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Avatar f tn Doctor gave me a GI cocktail with lidocaine and it helped. Gave me 5 days of Kapidex and told me to take like prevacid or something could take mylanta also.
Avatar n tn It is worse in the mornings and I am not eating anything and havent for three days..Just water and ensure and vanilla pudding....This morning I had to drive 100 miles for work and got so sick to my stomach. Coming home wasnt an option at 100 miles away..Only way to get here was to drive it....I stopped at a place along the highway and bought some alka-seltzer and it has always helped me the most of all OTCs but Im not supposed to take it because of its aspirin content...
Avatar n tn any idea what was in the slurry was it called magic mouth wash which has a number of formulations my fav mylanta diphenhydramine lidocaine and either tetracycline (bacterial) or nystatin (fungal) prob would be rx.
488823 tn?1218374167 •80 ml viscous lidocaine 2% •80 ml Mylanta •80 ml diphenhydramine 12.5 mg per 5 ml elixir •80 ml nystatin 100,000U suspension •80 ml prednisolone 15mg per 5ml solution •80 ml distilled water Sig: Swish, gargle, and spit one to two teaspoonfuls every six hours as needed. May be swallowed if esophageal involvement.
Avatar n tn Manometry is a good test to document esophageal spasms. I use a cocktail of bentyl, 2% lidocaine and mylanta. A problem with a GI cocktail is it has been my experience that during one I can't possibly swallow so I have to wait for it to pass to even drink the thing..Not much help by that time..Going to see a GI spec. is a good start..
Avatar n tn has Benadryl, maylox, lidocaine, and I'm not sure what else, but if you are interested I could ask the dentist that I work for what the prescription is. Watch out for the things he eats and drinks no o.j., tomatoes, ketchup, etc. I hope he gets to feeling better!!
Avatar f tn No relief and now has gastroenteritis from all the steroids and NSAIDS. Back to the ER and treated with viscous lidocaine and mylanta to numb stomach. This actually helped a little with stomach. I've stopped the neurontin, but have continued the topamax once daily. Now we are taking Prilosec and mylanta. This has changed my entire families life for exactly one month. It's been a living nightmare that seems as though it will never end. We just want to get back to our normal life's.
Avatar n tn For the last 6 months I have been getting tearing (look like paper cuts) in my vaginal area (1/4 to 1/2 inch long). I get the tears at least once or twice a week and they last from 2-4 days, go away for a few days and then come back. They continue to occur in the same locations; 1. Inside the vaginal lips on the sides almost always in the crease (between the labia minora and majora?) 2. Between the anus and vaginal opening (perineum) 3. Above the clitoris in the "hood" area.
1264863 tn?1391121793 ) If for some reason you can't get to the dr., use the combination of equal parts liquid benadryl and maalox (or mylanta) gargle and swish for 60 seconds then spit.. The lidocaine helps greatly (numbing) but in a pinch the other two are soothing and you will find some relief.
Avatar m tn Pylori and was given a referral to a gi guy for an endoscopy. The NP gave me a cocktail of mylanta and lidocaine. Once it started to work, I got relief for over 24 hrs. She didgive me a little lidocaine to bring home. She said use only when severe and to mix just a drop of it with liquid antacid. I started with the horrificpain again and so I mixed literally a tiny drop of the lidocaine.I'm wondering if anyone elsehas used this,and, if so, do you have exact mixture proportions.
Avatar f tn I went to ER on sat nite, after lidocaine/mylanta cocktail, a bag of saline iv, a very large ion drink for contrast cat scan, and a HUGE potassiam pill, I was sent home with a script for doxycycline and nexium and told to follow up with lap band dr. Cat scan showed esophagus inflamed and lymph nodes around it swollen. Dr knew nothing about lap band, but I saw Cat scan showed dependent hyperdensity in gall bladder which may be sludge....
5432782 tn?1368810556 equal parts Mylanta, children's Benadryl and viscous lidocaine. The lidocaine can be purchased without a prescription (it's kept behind the counter). Keep in a clean bottle in the fridge, shake well before using as needed. This will tide you over until Tuesday. Your Dr may want to add an antifungal if thrush is part of your problem. This is the ONLY thing that's helped me over the last 36 weeks. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn It is a combination of mylanta and lidocaine. What is does is numb the pain long enough for me to be able to go back to sleep. Keep your bed elevated to all most a sitting position. If you have been on med's for a month than I would call your doctors office to let them know that you are not getting any relief from your medication. Do not wait till Feb. Also try Lactaid milk seems to be a lot gentler on the stomach. Sorry I don't have any information on the other concern. Good luck.
Avatar f tn try some coke syrup over ice or emetrol for the nausea ask the np about magic mouthwash for the tongue or mouth sores (aa lidocaine, diphenhydramine and mylanta one mix of many)
320078 tn?1278348320 thanks for all helpful information, i have an appt, with another GI//Hep specialist. I know lessening dosage is not the answer, and i think i have gone to far to quit now (even though somes days i REALLY want to) if they can just keep the sides at bay, so that i can still work, then i think i can make it. good luck Imagaine hopefully your sides are not too bad this time! Denise & Lorraine ~ i have been using the mylanta with lidocaine and my mouth is getting better!
