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Avatar f tn My husband was recently taken off of Lipitor and has been experiencing daily headaches. He's not a headache person. Is this a common thing when coming off Lipitor? Also, I have read that you should stop it gradually. Is this true?
Avatar n tn Aside from the rash, what other symptoms are present? Side effects of Lipitor may include stomach upset, diarrhea, muscle and joint pain, tiredness and may cause liver and kidney problems also. Allergic reaction to medications usually include rashes or swelling of the face, lips, tongue, and/or throat that may cause difficulty in breathing or swallowing, which may require treatment right away.
Avatar n tn I started thinking back, since menopause, I started on several meds, on of which was lipitor. Not one doctor said it could be the lipitor i was taking causing the hives. On my own a week ago, I stopped the lipitor and the lipitor only. For the first time in 5 yrs i have no more hives. Why is there not more articles published or side effects like mine posted for lipitor??? What is your feeling on the hives from Lipitor??
Avatar n tn I saw him today and he is testing CPK for possible Lipitor problems. I am off Lipitor. My question to you...what would be your take Is it Lipitor problems....the insect bite gone wrong....syphillis....herpes or worse yet with the fact that both by ulnar nerves and sciataca are acting up....(they never did before) could it be some MS type related problem caused by the drugs shot into me back in June..
Avatar n tn People who cannot lower cholesterol enough with diet and exercise Adults and children over 10 years of age Who should NOT take LIPITOR: Women who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant, or may become pregnant. LIPITOR may harm your unborn baby. If you get pregnant, stop taking LIPITOR and call your doctor right away Women who are breast-feeding.
Avatar n tn Does Lipitor bother alot of people with IBS. Can this just be a coincidence or is it the Lipitor I stopped for a few days felt a little better but still had side effect. Went back on the lipitor and still have the IBS symptoms. Please Help me with an answer i really dont want to stop taking Lipitor Cause my Cholosterol went from 236 to 130. Thanks George MAlchow Email ***@**** I have had IBS for 11 years and do have flare ups.
Avatar f tn "Statins" such as Lipitor (atorvastatin) and Mevacor (lovastatin) can have numerous side effects including sensitivity to sunlight, rash, muscle and joint pains, liver enzyme abnormalities and probably some fluctuations in blood sugar. You should speak to the MD who prescribed you the new medication and let him/her know about your new symptoms. Although the mechanism of all statins is silimlar, some are better tolerated than others.
Avatar n tn I have a rash on only my right armpit which is a big ring like formation. It's not itchy but I don't want it to spread. My dermatologist gave me a liquid that "moistens and hydrates dry skin". But how can I have dry skin when I'm constantly sweating and living in a humid climate? And the liquid doesn't seem to be working? Anyone know what it could be and what I should do?
Avatar n tn I have rash that is pink spots; some spots have little bumps when inflamed, if i use a steroid cream on these spots after 24 hrs they turn white. But it will look like the start to fade, than it multiply into wht spots and pick spots, with some little tiny bumps. I have had this for 9 months. HELP HELP HELP.
Avatar f tn There are also contraindications if a patient is taking other medications, like Lipitor or Atorvastatin and fluconazole and potentiating effects. So the risks/benefits of a systemic medication need to be looked at compared to a topical medication.
Avatar f tn Cymbalta, Oxycottin, and they made her stop taking her lipitor. The Rash looks very bad. I have a picture of it. I'll send it to you. I really need some help and input. I greatly appriatte your time. Its been a very bad year for my family its just me(im 27) and my mother , shes my angel. If you could please send me any information on what you think it is thank you.
Avatar m tn Hello, If the rash that your wife has is photosensitivity rash then Lipitor can be responsible for this.I would suggest you to talk to your wife’s physician and get it changed to some other cholesterol lowering agent.Also ask your wife to apply a good sunscreen with minimum spf 30 atleast half an hour before going out in the sun. I hope that helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries. Kind regards.
Avatar m tn At about 4 months after surgery, I changed statin and antacid medicines to Lipitor (80) and Nexium. Two weeks later, I started experiencing mild aching in the upper chest/esophogus area--a mild form of my heart attack/angina symptoms. I switched back to Aciphex at that time, but remained on Lipitor. At the six month after surgery point, I underwent a stress radionuclide test and another heart catheterization (required by my job). Both tests showed no problems.
Business woman2 There are reports that this supplement can drop your blood sugar and may cause severe muscle injury if taken with a statin medication, such as lipitor. It is a natural substance so the chances of severe side-effects are typically lower when compared with traditional medications. Certainly, stop the supplement if you develop a rash or any new symptoms. I hope this helps!
Avatar n tn Within 5 days I was vomiting, had shoulder pain and developed a rash. My doctor first took me off Darvon, later the Lipitor and Toprol. The nausea lasted 7 days. 2 days later I was put on Zocor. 7 days after that I was vomiting again with a pain in my stomach. Stopped the Zocor. Nausea let up in 5-7 more days. 4 days of feeling good and I was put on Atenolol due to my fast pulse. (96-102) Same scenerio. MD ordered ultrasound, blood tests and eventually a CAT scan and everything looked good.
