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1571533 tn?1322947109 Lidocaine (INN) ( /ˈlaɪdɵkeɪn/), Xylocaine, or lignocaine (former BAN) ( /ˈlɪɡnɵkeɪn/) is a common local anesthetic and antiarrhythmic drug. Lidocaine is used topically to relieve itching, burning and pain from skin inflammations, injected as a dental anesthetic or as a local anesthetic for minor surgery.
934553 tn?1275277979 I have had a problem with itching on my left had for the past 3 years now. It was so bad in Feb. of this year that I finally went to urgent care to see if somebody could help me. I scratched my hand on anything that was rough. It hurt and felt great at the same time. I was told it was excema, dermatitis, allergies... and so on... No cream or antibiotic or prescription for itch cream would work. Finally, prednisone.. cleared it up..
Avatar f tn -Eucirin lotion after showers and before bed. -Don't take hot showers, but instead luke warm showers (almost cool.) Then 1 minute before the shower is over, I turn the water to straight cold. -Don't sweat...don't workout....just do light walks and jogs. -No sugar! Sugar made me itch every time. I have no idea why.
2074552 tn?1331693642 So I have to get through 3 more weeks. Atarax works for the itching and is supposed to make you sleepy, but does not for me. Fluocinonide works for the rash. Gold Bond cream worked better than aveno, but still use aveno soap. Keep it cool as you can. Hope it goes away or becomes more manageable. The tx is working, but it does make the road any easier. I told the NP today that the positive side of this rash/itching is that I no longer work about any other sx.
Avatar n tn Also, for whatever it's worth, I used all sorts of steroid skin creams throughout tx and nonetheless achieved SVR despite a significantly shortened duration of tx (13 weeks for geno 2). For me, Gold Bond provided immediate relief but only for an hour or two. The steroids really eliminated most of the itchies.
4592444 tn?1362033303 I've put lidocaine gel on my legs like for a sunburn. It has aloe Vera in it and lidocaine helps with the itching.
Avatar m tn It seems to deaden the nerve endings just under the skin where all the itching starts. The drug insert calls it a skin analgesic mostly used for children when starting an IV to ease the pain. It warns not to use on skin that is not intact, or open sores, so this is definitely for those of us that have no visible rash or sores. It has relieved the "bee-sting" sensation and the infernal itching that follows. Hope this helps someone.
Avatar n tn I have tried alcohol as well, only relieves itching a little bit. I have this cream the doctor gave me for itching and sometimes it works, now I think it works only for the itching. I also get these little tiny bumps on the tops of my hands, itch and go away pretty quickly. The main problem with my situation is I also get them on my legs, itchy bumps in patches. I have been to a few doctors and no one can figure it out.
Avatar f tn Flexaril and Baclofen can help with muscle spasms, and there's lidocaine for itching - I hear the patches work pretty well.
Avatar f tn If you do not have a yeast infection, then the itching is probably from the drugs. I had itching in the perineum along with itching everywhere else. It did not go away until I got on 50 mg of Hydroxyzone every 6 hours. That is a prescription. It got rid of all of my itching, everywhere, including the perineal itching. I had a rash everywhere too, including the perineal area but, as stated, it all went awy with the prescription Hydroxyzine. (Over the counter Benadryl was useless.
Avatar n tn For the last past two days I've been experiencing itching and burning sensations in the vaginal region. It also occurs when I urinate. I've tried vagisil which usually works but this time it made the itching and burning worse. I don't have an odor but my discharge is kind of a thick off white color. Im not able to see the doctor until next week. What can I do until then.
Avatar f tn I'm a 30 year old woman with nearly constant mild to moderate itching with several spurts a day of severe itching that keeps me from sleeping or focusing. It began three years ago during my 20th week of pregnancy and never left. I have tested negative for all allergens. I've had a kenalog shot, attarax, benzodiazepenes. I've used lidocaine, menthol, etc type lotions (and three or four prescription ones). Nothing helps. I don't have dry skin.
Avatar m tn It seems to deaden the nerve endings just under the skin where all the itching starts. The drug insert calls it a skin analgesic mostly used for children when starting an IV to ease the pain. It warns not to use on skin that is not intact, or open sores, so this is definitely for those of us that have no visible rash or sores. It has relieved the "bee-sting" sensation and the infernal itching that follows. Hope this helps someone.
Avatar n tn My family Doctor has subscribed several things at various times, nystatin and triamcinolone acetoneide cream,Mentax 1% cream/Lidocaine 5%0,Lotrisone Lotion,Desitin Ointment, Gold Bond medicated powder, for examples. I have noted some improvement from time to time but continued use of any of it seems not to help. What I seem to go back to most is the gold bond powder. I sometimes get up at night and apply a cold wash cloth before using it.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend started having itching on his penis in the later part of last week. It stopped on Sunday or so. On Monday night we had intercourse with condom, and he experienced a burning sensation and red irritation around the head. I was wondering what could cause this and if by chance I transfered a yeast infection to him. I have not or believe I have not had a yeast infection lately; however, in the middle of August we had an abortion.
