer came from when looked at under the microscope, with these cells being glandular in origin.
Avatar n tn It is still growing and I now have 5 swollen nodes in total in my neck. I also have had elevated liver enzymes with no real explanation ( I am not a drinker). Cold they be related? I have recently been having night sweats and fatigue issues as well.
Avatar f tn I seem to be spiralling badly with this health anxiety.First, it was a fixation with my heart.That has now been ruled out.Then, just as I started feeling better a new anxiety has taken its place .I now think I may have cancer!I thought I was doing well for a while accepting that my symptoms were not cardiac,but anxiety.Now its as if my my mind wont let me relax and is trying to find another basis for my recurring symptoms.Why cant I just accept it for what it is-my anxiety dissorder!
Avatar n tn Have you had your liver,gallbladder and pancreas checked again? Also have you had this pain prior to the percoset addiction? Pattie, dont beat yourself up for becomming addicted,many people taking narcotic pain meds for a long period of time will become addicted. Maybe you could cut yourself down slowly, like cut 1 a day each week. Go from 12 or 14 to 13 and then each week decrease by one. Hey its worth a try. But maybe you should get to the source of your pain first.
1242672 tn?1268365061 Most likely, your symptoms may be due nerve irritation in the cervical (neck) spine because of injury or prolapse due to neck lump where contact between the edges of the vertebrae can cause neck pain. In few people, this pain may be referred and perceived as occurring in the back of head, shoulders, arms or chest, rather than just the neck. Other symptoms may include vertigo, nausea (dizziness) that you felt. Other symptoms are like neck pain and stiffness can be intermittent.
Avatar n tn The pain finally diminished, but about a month later it started in my right neck. The pain now runs all the way down my neck and into my shoulder and right chest a bit. It especially hurts if I apply pressure to my pulse(Carotid artery). It feels like inflammed nerves or something. So, I went back to another doctor and he gave the same diagnosis. He said unfortunatley the cause is unknown. Now I am on a stronger anti-inflammatory. I just want to know the cause so it won't come back.
Avatar n tn she then noticed a lump in her neck at work and went for a cat scan. her cancer had moved to her arm pit and neck. she went through another series of chemo and her next cat scan showed she now had spots on her liver. she has been treated for these spots in the liver only to find out they grew and multiplied. now she wont share anything with me. I called tonight and she told me she had ballooned 25 lbs and had a terrible body odor along with being very yellow with back pain.
Avatar m tn I've taken alot of ibuprophen and pain meds for muscle and headache pain. I have been a janitor for many yrs. and use a respirator but still fumes get in my sinus'. My father died of leukemia. He handled gas and oil products all the time. Could I possibly have compromised my immune system & liver?