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Avatar n tn I have an appointment for Monday morning, 3 long days away. My obgyn wrote me a prescription for zithromax and a mouth rinse. The name on the bottle lidocaine/maaloxus/benadryl. I am assuming that is what it is made up of. The thing is while it numbs it makes the pain worse. I don't know if it is the swishing in the area, but the numbing effect is not worth it. The only thing I can take is tylenol which has no effect at all.
Avatar f tn I get them too. I rinse my mouth with Biotene Dry Mouth Oral Rinse. I know what you mean by it really hurting and leaving you with no appetite. Here is some info I pulled for you that may help: Ribavirin can cause mouth sores and dehydration, which can make your mouth feel dry and have a bad taste. Ribavirin can cause you to have an allergic reaction that might show up as a rash on your skin. It can also show up as an irritation in your mouth and throat.
Avatar f tn Hi, OUCH! I think I'd switch to just plain salted water to rinse with instead of the mouth wash. Use about 1/4 tsp in 8oz of warm water. It's a more "normal" solution to the saliva in your mouth and can help with healing by drawing any edema out. Many mouthwashes contain alcohol and other substances that can keep the area from healing. If it's anything like a pizza burn, it will heal in about a week to 10 days. Try eating soft foods until it does, too. Hope this helps.
469210 tn?1219191728 About three weeks ago, I posted that I had these terrible mouth sores. It was causing me so much pain that I couldn't eat or even open my mouth. My tongue was covered with blisters, my cheeks and gums were so sore and my mouth had cracks at both corners. My doctor sent an oral anti-fungal rinse and also something called "Magic Mouthwash" which has Lidocaine in it. It numbs your mouth so you can eat (and talk). The oral rinses cleared up the inside of my mouth in TWO days!
131817 tn?1209532911 ) What helped me most (if your doc will prescribe it if your mouth pain gets really bad) is something called viscous lidocaine. It's a mouth rinse - real thick, with lidocaine, and it'll numb you up real good for about 20 min (and it felt so good to feel .... nothing!) Hope you feel better soon!
561705 tn?1234549759 This is such timely advice for me too. I am doing shot 15 tomorrow and the tongue sores are particularily bothersome the last week or so. The cracks in the corners of my mouth don't hurt, but make me self conscious. I'll try the stevia too. Biotene isn't cutting it anymore.
469210 tn?1219191728 Kelle Hang in there, I had to take off from work for a week because of the mouth sores. I used lidocaine, biotine and script that is antibiotic (it doesnt work) but slowly it got better, My doctor actually was going to stop the treatment and i said NO. Try and eat soft, cold things, ice cream, pudding, yogurt etc. The cracks are always there,before bed i put on dab of neosporine, it helps somewhat. hang in there! I know how bad they hurt!
Avatar n tn the thing that helped me the most was a solution of food grade hydrogen peroxide solution. rinse your mouth with it and i even brushed my tongue with it (when it isnt so sore) it helped clear up my mouth and i used it to keep the sores under control all during treatment. i still use it every nite even off treatment now. you can purchase it in health food stores and it has the mixture solution on the label. or maybe you could find it on the net with a search.
Avatar n tn Just when I think I got one side effect under control (nausea, then fatigue, then all-over body rash) I now have these very nasty and painful mouth sores. I apologize if there has been a thread about this -- I tried to find one in the archives and no luck.
Avatar n tn Any help would be appreciated. My 11 year old has a prescription for lidocaine/antac/diphenhis rinse for his cold sores. Can I try it?
Avatar m tn You can get an aneshthetic mouth rinse but just using a mouthwash, like Biotine or Listerine, will cause them to at least improve in just a few days.
Avatar f tn Also had lidocaine swish by prescription to paint on before eating. Didn't 'swish' in mouth because didn't want to bite myself with a numb tongue. It takes a few days for them to start to clear.
Avatar m tn BTW- have Biotene toothpaste/rinse-burns, lips are cracked and covered in the densest face cream I can find.
Avatar f tn He sent me home with prescriptions for pain, and antibiotic, an antibacterial mouth rinse and a lidocaine rinse and instructions to return in two weeks.Today the pain has gotten worse it radiates into my ear and occasionally my eye. I can't imagine having this intense pain for two weeks. My question is since the pain was so much worse today should I call the oral surgeon again or is this in fact something that I have to wait two weeks on?
Avatar f tn My dermatologist diagnosed it with a skin biopsy on my chest - he didn't want me to have to have a mouth biopsy. He then referred me to a dentist 60 miles away who was especially interested in and experienced in treating oral lichen planus. He recognized what it was immediately and prescribed a special "rinse and spit" elixir of nystatin and dexamethasone, which I had to use severeal times daily for 2 minutes. It is can be brought on by stress if you are predisposed to it.
Avatar n tn I am also experiencing sores and problems in my mouth. The doctor says that this is also a side effect to the medicine. I will do what I have to do to make it through the end, but I just would like to know if there are others in my area that may go to HepC meetings, if they even exist. My family, friends, and boyfriend are 100% with me but unfortunately it is so hard for me to explain to them what I am going through, physically and emotionally.
1765684 tn?1333822768 When it started to get sore I would rinse my mouth with Listerine zero (no alcohol) because even toothpaste stung like a sonofa_____. That took the sting away. I've never had problems with my mouth/tongue so of course I'm relating this to treatment. Why does stuff like this have to start on weekends for us?