Avatar n tn She has great doctors, but none of them seem to be able to explain what is causing the spasms and what the correlation is with the spasms and the itching. She has been giving Lidocaine cream and patches to use on her neck, but it barely helps. She also uses antihistamines to help the itching, but they only offer some relief and always make her fall asleep. Her doctor also prescribed her muscle relaxers and pain killers, but they don't seem to do the trick.
Avatar n tn It could also be anxiety, but - not likely (not unless you have an anxiety disorder with other symptoms.) An antidepressant for itching in the shower is... well - I can't blame you for not wanting to get on AntiD's for this. If that is the only complaint you have, beginning Antd's to treat this would be... well - ludicrous, to put it bluntly.
Avatar n tn When the itching starts to flair up I simply rub a dab on each arm for 2 or 3 days. Within about 10 minutes or so the itching subsides. If I use it for a few days the itching stays away for weeks. If I use it for several days in a row, the skin on my arms start flaking like I was sheding an old sunburn. I have been grateful and using this product for a few years.
Avatar n tn I've had this very same itching problem for about 15 years. Mine is most prominent in the cold months. My itching is on my lower legs usually on the shin or calf and the itch seems to track down the vein. The itching/scratching is usually in the evening-early morning, very intense and will sometimes end with blood. I found that I was able to get a little relief when I was a smoker.
Avatar f tn I just want to find out if there are others dealing with this out there, as it seems this what they call a rare thing-since its not a skin disease-scratching never helps nor did the itching creams. My husband's going to get some x-strenght lanacane for me as i've heard it works well. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Hi Bodie- What I found that is good for (probably minor) itching is Aloe Vera w/ Lidocaine. You can find it this time of year with the suntan products. It will numb the area for a bit. The aloe will help it to heal if sores are forming from the scratching. You could use this along with an Rx from the Doc. Scott- I find that studies wind up contadicting themselves down the road (re:caffiene) I think moderation is the key.
Avatar n tn how long after being reated for trich yeast infection and chalmidia does it take for the unbearable itching to stop?? any home or over the counter remedies to take??
Avatar n tn My 79 yr old mother has been suffering for several months with severe itching, burning, redness and mild swelling of her palms and soles. A dermo has been treating her for erythromelalgia. Noted on one visit - mild warmth. He says the presentation is somewhat atypical. She is up during the night when it appears to be worse using ice to cool and stop itching.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I just stick the itching body part under the hot water tap until the itching stops. This provides the longest lasting relief. Does anyone use a prescription for the itching? I must scratch in my sleep because my shins and wrists are bloody in the morning. Good grief!
Avatar f tn My last biokit was this month and was negative, i had been without a sex partner for well over a year. I am assuming as you and terri have both said that i was negative. OK fast forward, 2 weeks ago i was out with a group of friends and a new guy friend whom i was seeing but not sexually active with. Well as the night progressed we all were quite drunk and my DD ended up leaving us, which left me and the new guy who was as drunk as me to take a cab home.
Avatar n tn I have no idea what she did, but prior to inserting the IV, she injected something to numb the area. Lidocaine (sp?), I believe. The area was very swollen and very dark purple in color. Last week while at a BBQ my forearm started to itch. I noticed where the large bruise was (now faded about 75%) I had developed hives, or numerous small blisters. I m not worried and my doctor does not seemed concerned either. However......
Avatar m tn I have severe vulvar itching from the past 2 years. My doctor has scheduled me for a vulvar biopsy. I am very scared and worried about the biopsy. Is it very painful? Will i be having stitches? How long will it take to heal? Can i apply lidocaine before the biopsy?
Avatar n tn This second time around, I've been itching for 2-3 months. Last week I noticed a lump on my right side where my thigh begins. Right at the joint. I also noticed a few red spots. Which is strange because I'd itch but there wouldn't be any marks on my skin. I look normal. I went to see my doctor and he told me I had shingles. Which explains the red spots and the lump. He put me on Valtrex (sp?) and I've been taking it for the past 4 days.
Avatar n tn I have intense itching all over the bottom of my legs and ankles. nothing would take it away until I used "after bite" in a pen shape container. It worked, it stopped the itching immediately, was caused by fleas. My white poodle sleeps in bed with me, so I checked my sheets at the bottom one night and found 5 fleas in bed with me and 4 more new bites. Since then I have almost asphyxiated myself spraying the rug and under the bed and the sides of my mattress.