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Avatar m tn Unless you have severe underlying coronary artery disease or a history of stroke, I would stick with the warfarin and skip the aspirin. Best of luck.
Avatar m tn Have been on Coumadin, well-controlled, with INR 2.5-3.5 throughout, with no significant incidents. Normal Sinus Rhythm. Normal Echo and Left Atrial dimensions. Mild HBP, well controlled, Cholesterol 166 with Lipitor 10mg QD. Extremely active physically (competitive volleyball, 2 to 6 hours/week for the last 20 years, generally with men half my age). My question concerns the pros and cons of adding a baby aspirin to the Coumadin therapy, mainly with respect to stroke prevention.
514494 tn?1376514748 I would like to share this news article with the MedHelp community. It describes 5 dangerous drug interactions that need to be avoided. Follow the link to read the types of side effects that can occur:
Avatar m tn i am now on amlodopine, ASA, warfarin and high dose lipitor after a cath that showed only one mild plaque, no narrowing, but lots of calcium...any other ideas ie diet - Vit k2 foods that might help ? any thoughts about prognosis ? i would like to stop the warfarin and use ASA alone - what do you think of the chances of stroke recurrence vs risks of MI vs increased risk of bleeds if i use one of the new anticoagulants plus ASA ?...(i have not had elevated anticardiolipin ab's in 10 years)..
Avatar m tn I suffered a stroke 8 years ago caused by atrial fibrilation and a heart attack 3 years ago whereupon I had double by pass surgery. I take 5 mg warfarin and an 81 mg aspirin daily for atrial fibrilation. I also take lipitor, furosemide,klorkon, metoprolol 7 days ago I visited my personal physician where he also said I had a hema toma. He gave me antibiotics to use for 7 days and told me it I would not do more damage by walking on the leg. He did not schedule any follow up.
Avatar n tn I take warfarin, sotalol, synthroid, hydochlorithiazide, lisonopril, cardizem,nexium, and lipitor. My ldl's are low (because of the lipitor) but my hdl's are not high enough and my triglycerides are high. I am overweight, but am on weight watchers and walking 1 mile a day now. I had a complete hysterectomy 7 years ago and a colonoscopy (normal) almost 2 years ago.
Avatar m tn After many tests they found that I have a PFO and I also had a DVT in my right calf. They started me on Warfarin, baby aspirin, Lipitor and Lisinopril just for precaution. The DVT has since dissolved. I recently received an e-mail with the results of my last echo which stated: The visually estimated ejection fraction is 60%. The right ventricle is mildly enlarged. There is evidence of an atrial septal aneurysm. The right atrium is mildly enlarged. There is a trace of mitral regurgitation.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am a 47 yr old male suffering from multiple sickness over the past 1 1/2 yrs. Current medications per day are 7mg of warfarin, 100mg of aspirin, 20mg of lipitor, 10mg of coversyl and sometimes 40mg of somac. Somac seems to make my stomach symptoms worse than better so im reluctant to take it.
Avatar f tn My husband, who is 52 years old, also has CAD risk factors- elevated lipids that are treated with Lipitor, family history, HTN that is currently not treated due to being controlled with diet and exercise. He has had a strict aerobic exercise regiment for the past 5 years. He is asymptomatic but because of the strong family history and recent untimely deaths is a cardiac catheterization for diagnosis of CAD an appropriate diagnostic test rather than a cardiac stress test?
Avatar m tn can you let me now if there is alternative Sotolol,naxium,lipitor,coumadin? On my side a suffer from severe anxiety,panick attacks,depression.I have been diagnose bipolar and have been trated for that for several years.The drugs that I took thenb make me actually lose weight (lamictol.ativan,trazodone,valium).I was barely fonctionning,like a zombie.
Avatar f tn Any information would be helpful/I have had open heart surgery and a mitral valve replacement,stents, 2heart attacks, and coronary artery disease. im on warfarin, lipitor and plavix. im looking for other things to do to improve my heart health, like going to gym, eliminating salt intake and dietry changes and im just concerned with safety and drug interactions.will taking fish oil, flaxseed, and making parsley herbal tea be safe or should they be avoided?.
Avatar n tn So maybe there is something there to discuss with your cardiologist the next time you talk with him. I'm afraid a side-effect of all the antiarrhtymic meds is becoming easily tired, especially after heavy exercise or eating. I felt that at first and then after a few months it got somewhat better. It still affects the maximum heartrate I can achieve in exercise and I can't do as much as I used to. We all have different triggers for afib.
Avatar n tn I'd ask this question directly with your doctor. I can't find anything on the warnings that come with the prescription that deals with memory loss The internet is filled with misinformation about statins. I listened to all the statin horror stories right up to the day that I had my heart attack, and stayed with my misconceptions through a second one and some stents before I got smart. Listen to the health pros.
5617263 tn?1374505066 I developed clots in my legs from that surgery and had to go back to have them dissolved through a catheter inserted through the groin and down my leg. I was then put on Warfarin. The third atrial fib was last Friday night. The doctor in the ER put me on Cardizem (diltiazem) and changed my simvastatin to Lipitor. They instructed me to cut back on the metropolol to 25 mg. twice daily and to quit taking it if my blood pressure dipped below systolic fell below 100 or my diastolic below 60.
