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Avatar f tn The risk of lidocaine toxicity depends on the peak amount in the blood. The peak level in the blood depends on both the actual dose, as well as the patient’s rate of systemic absorption and elimination. During research I found very few reported cases of deaths due to lidocaine toxicity in patients undergoing tumescent liposuction. Only highly trained anesthesiologists are able to work with these types of drugs in surgery. The drug is cleared from your system in about 3-4 hours.
Avatar m tn In regards to the prior question of Injected Lidocaine (without a steroid addition) causing a transient elevation in blood sugars: do you have and leads or references that I could look at? Thanks This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/349549'>Type II Diabetes & Lidocaine Injections</a>.
Avatar f tn Ask your dentist to aspirate frequently to ensure that he's not in a blood vessel.
Avatar m tn Getting lidocaine for wisdom tooth extraction--felt the needle going in and woke up 45 minutes later in ER. I had had a seizure! Hundreds of shots for teeth over the years, never any such experience. Surgeon swore he found no blood in syringe and couldn't understand why I seized. Swore he did everything right, never heard of lidocaine causing a seizure this way. Apologized profusely. I'm now worried about completing the extraction, which has to be done.
Avatar n tn If your cardiologist says you can't have epi, I certainly can't second guess that. They must have a good reason for saying it. In general, the epi used with lidocaine is in very low does and does not cause problems. If your cardiologist insists you can't have, it might be worth getting a second opinion. If you do get a second opinion, don't tell them the your doctor doesn't want you to have epi, wait to see if they come to the same conclusion independently.
Avatar n tn In the coronary ICU lidocaine may be given in the presence of low blood pressure , provided continuous momitoring is available, and especially if the low blood pressure /fast heart rate is due to an abnormal ventricular rythym. Lidocaine is always given IV at the doses mentioned, apart from subcutaneus use as a local abesthetic.
Avatar n tn I would like to know about the medication LIDOCAINE. Are the doses given to an elderly person, someone over the age of 65, the same as a typical adult, what are the therapeutic doses, does need to be mixed with another medication if given to an older patient. Should Lidocaine be given to someone with a low blood pressure and high pulse rate. What are the different dosages and how often should it be given (IV).
324396 tn?1297354312 I also have been having lidocaine injections monthly for the past year and quarterly I have it done intraveously for fibromyalgia. My blood sugar levels have always been normal up until I started with the lidocaine injections, since then it has been steadily increasing. Last fall it was 4.4, then in the spring 4.8 and now it is 5.4 - My family physician says it is my choice whether to start on Metformin now or wait until it reaches 5.
383138 tn?1314171373 other meds, I am extremely worried about getting the lidocaine IV infusion, I found in the lidocaine information that it also has heart risks even for people without heart problems. They have heart monitor on during infusion, but I am scared to take the chance, my pain doctor scheduled it anyway to be done this Fri. Does anyone know anything about the dangers of lidocaine infusion with heart arrhythmia problems?
Avatar f tn It probably isn't the lidocaine, it's the epinephrine that is in the lidocaine. You can ask your dentist to use an anesthetic without epinephrine, I have had tons of dental work and always ask for that. Dentist doesn't mind at all and I've never had any problems. It doesn't last as long but if you start to feel anything while they are working the dentist will just give you more. I have done fine with it.
Avatar n tn This can be altered by adding epinephrine to the lidocaine to decrease the uptake into the blood vessels (you can use a higher dose) In relation to the nitrous oxide, very unlikely to cause seizures. You can have some myoclonic activity with this inhaled anesthetic, but very unlikely to have an actual seizure. Dysphoric effects can also commonly occur with nitrous oxide.
383138 tn?1314171373 Lidocaine depresses depolarization and automaticity in the ventricles. It has very little effect on the atrial tissues. Lidocaine is usually contraindicated in second degree mobitz II and third-degree blocks, without a pacemaker. I can appreciate the predicament your in, having 2 Dr's...each telling you something different. In my opinion, your cardiologist must have a reason to have told you to avoid Lidocaine. He is the specialist when it comes to your heart.
Avatar n tn There is a small camera within it and your bladder is slightly filled with sterile water as the scope looks around your bladder. They check the walls and the opening to the urethra coming out of the bladder. I agree with the 2 other commenters...if the doctor cannot or will not use anesthesia, or even another urologist that will. It is an uncomfortable procedure....more so for a man.
Avatar f tn I never used the patches, but I get injections with lidocaine and some other stuff into my sacroliac joint (in the back, pelvic bone) every 3 months due to an injury from years ago. I had them done with my 2nd, and my currrent one. My dr went over it with me, and felt pretty safe having them done.
561705 tn?1234549759 I am doing shot 15 tomorrow and the tongue sores are particularily bothersome the last week or so. The cracks in the corners of my mouth don't hurt, but make me self conscious. I'll try the stevia too. Biotene isn't cutting it anymore.
