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Avatar n tn I recently had a core biopsy guided by ultrasound. Only the area where the needle was inserted was numbed by lidocaine (it's like novacaine you receive at a dentist office). A radiologist performed my biopsy. She said the reason I couldn't be 'put to sleep' is that for this procedure you have to be an active participant (when she took samples with the core needle, she would tell me to hold my breath for a few seconds). Before my biopsy, I had many questions also.
Avatar n tn I am allergic to lidocaine, novacaine, etc (and don't want meds anyway since I am pregnant). Can I do this biopsy without meds? My lump is VERY near the surface and I am DESPERATE to know if it is benign or not. How long will the needle be inside me... what can I expect during the procedure... can I DO this?! I have no clue what to expect and am absolutely terrified! My surgeon still wants to give me lidocaine even though he KNOWS I'm allergic (that scares me most of all...
Avatar f tn This was day after I had a filling at the dentist with lidocaine/novacaine. Went to ENT on emergency basis, and he called it neurosensorihearing loss or sudden hearing loss with no explanation. Put on Valtrex and Prednisone against my feelings about how bad these drugs are for you but I was at their mercy. He said only 50/50 chance it would come back. My question is this: if everything I read so far says 98% of people do not recover their hearing, why is there a rush to get treatment at all?
572651 tn?1333939396 I have no idea, but I've heard a couple of people say that they use lidocaine patches for their nerve pain - cut them up and stick the pieces on, wherever they're getting a pain.
667078 tn?1316004535 The procedure itself was quick , pain only while the local lidocaine took effect(my the time you count to 10) and no pain pain afterwards. I did get a post-LP headache but I tend to get migraines so it was hard to differeiniate (sp?) between the two. Went back 10 days later for a blood patch. That procedure done by a different doc at the same facility was the same except it got rid of the headache. If you're nervous, ask for an Ativan or something to relax. It's not that bad, honestly.
Avatar f tn You can get local anesthetic (Lidocaine, Novacaine, etc.) and get your tooth taken care of. You'll need to speak with a medical professional about not taking the medication anymore in the event baby does go through withdrawal. And I disagree with the above commenter that only street drugs cause withdrawal. That is not true at all. Prescription pain relievers can also cause withdrawal symptoms to both mother and baby.
Avatar f tn The following worked a little---poison ivy natural colloidal oatmeal scrub, which I used even in the middle of the night, and a couple other creams with the oatmeal in them, foille [probably misspelled]-which was the least expensive cream in the store, and Burn Jel Plus, a WaterJel product for emergency burn care , that has 2.5% Lidocaine in it. The antihistamines, hydrocortisones, menthols, camphors. etc. did not work.
Avatar n tn thanx to jake12474,he reminded me of how I used to get these Novacaine Steroid Injections that would give me a good month or two of relief...try it, it least it did for me...And really a good thank u goes out to mk79 for the shoulder shrugs...I think I at least can do that for my back and posture probs,I find myself burning in the middle of my back if I stand too long and find myself leaning against a wall for relief and it works ...temp....