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Avatar f tn Hey everybody My story is litle bit weird so please be patinit and sorry for my poor english Almost 5 months ago had fever and night sweat that was 10 - 14 days after having sex with unknowen girl " im 28 male " So 14 days after this incounter " unprotected oral and protected vaginial but the condom broke " I had night sweat , small tumer inside my lower lip i visited a dentist and she said its nothing to worry about and if i want ahe can remove it and do biopsy !
551343 tn?1506834118 Five weeks later I had a second opinion with a leading UK MS specialist which my GP had arranged months before. he took hold of my hands and said I had done the right thing in coming to see him. In my notes he wrote "I think this is ms". I was admitted to hospital for a week with lots of testing. At the end of the week he came to see me and said I think this is ms, but it's rare. He explained it was rare as I didn't show lesions on mri but did show atrophy of optic nerve.