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Avatar f tn I have had bad reactions to regular novocaine in the past, prior to my SVT diagnosis in 2001, so he has given me lidocaine since then. For the past ten years prior to my ablation in April 2011, I was on beta blockers (atenolol) so there were no issues. I was taken off beta blockers 3 weeks after my ablation. Have had dental work requiring lidocaine since then, with no issues until now. While he was injecting the second shot of novocaine, an SVT episode suddenly triggered.
1650061 tn?1301580868 I had 6 injections of novocaine in 8 different places, total of 24 injections. It is 27 hours after and I am still so lethargic. I am a very active 41year old male in good health. I have no swelling and no pain in the extraction locations but the injection sights are a bit sore. I just can't seem to sleep it off. Is that normal to get so many shots and could that be causing my drowsiness? Thank you for your attention and any help you could offer.
Avatar f tn Lidocaine is a numbing agent, like novocaine. I'm not aware of an ability to get high from it, but if she's an IV drug user, perhaps she uses it to numb the injection area(s)?
Avatar m tn At the dentist getting a cavity filled. Dentist giving lidocaine/novocaine via a needle. Everything seemed ok then after the injection he said he had a small tear in his glove at pinky finger and changed it. Seemed ok but then I was thinking he could have ripped the glove with the needle that was opened and ready to be used on me...If that caused the tear could that have enough blood on it to transmit HIV since it is a medical setting and immediately injested into my gum.
Avatar n tn I can't find any scientific articles that specifically deal with positive test results of cocaine from the use of lidocaine (anesthetic) but it is mentioned a few times. Here's a website with the information posted for false positives. You may want to contact the writer of the article to see what his/her sources were.
Avatar n tn A shot of a medication called ceftriaxone is the preferred and most effective known therapy for oral gonorrhea. You should go get it. The shot is typically given in lidocaine, a local anesthetic sort of like novocaine and is not painful. You cannot give oral gonorrhea to a partner by kissing (even open mouth kissing) but it can be transmitted by oral sex. Any partner who you have performed oral sex on should be evaluated and receive preventative therapy.
Avatar n tn I'm not embarrassed. I told you I don't care. How does "just novocaine used" say I WASN'T using it as a generic term? Your first post got me wondering, so I looked it up. I'm just more interested in why you picked MY post, when this board is littered with novocaine references. Who really cares? Your tone and phrase was "I'm sure that's what you meant" which I have to wonder...who cared?
Avatar n tn ) back into the vagina and then put on a support garment; it gives some relief from discomfort. The lidocaine and novocaine is a bandaid to mask the pain, it is not fixing anything so pain is going to come back-would be better to get a permanent fix.
Avatar m tn I remember last time I had my tooth extracted, I just got Lidocaine and that was it. What are my other options? The doctor said it would be more complicated than just a regular extraction where you spread the gums and just pop it out. He said he would have to scrape the bone a little to clean it. Bottom line I don't want either general or Nitrous. Help!!!!
Avatar n tn You may want to ask your dentist about using novocaine without epinephrine. For some people, the pepinephrine sets off the palps. Good luck!
210982 tn?1280987495 My uncle who had cancer found that it was the only thing that took his back pain away. It has some sort of lidocaine, novocaine, or zylocaine properties in it that numbs the area of pain.I think you would benefit from it. You can pick it up from Walmart. If not, ask your doc For some Zylocaine Jelly. This is prescription strength and numbs the area really good, without making you feel high.Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn U can go to dentist have everything a non preg person can have except they have to give u lidocaine versus novicane get double shielded and get "permission slip" from obgyn good luck hun.
Avatar n tn The decisions regarding type of biopsy would be based on doing the procedure that would most likely provide the needed information. Regarding the use of lidocaine/novocaine - you would need to have the rediscussion with your surgeon as to the true risks vs. benefits of their use in your situation based on your prior history. Another option would be to have a second opinion with a breast specialist to evaluate this lump and make recommendations.
Avatar f tn I did specifically tell them that I had a bad reaction to Epinepherine in Novocaine at the dentist once and they said, they wouldn't use the Lidocaine with Epinepherin. I did get the surgical report and it stated that they used the Lidocaine with Epinepherin! The Radiologist Dr. said what was written in my report "is protocol" for the transcriptionists and they probably didn't change it in the report... I need to find out for sure. I have another question though...
Avatar f tn I'm thinking that maybe it had to do with whatever he numbed my mouth with (I was told that most dentists no longer use Novocaine?). I don't think the nitrous had to do with my nausea because it didn't start until a few minutes after they used the shots in my mouth... Like, I was hooked up to the nitrous first, and then the assistant placed some stuff on my gums to help numb them. After about ten minutes of that, the dentist came in and started giving me the shots.
Avatar n tn I have horrible teeth and have had to have a few removed. Being an anti dentite to quote a seinfeld episode, I opt for lots of novocaine and nitrous. That's the only way they can stick all that junk in my mouth and start drilling around in there without me leaping out of the chair and commiting horrible violence on the poor dentist.