Avatar n tn I don't see anything that would interfere with actual clotting mechanism in the body as a whole. The best thing to do is ask your doctor or pharmacist before using this.
5727805 tn?1378196652 Just an fyi for any pregnant mommies that are unaware you can request an epidural without the narcotic medicine fetanyl in it and just get the lidocaine portion which is the basic numbing agent we get relief from. Even though when I got my last epi I was unaware of the medicine used. Lol nobody thinks about that when they're in pain begging for the epi. Regardless I never felt like I was in a drugged stupor but I did get really itchy which come to find out is a result of the fentanyl.
Avatar f tn If it's been past 16 weeks and you haven't had another ob and your results are negative, I would feel comfortable that you are negative, you can always continue to test, or have a western blot done, it's the best test around.
14069933 tn?1432763633 spine, and spinal tap - the big, giant needle shoved in your back, not the band. It's not pleasant or fun, especially when the lidocaine doesn't work & the hit a nerve. I don't recommend it. On Saturday my neurologist call and it is now official that I have MS. Its not a surprise. I've kind of known it was coming for a while, but always hoped it would turn out to be something else. It turns out that today (technically yesterday, May 27) is World MS Day. Who knew?
Avatar f tn I have had Hep c for probably 30 years or so My Doc wants me to get a biopsy, but I have many allergies, one to Lidocaine. I am wondering where I can get a fibrotest done in the U.S. I am new to the state of Colorado (and confusion and anxiety). Can anyone help me understand what may be happening..and where to get fibrotesting done?
Avatar m tn 1) Can HIV survive in blood mixed with benzocaine+lidocaine? 2) When I apply the gel to my penile head, the fact that benzocaine can absorbed into bloodstream, does it mean HIV (if its in the gel) also gets absorbed into my bloodstream despite the intact skin? 3) When I washed my penile head after applying the gel, can the water mixed with the gel and enter my urethra? What is the risk of my contracting HIV from the above 3 scenarios? Tq sir.
86075 tn?1238118691 Can-do-man is right about the potassium. When I finished tx my potassium level was low.nothing dangerous but low still the same.
Avatar m tn but I don't know it's getting contact with my eyeball, since I don't felt any sore in my eye and no redness, and I don't know is there any blood or no when the lidocaine sprayed into my eye... I don't wear any googles or mask, since it's just a small family clinic... When I'm asking the patient, she only complained about her finger that infected and need some nail extraction... no other body problems, no weight loss, and no prolonged fever... so, am I at risk? I just need some opinion..
Avatar f tn I have Hepatitis C and I am chronically exhausted and have the constant feeling of being ill or having the flu that never goes away. The muscle and Joint pain are the worst. I can barely get up in the morning or get to bed in the evening without help anymore. Keep at the Doctors. If you don't like the answer you are given like eating too much yogart (that's the first I've heard that) go get one that makes sense to you.
Avatar f tn i have the bright red blood on the toilet paper and off and on that blood is attached to the stool....
Avatar m tn I have to wake up and dose in the middle of the night- usually the pain wakes me up anyways- or I wake up screaming in the morning and cannot get the pain under control. It's awful. I take hydromorphone and have been experiencing head aches- migraines, but I think this is from the hormones I have been taking.
15440293 tn?1440623937 Could the bradycardia be causing the dipping blood pressure, and maybe even the obstructive sleep apnea, or would sleep apnea be causing in bradycardia and dropping blood pressure?? Below I will provide most of my medical history, medical tests I've had performed, and the things I am diagnosed with. I brought this up to my cardiologist and they seem unconcerned and like it is not a big deal that I am having these symptoms.
15440293 tn?1440623937 Could the bradycardia be causing the dipping blood pressure, and maybe even the obstructive sleep apnea, or would sleep apnea be causing in bradycardia and dropping blood pressure?? Below I will provide most of my medical history, medical tests I've had performed, and the things I am diagnosed with. I brought this up to my cardiologist and they seem unconcerned and like it is not a big deal that I am having these symptoms.
572651 tn?1333939396 Then they had me on the table where the test would be done- They did it right there in their office - the table the test was done on was against the wall and he had me curl up into the position (knees up as tight to the chests as possible). The wall was good because it gave me something to brace myself against. He walked me through the procedure while he felt my spine to locate the entry point he would use to extract the fluid.
Avatar f tn If there is no infection or blood in the urine it is probably a flare up of your IC. I've had patients complain of pain in their fingers and arms when the bladder pain gets bad. It's caused by an increase in the sensitivity of the sensory nerves in your body when the bladder pain occurs. Start by eliminating all the foods that can cause worsening symptoms, and try pyridium a drug that your doctor can prescribe to stop the burning. Rest, exercise and stress reduction are also important.