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Avatar n tn the dose range is 25mcg to 300mcg (12 different strengths) A nuclear scan won't tell you much, esp if you are on thyroxine. An ultrasound is the place to start to measure thyroid and if thyroid is significantly enlarged a CT can give info on pressure on the trachea. Pressure on esophagus can also be seen but a barium swallow may be helpul as well.
168348 tn?1379360675 I saw this in Endrocine Today (4/1/13) The American Thyroid Association has acknowledged a recall of levothyroxine sodium, according to a statement on their website. The drug may not be available until 2014. http://www.healio.
Avatar f tn has no fillers, dye, etc. Contains only levothyroxine, glycerine, gelatin, water. It's basically hypoallergenic, more readily absorbed, etc...... Tirosint comes in a variety of strengths, including 112, I think........ I've been on it since Aug of last year and doing great with it........
Avatar n tn Have been on several different strengths of levothyroxine. Can't get it right. Tsh was 0.15. After 6 weeks on lower dose today reads 0.690. (0.340-5.600) MICRO IU/ML FREE T4 1.52 (0.58-1.64) NG/DL TOTAL T3 100 (87-178) NG/DL Any help appreciated.
192918 tn?1199454779 All pill forms of levothyroxine have some type of fillers/binders - that's what holds the pill in their pill form - sure that makes sense.. If you're doing well on the synthroid, you should probably just stay on it; the generic med wasn't so expensive that you can't deal with not taking it, was it?
Avatar m tn You need thyroid replacement medications - levothyroxine has 12 different strengths and if you are otherwise young/healthy then a full replacement of 100-125mcg would be the usual start dose. This is a severe case of hypothyroidism and with the positive antibodies is likely due to Hashimoto's.
Avatar n tn I am actually on Armour and levothyroxine. After my doctor put me on both is when my blood levels were in the normal range. In 2005 I had a mass removed from my thyroid. I never knew I had problems with my Thyroid until then. The mass came back benign, but I have been on Levothyroxine since then and I have not felt Good since then. I have gained about 50lbs, I have no energy, I have problems concentrating.
Avatar f tn I have several different strengths of synthroid (every time they change my dose, it seems like they do it right after I've refilled my script) and none of them say "synthroid" on them. They all have the strength (100,88,50, etc) on one side and appear to be blank on the other side (either that or my bifocals aren't working well tonight LOL). The script from my dr specified Synthroid as "medically necessary", which means that the pharmacy can't substitute a generic.
Avatar f tn Eltroxin is synthetic T4, the same as levothyroxine. It is levothyroxine, actually. You should be retested every six weeks until your levels are good. It takes six weeks for a dosage change to come to full effect. So testing every six weeks and adjusting the dosage until correct is the best approach, followed by testing every three months. The extreme drop in TSH is not surprising, and it is a positive step in this case.
Avatar n tn 5mg of Levothyroxine. 3 months later she tested my free T4 and my TSH. My free T4 level is .94 and my TSH went up to 4.5, she upped my medicine to 25 mg. I really don't know a whole lot about this even though I have done some research. Can someone tell me when to seek a specialist? Do I need to worry about cancer? We just went through cancer with our son so maybe I am just a little gun shy. Thanks so much.
13586802 tn?1430671602 I'm 73 y.o. so it is not a surprise that I have health challenges. I've been on Armour Thyroid 90 mg. daily for 6 years. In the past 20 months I've also been twice treated for hep c. The first was in January of 2014. The treatment was grueling and ultimately I relapsed. In May of 2014 I was diagnosed with atrial fib. Had a cardiac ablation in Oct of 2014 which was helpful. I still have fairly frequent PAC's unless I take a low dose of sotalol (20mg twice daily).
479481 tn?1219712009 I started having trouble with levothyroxine suddenly after taking it half of my life. I switched to Thyrolar 1 and absolutely loved it. then it disappeared from the market. I have been having a hard time since. I've tried the compound Armour, but it is made with levothyroxine. so no help there. just tried cytomel. lasted a month, constant headaches. hate it!!! Thyrolar will be back on the market, the question is just...when???
Avatar n tn Eight years later I now weigh 220lbs. I have been on several different strengths of levothyroxine. I believe that it is o.k. just for today. Would I benefit from the old formula which contains both the T-3 and T-4 hormone? I am at my wits end. I have tried everything. I never stopped exercising and eating healthy;however, there is no indication in my weight and BMI (47%) that what I am doing is helping me. Would you recommend the naturoid for me?
215461 tn?1331866365 I take 1/2 of the lowest dose of levothyroxine a day. They took me off of my thyroid medication and placed me on toprol for the heart racing. It is now a month later and my tsh is back up to 25. I will post the exact labs. This whole time I have been having extreme panic and shortness of breath. I have never had this in my life before now. My endo is basically telling me that my palpitations and such are not caused by my thyroid, but in my head and I need to see a psychiatrist.