Avatar m tn They gave me to my family doctor to moniter my cholesterol. They said one was slightly high and the other was OK. They stopped me on Lipitor. 8 years later I had to have triple bipass surgery diagnosed by the same heart doctor. Just after the surgery, in the hospital, they said it looked like I had diabetes and my heart had a little bit of funny beating rythm. They put me on coumadin, digoxin, actos, amiodorone, and lipitor.
Avatar m tn I currently take solotol and warfarin as prescribed by my doctor. Does medical research confirm my personal experience with exercise as a way to restore my regular heart beat and should I continue to take the solotol and warfarin? Is there anything else I should consider doing to deal with my atrial fibrillation?
Avatar n tn 5mg 2x a day, plavix 75mg, lipitor 10 mg. Last week she had a follow up with family dr for blood work,and while there she had an ECG. She had taken her atenolol on empty stomach an hour and half prior to this--she usually takes with food, and did not know the ECG would be done. Her results were a beat of 46, and her doctor has her off the atenolol as he is concerned with her resting beat.
Avatar n tn I have had 3 episodes of DVT over 25 years ago and have been taking warfarin for 25 years. I took lipitor for several years before surgery and have been on Crestor since. I take a water pill and beta blocker for my high blood pressure. I am struggling to stay positive; after 2 years I thought I'd be doing much better but am discouraged by the extreme light-headedness and fatigue. My surgeon used one mammary artery attached and used a section of another for my bypasses.
514510 tn?1272722336 There is no need to be anxious on that count. The increase in heart rate with standing and a reduction with sitting can be explained by anemia, dehydration and possibly the effect of certain types of BP medicines. This can be completely corrected. Since you are on Warfarin (which is an oral anti-coagulant), you should ensure that the dosage is adjusted once in 3 to 4 weeks to maintain an INR value between 2 and 3.
Avatar m tn His cardiologist has told us that they do not do valve replacements/repair for his type of valve disease. I wonder whether it's just that they feel at 86 with a 35% EF ... that he's just a poor risk. 1. What treatment alternatives should we be looking at besides the tenormin/diuretics? Should we push for another opinion on the valve surgery? Any other options? 2. Can moderate exercise be beneficial ...
605628 tn?1221436895 I am a 59 year old man. I've been taking coumadin/warfarin for 25 years or so since my third idiopathic event of DVT. Two years ago I underwent a triple CABG after diagnosis of multiple heart artery blockages. I am having a tough time restoring a normal feeling life-style, largely because I feel exhausted upon mild exertion, though the fatigue passes if I endure with exercise for 10 or so minutes.
Avatar n tn Eighteen month ago I came down with a very bad cold in January. I coughed alot, and I had a bad sinus infection, which would not respond to normal antibotics. I finaly recovered but have been coughting alot. My doctor said I had mild COPD and provided me with ADVAOR and SPIRIVA inhalers. I still cough alot. I often wonder if I have a reaction to my medications, which is causing my cough. They have taken x-rays of my lungs and sinus which appear alright.
Avatar f tn I agree with Londres70. your doctor saying "ignore these symptoms" is very wrong. a TIA (transient ischeamic attack) is like a WARNING SIGN to a CVA (stroke) (cerebrovascular accident). your symptoms should not have been ignored.
Avatar m tn and earlier in the day, but he's certainly still able to get around, drive, go out to dinner/shows. He's also on Tenormin, Lipitor, and Warfarin. Other recent relevant test results: Sodium=133, Potassium 6.1, BUN 26, Creatinine 1.3, BNP 346.8 . My questions are these: His cardiologist has told us that they do not do valve replacements/repair for his type of valve disease. I wonder whether it's just that they feel at 86 with a 35% EF ... that he's just a poor risk. 1.
584903 tn?1233834986 I reaaly notice the diference with energy levels. Still the research papers show a whole range of benefits , blood pressure, cholesterol etc. so I will continue.
Avatar m tn He is going to try a drug effective in maintaining sinus rhythm, Electrical cardioversion and consider Ablation procedure but he has already told me that these procedures may not work because I have been in permanent atrial fibrillation to long. I am currently on Diltiazem 360mg , Warfarin 5mg, and Clonazepam 1mg (when necessary). If nothing else works what’s next? I am at the Maximum dosage on my medications, and if Ablation is not an option, Is a pace maker my next option?
Avatar n tn There are strong studies that show that people with reduced heart function (less than 36%) with New York Heart Association class 2-3 symptoms, a defibrillator would reduce the risk of cardiac arrest. There is no data for an defibrillator placement in someone without ventricular tachycardia or previous cardiac arrest if your ejection fraction has improved to 45%. I hope this answers your questions. Thanks for posting.
Avatar n tn I was able to procure an appointment with a high-up vascular surgeon at the medical school in San Antonio after fighting with my hematologist over the warfarin (I wanted off based on my research). I have never seen a vascular surgeon, only a neurologist. It has been almost a year since my dissection. He had an ultrasound/doppler of all my neck and lower head done in lieu of another MRI or MRA (said those were good for acute care, but not necessary for ongoing treatment).
Avatar f tn 2 months ago, my cardiologist put me on Pravachol after taking me off the Lipitor. I was concerned about the CoQ10 depletion effects with statins, so started taking CoQ10 a week or so before I started the Pravachol. Almost simultaneously I noticed a decrease in chest pain with exertion. Now, I don't know if it's just a coincidence, and that I suddenly started to get stronger, but there was a definite correlation there.