Avatar n tn Is your husband on treatment for HCV? I have the same problem with mouth sores...inside my mouth and in the corners of it. The sores inside flare every couple days after my Friday shot..usually by Monday then fade by late Wednesday. A Biotene mouthwash or spray at work helps as does a weak salt/soda solution to rinse with. The fever concerns me though, especially if he is treating. I think a call to his Dr. may be warranted for that. Good luck and hope he feels better soon............
Avatar f tn I have lidocaine gel for vagina, a lidocaine rinse for my mouth, Loratab for pain (have had TONS of pain but only took once), an antihistimine for the itching (haven't tried that). I am seeing improvement. My gums are less swollen. I was able to eat today. Still have a long way to go. I've read a lot about a home remedy of: crushing tylenol PM, adding water, Abreva. Its a paste that relieves pain and swelling. haven't tried it yet. I pray my hands are better in 10 days...
Avatar n tn Thank you all for suggestions. I am going off the Riba for a week, I called my "be in charge" nurse and she gave me a few more suggestions: rinse with salt water every 2 hours, liquid diet, drink with a straw, very soft toothbrush, brush 1/2 hour after meals. Brush roof of mouth to. I have never given my mouth so much attention as this. A week off the riba, they told me, will not hurt my tx.
Avatar n tn I was scared and started tx ( Peginteron sot 1 per wk, riba 2 pills 2 times per day) i have been having side effects that are getting worse, as I am moving into the halfway point...the mouth sores are the latest....what can i do for them? and am I wrong to think that my husband could have just sucked it up until I am done with treatment? Thanks for reading i just need a friend who understands what I'm going through...
Avatar n tn My niece is nearly 7 and for atleast 4 years has had sores in her mouth. These aren't little lumps, they're open white sores & she can't eat anything when they're full blown. She has them continually and at times they flare up. In the past 3 weeks her blond hair has fallen out to the point where the Doc gave her permission to wear a hat in school. Tests have been ran on her several times and they're not coming up with a thing wrong with her.
Avatar f tn They would probably put him on antibiotics, pain meds, and prescribe Peridex mouth rinse (prescription). It's a mouthwash that will kill every bit of bacteria in his mouth and help keep him infection-free after they clean the infection out. Dentist can also prescribe Viscous Lidocaine (mouthwash) that will numb the inside of his mouth, which also helps. If he can't get to the dentist, brushing and flossing is a must IF he can do it safely (how are his platelets/wbcs)?
2005521 tn?1327702945 for the past 16 days I have had an extremely sore throat. it started off mild enough. dr put me on amoxil for 7 days. finished it up, by the time I finished it, my throat was worse. then i was prescribed biaxin xl for 10 days, today is day number 10 and the past 2 days i have felt like i'm swallowing razor blades (no exaggeration) when i swallow drink or eat, it's so painful. tylenol and naproxen are no longer working.
1807991 tn?1438783370 I started using Biotene Dry Mouth Oral Rinse immediately and the sores went away literally overnight. I have faithfully continued to use this product. (Week 5 and the bottle I s almost empty.) I just had my teeth cleaned on Monday and was talking to the Hygienist about this. What we discussed was the huge amount of bacteria that is normally present in our mouths flourishes because of the dry mouth.
577132 tn?1314270126 Anyway, I am going to avoid all the foods and liquids that aggravate, try the stevia, and rinse my mouth with acidopholous yogurt as well as continue to take the potent Lactic Acid Bacteria that I got the other day, plus sips of water more often rather than guzzle water down at hourly intervals. I will overcome!!
Avatar m tn I was told by my son's doctors years ago that if you have a certain gene, a stimulant (Ritalin , Adderall, Provigil) can activate it and you cannot turn it off even with coming off the medication. I have learned to live with it by chewing gum during the day and using a Lidocaine rinse at night that temporally numbs my tongue allowing me to fall asleep. Hope this helps someone. I know this is an old post. . . . .
Avatar f tn There is a great product that uses saline to rinse out your nose -stick it up one side, squeeze and water pours out the other. Kind of weird, but it really works. the saline heals and use antibiotic cream as well. Once you snort, does it numb the pain or did you start taking the pills to deal with the pain? This is the first time I've heard of this, but there has to be a simple answer (I know, stop snorting), anyone's nose will hurt if we jam enough crap up it! hope you can find a solution!
Avatar f tn #4 For dry, itchy skin Aveeno after-bath body oil is very nice. Bath in warm (NOT HOT) water, apply the oil, rinse, and PAT dry... $5 If your mouth or tongue gets super sore, there is a prescription treatment called "Miracle mouthwash". This is heaven in a bottle for those suffering. -It has nystantin (for thrush/yeast overgrowth) and lidocaine (numbs the soreness, and something else in it) #6 Get copies of all of your labs and keep them in a binder. Take them to your Dr appts.
Avatar f tn #1 -Color treat or perm your hair while txing at your own risk -mine fell out faster and DID NOT look better! #2 For the dry mouth/leather tongue thing at night :Oragel mouth moisturizer gel. -its not expensive, doesn't taste too bad, and because it has a gycerine base, it lasts for hours.