Avatar m tn So many medications are coming out in the transdermal application that it would not surprise me if there is now a muscle relaxant the is delivered through the skin. There is a Novocaine (numbing) type of patch and an ant-inflammatory one that have become more widely used. I would ask your pharmasicts as he/she should have the most current information on medications that have new delivery systems. Are you unable to take an oral muscle relaxant? Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn I looked Novacaine (Novocaine/Novocain) up on the web and found one side possible side effect is "slow, irregular heart beat". I've never had any noticeable reactions and I had a mouth full last month when I had a redo on a full crown. I suffer from AFib, so I am (over) conscious of heart beat, and I didn't notice anything. Some people have allergic reactions, ask you dentist what they think.
Avatar f tn This was day after I had a filling at the dentist with lidocaine/novacaine. Went to ENT on emergency basis, and he called it neurosensorihearing loss or sudden hearing loss with no explanation. Put on Valtrex and Prednisone against my feelings about how bad these drugs are for you but I was at their mercy. He said only 50/50 chance it would come back. My question is this: if everything I read so far says 98% of people do not recover their hearing, why is there a rush to get treatment at all?
Avatar n tn I had ten needle, but two were for a local lidocaine anethetic (though I don't think that actually did anything since I could feel it all). You feel a little ***** and a little bit of a burning sensation if they use lidocaine. After that I still felt the needle sticks and kind of an achy discomfort, but nothing that can be described as worse than bothersome. After that I felt a little strange swollowing and was sore that night, but in 24 hours that had pretty much cleared up.
1345254 tn?1325921641 Ibuprofen, ice packs and also, maybe your dental surgeon will give you a novocaine spray? I had some when I had surgery for my throat and it numbed me up something fierce but it wasn't narcotic. No matter what you have to decline any narcotic relief.... You don't want to throw away the past 3 weeks... in all liklihood, since you're an addict, they won't give you anything thats gonna even put a dent in the pain.... you're better off without them.
Avatar n tn The patient lies flat on an x-ray table on their abdomen. Prior to the epidural injection, the skin is numbed with lidocaine, which is similar to the novocaine that the dentist uses (a "local" anesthetic). Many types of physicians can be qualified to perform an epidural steroid injection, including an anesthesiologist, radiologist, neurologist, physiatrist and surgeon. Using fluoroscopy (live x-ray) for guidance, the physician directs a needle toward the epidural space.
1337425 tn?1278177587 After I told them it helped, they ended up giving me something from a special pharmacy that makes compounding creams and gels. It contains things like lidocaine, ketamine, and other things that don't affect you systemically because it's topical. (I don't know all that is in it. I do know ketamine is usually given intravenously.) I've been going through this pain for 3 years, starting with a surgery for a joint replacement.
Avatar f tn I recently went through a similar experience with lidocaine. I had a ruptured cyst in my breast and as it had broken through one of my milk ducts it had developed an abscess. The doctor wouldn't let me leave without having a butt shot of antibiotics - she wanted fast acting because I had a high fever and my breast was the size of Mount St. Helens. When the nurse came in to inject me she made the mistake of telling me that it was antibiotic PLUS lidocaine.
Avatar f tn He asked me to be his assistant and hold my cheek so he could go to work. He injected the area with Lidocaine. This really didnt hurt that bad. A little sting but he had me count to 10 and it really was over. Then he went to work cutting and removing whatever. I did feel a few tugs and a little sting at one point but nothing major. I was done in 5-10 mins. No stitches, just cauterized the wound. He asked if I wanted to see the culprit and I did, so he showed it to me. Ick.
86664 tn?1291561395 And let me tell you something, I'm probably one of the biggest sissies out there when it comes to pain threshold/tolerance. My dentist always marvels at how much novocaine it takes to numb my teeth before he starts drilling/grinding. Even then, half the time I need nitrous. I used to pop percocets like candy when I had a broken pelvis (after I came off the morphine), and they just did NOT seem to cut it.
393986 tn?1303829575 First of all I must say sorry for kind of hijacking your thread ((( hugs))) the numb lips is indicative of diabetes and thyroid, but you should get blood tests done again, my guess about MS is that you can get numb bits anywhere! but they stay in the same areas. but im not medic and am just posting as friend, tinnitis can be swooshing in the ears, vibrating,high whistles, low noise anything really...
Avatar f tn OH Yea my Thats right..I had a resident on that...A few...I thought they did some kind of a re-call on them..Or something?? If not that is a good one...
Avatar m tn Once I worked out that over the twenty three years I had tried about just on 400 treatments from as basic as an aspro right through to seven days of an intravenous drip of Novocaine into my arm culminating in a massive 300 mills of the stuff on the last day. Underwent University "experimental tests", volunteered for some really savage way-off-centre trials and even looking at the above, I know I have missed dozens and dozens ........................
Avatar f tn I'm sure I'll have to have x-rays and novocaine which really worries me but both the dentist and ob dr say it's fine. I am praying everything goes fine with it. Rossie, yes I do feel the baby at least 3 or 4 times a day so that seems normal to me...loving it!! Hope everyone is doing well! Have a great day!