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Avatar n tn He said that and I about fell off the chair. Could the pain be related to lung cancer? Breathing never laboured, no coughing up blood. Though I am tired all the time and have gained a little weight over the past year...
Avatar f tn I've been being treated by my chiro for this for the past 3 months. While it has gotten alot better, I still experience dull pain in my neck and burning pain radiating from the neck to shoulders. I also now have pain in what seems to be my right shoulder joint, really noticeable when I try to raise my right arm. However, I have full range of motion. I am experiencing other symptoms as well that are leading me to believe there is something else going on.
Avatar m tn I would like to discuss few really important points on lung cancer. please read below.
Avatar n tn Can neck pain be part of the fact that I have lung and brain cancer and this is part of it?
Avatar n tn It doesn't sound like the cancer stated in her lungs, if that is truew its not lung cancer but possibly bone cancer, which not to frighten you but you should know all you can to make your mom as comfortable as possible. Alot of pain killers, because it is very painful, I'am sure the drs. would have suggested treatment?? If it was of benefit?? What do they say?? You have to ask ALOT of questions.
Avatar f tn hello how are you and thankyou for taking the time to help me with my concerns,i have recently been extremely tired i fall asleep without being able to control it, my bones hurt all through my body especially joint areas i have a pain in my left breast feels like its in deep and it constantly aches sometimes dull sometimes strong thinking it is my heart it hurts like an abcess or something when i touch lump or twirl it in fingers the ache starts stronger, my mother has had ovarian cancer then br
166039 tn?1256426467 I again went to the doc. The pain tends to move around down my arms, both sides of my chest, my neck, and sometimes in my back. I thought it was just stress. I had a stress test done, came back fine. I had an echo done and they found that I have mitral valve regurgitation. She just put me on Toprol XL to help with the regurgitation. Well the pain in the chest, shortness of breathe and dizziness got really bad so my doc ordered a Chest MRI.
143123 tn?1274304425 I don't know where else to post. My grandfather has had a lump on his neck for about a week now. He went to the ear, nose and throat doctor yesterday and found that his tongue has also began to turn black. The doctor sent him to have a catscan of his throat and blood work and made him come back today and said that there surgeon would sit in on the appointment. At the appointment today the surgeon, after looking at all the results, would not touch him.
Avatar m tn hi terrifed i have cancer...i have swollen glands all over ,neck under arm and groin area i have a small pian in my lung no cough...being to doctor she is doing blood so far all clear have an ultra scan on my stomack next week to see if my stomack glands are up also....she keeps telling me not 2 painc but im 33 years old and i do smoke am trying to give up now......................has any1 ever had this and turned out not 2 be cancer.......
Avatar n tn Given peak flow device was 350-400 but now 550-600. However have noticed a pain in upper outer part of my arm and back of my neck with pain being much more acute if i tip my head back/to side to one particular spot. At other times my upper arm can seem to ache but someimes think its because i'm thinking about it as well. If not moving then no pain at all. No chest pains but have become very aware of this arm/shoulder/neck pain over last 2 weeks.
355673 tn?1197044072 I do have a history of colon cancer stage 4 back in August 24, 2004 and a cancer tumor was found on my rt upper lung in Aug. 2006. I have been treated w/both chemo and radiation and had my last PET Scan this past Oct. 2007 and found that it has destroyed tumor and/or any other cancer cells. Doing well. Today, I feel very depress, still feeling discomfort lower neck area in the back and head area. My blood pressure was slightly high yesterday 140/99 but today is 120/74.
Avatar n tn I guess the reason for my concern with lung cancer is because my mother and a sister died from cancer (not lung cancer). Currently two of my sisters are battling cancer (lung and breast) and I have two brothers and another sister that had cancer in the past but are survivors. I does tend to raise your anxiety when they find something during an exam. I will take your advise try not to think about it. Again, thanks for your help. This is a great forum.
Avatar m tn I would doubt that you have lung cancer now... you are young and have only been smoking for 2 years... that is awesome that you are quiting be strong and dont give into the cravings!!!! get some packs of gum or candy to have when you feel like you need a smoke...
Avatar f tn I am panicking at the moment as my friend's husband died of lung cancer and he had a pain in his left shoulder and xrays didn't show this up until it was too late. When I was diagnosed with COPD in 2007 I had an enhanced CT. scan which didn't show anything, except for emphysemia which I knew about.
