Lidocaine vs novocaine

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Avatar n tn The decisions regarding type of biopsy would be based on doing the procedure that would most likely provide the needed information. Regarding the use of lidocaine/novocaine - you would need to have the rediscussion with your surgeon as to the true risks vs. benefits of their use in your situation based on your prior history. Another option would be to have a second opinion with a breast specialist to evaluate this lump and make recommendations.
Avatar f tn This was day after I had a filling at the dentist with lidocaine/novacaine. Went to ENT on emergency basis, and he called it neurosensorihearing loss or sudden hearing loss with no explanation. Put on Valtrex and Prednisone against my feelings about how bad these drugs are for you but I was at their mercy. He said only 50/50 chance it would come back. My question is this: if everything I read so far says 98% of people do not recover their hearing, why is there a rush to get treatment at all?
488823 tn?1218374167 This stuff if you can handle it, is like washing you mouth with Novocaine and I only used it 4 times and it gone.My insurance didn't pay for it and it cost me 27.00 for approx a pint bottle. My blood is still und and I'm still at 135 dose for peg, and in 2 weeks will reevaluate my new blood work, other wise I doing OK, should be on my 23, 24 week and will go the whole 48 unless I cant handle it and sometimes I wonder.