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530191 tn?1214166411 I have been to doctors in Arkansas,Texas, and Oklahoma. Still have not found a cure nor a cause. Monday was the first time I've broken out in two years, so I guess they are back. I'm so tired of this and I wish there was a cure. Its good to know their is someone else out there like me. My feet hurt and my hands hurt from swelling.
Avatar n tn And if it helps I had one on my finger where I usually get it, and then we had that crazy blizzard here in Oklahoma and I was outside helping people unstick their vehicles and the next day a huge cluster started around the original spot and then on the index finger of the other hand. I think dermatologists are really hit and miss. I won't even go to one.
551343 tn?1506834118 But I dont fit the MS criteria either. But we discussed possibly starting the MS injections because I am in the very high risk catagory now. I see him agin in Feb 10' to see where I'm at and to make a decision on the injections. Sorry so long....Take Care ....
Avatar n tn I thought the itching may have been a symptom of this. They put me on Humira injections and the other symptoms went away but I still cannot tan without horrible itching. I have tried Benadryl, Atarax, Xyzal, Zyrtec and nothing helped. I have no physical signs like hives or rash. I have seen an allergist and have no allergies and my thyroid and blood tests were all fine.
Avatar f tn I've been all over the midwest from Chicago to Kansas City to Oklahoma City, Houston and points southwest to Los Angeles. My dream is to take a summer in an RV and roam around New England all down the coast to Florida. I also love that North Carolina accent. Very easy on the ears. LOL! As for timing on another rescue, that's a tough one because it's such a very personal decision.