Avatar n tn It shouldn't just be lawyers fighting for females who have taken Lipitor and now suffer severe adverse effects. Men who have taken Lipitor and as a result now have the types of conditions you describe above should be allowed to sue for damages too. This is most unfair and unjust. Perhaps this may change. Your male friend should seek a lawyer who would be willing to sue for damages on his behalf.
Avatar m tn For the last two years I have had a rash on my upper back, chest and shoulders. It is accompanied by intense itching that flares up at about two in the morning almost every night. I have been to the Doctor's many times. They first tried treating it with Tri cream, then thought I was allergic to Lipitor, but neither turned out. The sent me to an allergist who gave some more creams. I then saw a dermatologist who told e I had uticaria-- with no explanation as to what's causing it.
Avatar n tn He is now taking a daily 5mg dose and his BP is under control. He is also taking 40 mg of Lipitor daily. Yesterday I brought him to the ER with a severe red bumpy body rash from face to toes. Also- lips, eyes, joints were swollen. Shallow breathing. NOTE: his hemoglobin was checked and was 20 at this time. After giving him adrenaline, benedryl, cortizone, oxygen and prednizone tablet symptoms subsided. He was released.
Avatar n tn Some years ago I had an accident with a insecticide that spilled down my shirt and burned my skin causing a rash. It went away but in the last year I have developed what seems like a fungus under my breast where the insecticide burned. I really want it to go away and i have treated it with an anti-fungal cream or a pure aloe vera gel which makes it seem to go away. Soon as i stop...its back. I have been to doctors and have been told to use lamisil which doesnt make it go away either.
Avatar f tn I tried domperidone for a few days and was doing okay until day 4 when I became itchy all over especially on my lower jaw area with my skin becoming rough like sandpaper around the jaw line. This happened to me when I took Lipitor but on Day 7 and had to stop. I did not have any rash or hives like I did when I took Zoloft so I am wondering if this is a side effect or allergic reaction.
Avatar n tn On three seperate occassions over the past two months, I have had lip burning, swelling and/or ulcers. I have been to 3 oral specialists but no one sees what I am talking about. The ulcers come and go but the burning is continuous. One doctor suggested a possible allergy but there are no common threads linking each occurance. I have been on Nifedical for 1 year & Lipitor for over 4 years and don't know if they could suddenly be causing a reaction.
Avatar f tn I am amazed that so many people have this same problem. Can't be a sex thing, since so many of both have it. I just started having these hot spots on my right calf, about the size of my hand for a few weeks now. Didn't think much about it, until I started having a lot of them last night, after walking for an hour. I am 56 years old, post-menopausal, very active, about 25 lbs overweight, but good health. Low cholesterol, eat healthy (mostly).
Avatar m tn My father experiences intense itching primarily on his legs and feet that disturbs his sleep. The interesting thing is that there is no visible rash. However, it has become extremely problematic, since he suffers many sleepless nights. It is driving him crazy throughout the night and the sleep depravation is really taking a toll on him with him being seventy one years old and having bypass surgery eight years ago. He also experiences restless legs.
Avatar n tn It makes sense to me that it would help if I cut back on those foods that are most obvious (bread/pasta/cereal, etc), thinking that if I reduce gluten in my diet then i'll have less of a chance of getting the rash, or of the rash getting worse. But my doctor says just cutting back on gluten will not be effective, that I would have to eliminate it totally. This doesnt make sense to me....if I cut back on gluten, shouldnt that have some positive effect on my condition?
Avatar n tn This rash covers about 40% of my body. Very thick on back, flanks(both sides), beltline, sides all over my thighs with a very hard spot on one leg. My scalp is affected as well, though not severely. Behind my ears is severe and my chest itches but is not severe with rash breakout. The worst itching comes in my shoulders and thighs and behind my ears. It has not affected my face. The rash is a cluster of red bumps and most concentrations of them are about 3-5 inches in diameter.
Avatar n tn should alcohol be eliminated completely. Should I ask my doctor to reduce my Lipitor prescription. (40mg per day)? How can I be more gentle on my liver?
Avatar m tn I do take a number of supplements including Centrum, CoQ10, hyaluronic acid, fish oil, an aspirin and Lipitor. Only Lipitor has been long term and that does not appear to increase sunburn sensitivity (though rashes are possible). Is this a normal part of aging or are there other factors involved?
Avatar m tn Follow up In the last 3 weeks I have been relatively calm and had put the encounter behind me. But I recently developed a rash on my upper chest, forehead and sides of neck. The skin in those areas is a little red like a slight sunburn and feels warmer than other areas of my body. Its also a little rough and bumpy. I still have an intermittent burning sensation on the outside of my penis (described in my first post). I've been to my PCP. Does not suspect anything serious.
Avatar m tn This first happened about 6 years ago and are happening with increasing frequency and are now 3 months apart. I am on nightly Lipitor, baby aspirin and Naispan. I exercise 3 to 4 times a week on a treadmill and a have been on a low calorie, low cholesterol diet for a couple of decades. Any guesses what is happening to me? My doctor guesses TIAs that are unimportant.
Avatar f tn So, we don't know whether these things are because of hep c or other reasons. Anyway, it seems to me that his worst symptoms started after he was prescribed Lipitor for high chol. (that is how he found out..ALTs/ASTs went up). They were within range before Lipitor, and since then, have gone up considerably. Also, since that time, his lower back pain is intolerable, got rash on his feet.