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407463 tn?1201992047 Sent by Penelope504 1 minute ago February 2, 2008 I turned 64 a few months ago and I must still be loved. A year ago I was given about 4 months to live with a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer with two metastases in my brain. I did not have any recognizable symptoms until I had a major seizure and was hospitalized, given CAT scans and x-rays. The lung tumor didn't show but I was sent to a different island with more sophisticated imaging equipment.
146866 tn?1199599344 Unfortunately, lung cancer often produces no symptoms until it is at an advanced stage. Symptoms of lung cancer include shortness of breath, persistent cough, coughing up blood, pain when coughing, fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite, hoarseness, chest pain, recurring bouts of bronchitis and/or pneumonia. Less common symptoms which are usually associated with advanced lung cancer are difficulty swallowing, swelling of the face, swelling in the neck, pain under the ribs on the right side.
940391 tn?1255758976 I know I will eventually calm down, but it just scrares me so. My mother died from Breast cancer/lung cancer. She went through hell before she died. It had a huge impact on my life when I was in my mid 20's. I am not 44 and have a son about the same age as I was when my mom was diagnosed. I worry more about my loved ones than myself really. Here i go - convincing myslef i have cancer when it seems less that a 1% chance that i do. At least that is what i read.
Avatar n tn I'm worried I have a brain tumor. My dad just had surgery for lung cancer, so maybe I'm overworried but this just does not feel right. Please help.
454221 tn?1259449339 At the moment I still feel chest discomfort and sometimes the back. Does this mean I'm going to have lung cancer? I have never smoke or hardly ever drink alcohol. I don't have family members that have had or do have cancer. I'm worried and frigthened that I'm not so lucky. I also had a positive skin test for TB back in summer 2005 and have been on INH and vitamin b6 treatment since August 27th 2007 and should finish the treatment in late May.
Avatar m tn I have lost my mother at the age of 37 from lung cancer. I have been a smoker for 31 yrs. My pulmonary Dr. I seen said that it is too small to biopsy or cut out, but that it is probably cancer. Should I be worried? What should I do? I am going to see an oncologist. But since all this I have had migraines since December 31st. that I can not get rid of and swollen glands in my neck. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn Shortly after that I started developing pain in my armpits and neck, along with tightness in my lower neck at times. There are no visible lumps, just pain where lymph nodes should be. This went on for a couple of months and then subsided a bit. I was given a couple of courses of antibiotics, but I'm not sure if they helped or the symptoms just calmed down. The groin thing never went away completely but was more mild.
454221 tn?1259449339 At the moment I still feel chest discomfort and sometimes the back. Does this mean I'm going to have lung cancer? I have never smoke or hardly ever drink alcohol. I don't have family members that have had or do have cancer. I'm worried and frigthened that I'm not so lucky. I also had a positive skin test for TB back in summer 2005 and have been on INH and vitamin b6 treatment since August 27th 2007 and should finish the treatment in late May.
393685 tn?1425816122 Would you see on a US for thyroid some other type of cancer, like ie throat or neck or something? This is how nervous I am. I never hurt this bad. I just want to understand. I just hurt bad.
Avatar n tn pain behind the eyes, muscle twitching, pain on back of head, cough, strange weasing noise when couching (like rattling)... i saw a neurologist... he did an ekg and a cervical spine mri. he noticed some mild neuralgia in legs but he said that it is very likely that it wa caused by the chemotherapy i had been on previously... i also saw a internal pshysician who did an echocardiogram and told me i had no heart problems... finally everything just got real bad and i got this intense throat pain .
Avatar n tn 1 mnth ago I went to er with severe chest pain unable to take a deep breath, upon ct scan w/contrast multiple lung nodules were noted in the right lung largest one 6mm with slightly spiculated margin. went to pulmo took antibiotics for 2 wks went for repeat ct. which showed no differences other than another nodule on the left lung. what is the chance this could be metastatic cancer? Dr would like to follow-up in 4 months. I am apprehensive about waiting this long.
Avatar n tn It came back that she has a 7cm mass in her lung... Dr. said it is most likely lung cancer.... I was just wondering could possibly be anything else. She is however seeing a respitory specialist tommorow and will most likely be having a biopsy performed asap. Everything is moving so fast...She got the results yesterday and seeing the specialist tommow... I am very scared of the outcome... Does anybody have any info on mass...or the size of or anything else????
1324871 tn?1288985306 I am sorry I haven't been on much this week but like several of our members I have been having a rough time of it .My pain has been out of control this week .My neck and back have been hurting so much that I have been in tears .I can't find a few minutes comfort from anything .My meds have not been working at all .I am pretty much bedridden now .This is the worst it has been for some time . I wish my neurosurgeon would change his mind about not doing surgery right now .