1654058 tn?1407162666 It’s compounded by the local pharmacy and can contain various proportions of Maalox, benadryl, lidocaine and Nystatin. It’s a swish ‘n swallow that is used several times a day and numbs on contact so at least you might be able to eat meals without too much pain. It’s often prescribed to cancer chemo patients; most doctors are at least vaguely familiar with it.
Avatar f tn He has prescribed me carafate, along with taking anything that helps basically...mylanta, zantac, pepcid ac. First time he gave me a GI cocktail with lidocaine in it and it was amazing to be that pain free!! Wish I could bring it home with me!! Today I went back because this flank pain has gotten pretty bad in the last couple of days. The abdomen pain fluctuates from very bad to knowing it's there type. He took a stool sample for blood but negative.
Avatar f tn Then tried GI cocktail (Mylanta, Lidocaine, and Donnatal). This worked a little but again diarreaha and stomach cramps. He also suggested GI do another scope in a few months to be acid is not hurting esophagus. So now I am taking Donnatal extend tabs, Gaviscon and Valium. Gaviscon actually helps some and the first night I took the Donnatal, it totally worked! No chest pain for over 40 hours! Then last night the pain came back Donnatal helped but not completely.
Avatar n tn 30% Lidocaine Viscous 2% 50% Mylanta 20% Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) 12.5mg/5ml liquid After paying my $10 copay for the stuff and trying it for several days I wondered whether I might have been better off with my own less-expensive concoction: 2oz bottle of Benzocaine solution half a box of crushed up generic Sominex and..... 16 oz of Haagen-Dazs French Vanilla But........I'd never do that to the Haagen-Dazs.
250701 tn?1320978365 a concoction containing soothing ingredients such as liquid Benadryl, Maalox or Mylanta, and sometimes a local anesthetic such as lidocaine. Another thing that can be quite effective is spritzing the tongue with Chloraseptic throat spray, which numbs the tissue and takes away the burning sensation. I have used all these remedies, and for me the "Magic Mouthwash" worked best.
Avatar n tn which i believe has mylanta liquid, lidocaine, and benadryl liquid. she told me a cheaper alternative would be to swish with some mylanta liquid several times daily. it's an antacid preparation, and i don't know exacly what it does inside the mouth (as opposed to swallowing it), but apparently this nurse recommends it a lot. i don't know what can be done for the lips at this point, and i'm just keeping tons of vaseline on them in an attempt to enhance flexibility.
Avatar n tn This is absolutely the worst pain I've had in quite a while, and it is so difficult to make myself eat...nothing eases the pain (I've tried tylenol 3, and the mylanta/benadryl/lidocaine cocktail). I'm absolutely miserable! Has anyone else been through this? How long until I feel better? Any advice on how to eat? I'm so desperate...please help!
Avatar n tn Maybe the changing weather will make these mouth sores disappear. I did eat yogurt this morning. I am using biotene and lidocaine and drinking my water with a straw. Tomorrow morning I'll call the doctor to ask for magic mouth and some of the other stuff you guys have mentioned. I wake up every morning hoping the sores are healing, but if anything they're worse. The lidocaine does help a lot, but only for a few minutes. As soon as it wears off, life is miserable again.
Avatar n tn I hope your GI does an EGD so he can see exactly what might be going on..If it is acid-reflux or complications of such, he will find them.....Ive never heard of PPIs causing reflux, although I dont think they absolutely stop it either...They arent intended to stop reflux but rather slow or stop the production of acid in your stomache, if no acid then no acid reflux!!!...
317787 tn?1473362051 My GI doc was appalled when he took a look and gave me lidocaine 2% to rince the mouth and suggested Mylanta liquid. He figured out from the 'magic' recipes what was in there that would help me. I could not find Mylanta at first in liquid, stopped looking, and kept numbing and rinsing. I kind of blew that, because once I remembered what he said about Mylanta (yes, interferon memory problems, too), got some and started getting better right away.
215461 tn?1331866365 Just curious, what was the med for the thrush (Nystantin maybe?) and were you on an antibiotic at the same time or afterwards? If so, the antibiotic may have counteracted the med and you still have a yeast infection (thrush). Two things you can try. There is heaven in a bottle -a prescription called "magic mouthwash." It will give you instant relief -it contains viscous lidocaine, nystantin, and mylanta (I think).
1807991 tn?1438783370 in case anyone picks up this thread in Google, I need to tell you that Biotene only helped me so much, the breaktrough for me was Mylanta liquid. I had full involved consolidated mouth ulcer and sores. My doc was appalled. He looked up a few recipes for magin mouthwash and, based on my description of the acid nature of what was going on with my mouth, especially from riba but worse after adding Incivek (I did a 8 week lead in before adding Incivek so that is how I know).
Avatar n tn I had chest pains that would take my breathe away, make me break out in a sweat, doubled me over, and make my heart race. My local PCP was having me mix my own GI cocktail (lidocaine, bentyl, mylanta) for them, certain they were esophageal spasms...I have no idea what they were except that since surgery they are gone, but I also started the toprol in the same time frame as the surgery...No more palps either....
Avatar n tn I was not put to sleep for this procedure. The lidocaine spray pretty much felt like oven cleaner and smelled like it, too. My doc went through my nose and down my throat, into my stomach and over to my duedoduem..spelling?? I ate pretty quickly after it was over and I felt find then, but oh my goodness, my left side is killing me, some sharp pains that shoot over to my right side. This was a horrid procedure, but necessary, so I hung in there and prayed that I did not gag.