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Avatar f tn I had a finding of a "tiny (6mm) focus of enhancement in the posterior interhemispheric fissure , likely a meningioma" My family practice provider told me to follow up in one year with another MRI. I have daily headaches and now have numbness in my lips to the left side of my face. The MRI/MRA was originally ordered due to an instance of a pain in my head that felt like someone was filling my head up with air.
Avatar m tn I have been lurking here the past month or so, as I have had some ms like symptoms. You seem like such a wonderful group... About 6 weeks ago I had a tingle on my lip that felt like a cold sore coming on. After a week and no cold sore I thought it was strange. It went away and then tingling began other places. Random places. Ears, face, shins, I've felt a couple in the trunk and had and episode of numbness on my R arm.
Avatar f tn My chiropractor performed an intense neck adjustment. The next morning, I was novacaine numb from the upper lip to the back of my skull on the right side, extreme palsy-like symptoms, eyelid ptosis, and left leg numbness spread from my small toes to my ribs over the next 48 hours.
1318483 tn?1318350782 So if the neuro is good at his/her job there will be a review of systems questioning in which you could offer the problem of dry eyes and dry mouth. The classic triad of SS is dry eyes (inadequate tear production), dry mouth, and infiltration of the lip and salivary glands with lymphocytes. Another common symptom is arthritis.
Avatar f tn There are no areas of restricted diffusion or abnormal susceptibility. There is no abnormal enhancement after gadolinium. Major intracranial flow voids look normal. So do extracranial soft tissues, including the orbital contents.
Avatar f tn Hey everybody My story is litle bit weird so please be patinit and sorry for my poor english Almost 5 months ago had fever and night sweat that was 10 - 14 days after having sex with unknowen girl " im 28 male " So 14 days after this incounter " unprotected oral and protected vaginial but the condom broke " I had night sweat , small tumer inside my lower lip i visited a dentist and she said its nothing to worry about and if i want ahe can remove it and do biopsy !
589816 tn?1332980371 I will send my scans Monday after my appt along with the list of symptoms I told her about and they will review it the next week. I'm so glad you chimed in..I was going to write you later and ask if I didn't get a response. I'll pm you the link to the study she said I fit in.