Avatar f tn Levothyroxine sodium is unstable in the presence of light, temperature, air, and humidity. Unless the manufacturing process can be carefully and consistently controlled, levothyroxine sodium products may not be fully potent through the labeled expiration date, or be of consistent potency from lot to lot.
Avatar n tn i am just about at my wits end. i have been on so many different strengths of the levothyroxine that it has been ridiculous. i asked my doctor to put me on armour thyroid, but there are so many issues with pharmacies keeping it in stock that she did not want to do that. i remembered to ask her specifically to fill my prescription with actual synthroid as i remember feeling better on it.
Avatar m tn Iodized salt, seafood, seaweed, supplements, apricots, and one of the many brands of levothyroxine or Armour. A good doc will tweak the strengths for you a little, but IF it turns out that this is solely a low-of-normal thyroid issue, you'd probably only need about 0.025 or 0.05 mg levothyroxine per day. Very low doses.
173351 tn?1201217657 Hmm... Maybe I'm just thinking too much... Here in Australia we have only three strengths available (50mcg, 100mcg & 150mcg) Synthroid is available in strengths (25mcg, 50mcg, 75mcg, 88mcg, 100mcg, 112mcg, 125mcg, 137mcg, 150mcg, 175mcg, 200mcg & 300mcg) I wonder if studies were done - if there would be any similarity in dosage between countries for equivalant thyroid conditions?
5285867 tn?1365996892 I was taking 75 mc levothyroxine. My doctor said it is a generic brand and use levoxyl. Dr Oz had this consumer reporter on medications He said that levothyroxine can fluctuate it strength which makes sense since I am up and down every few months. I recently had bile reflux gastritis. My doctor switched me to levoxyl and my heart was racing so I got off the pill and had my thyroid recheked. He said it was normal a few weeks later.
Avatar f tn I push my refills a few days early every month. I have Synthroid and Levothyroxine laying around in three different strengths. Some of them are two years old. If the world ends, or the truckers go on strike, or the whole East coast gets nuked, it would be sort of nice to have a month's supply in the drawer. Paranoid? Uh-huh. But after that huge comet smashes into Kansas City, I'll have Synthroid. For a while... LOL!!! Sorry about your bad experience.
Avatar n tn Lexapro (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, SSRI) SSRI's in patients stabilized on levothyroxine may result in increased levothyroxine requirements. Time to phone the doctor I think - good luck!!!
211563 tn?1189998110 I take 150mcg for 5 days of the week and 100 mcg for 2 days of the week and get an average dosage of approx. 136mcg per day (different dose strengths available in Australia). My guess (and I'm sure there are probably other reasons too???) is that we don't all do this weekly dosing because it is not the 'optimal' treatment regime - 'optimal' would have to be a close replication of 'normal' thyroid function/regulation.
9595194 tn?1404752716 Synthroid is a brand name drug and is prescription only. Levothyroxine is the generic, and it, as well as other brands names, also require a prescription from your doctor, in order to be sold, legally, in the United States. I understand that there are some sites that sell thyroid medication made in, either Mexico or Taiwan, that you can buy online, but you have no idea what you're really getting.
Avatar n tn Had my TT on dec 12th for follicular cancer.Started on 125mcg of levothyroxine a couple of weeks later after my rai.At the six week point my TSH level was 4.18 so they bumped me up to 137 mcg.Go back on apr 3rd to check levels again.
Avatar n tn The goal TSH is 0.3-2.5 for replacement -- including replacement with combinatation cytomel/levothyroxine - it usually only takes - 2-3 adjustments to achieve this. Thyroid problems can contribute to depression, but often the depression needs separate treatment.
219522 tn?1251764229 There is no medical research to support the claim that armour is better than synthetic levothyroxine. Often patients who advocate for armour are on doses that over-suppress the TSH to the point that they are at risk of heart rhythm problems and bone loss (ie TSH <0.2). This may 'feel' better initially, but I use the analogy of amphetamines -- some people feel better, but most of us know that this is not good for anyone in the long-run.
616450 tn?1228437227 I take Levoxyl, and the pharmacy only carries it in strengths that people are using. I live in a small town, and when I inquired about Levoxyl (I wanted to switch from Synthroid to Levoxyl), they only carried it in 100mcg dose. I needed 88mcg, and they ordered it for me. Took about two days to get it in. I told them to order a small amount, because the dose might change soon.
168348 tn?1379360675 Alternating doses of 100mcg and then 150mcg every second day (Australia only has strengths of 50, 100 and 200). TSH goal: 0.5 - 1.0 .. last bloodwork: 0.44 test again in a few weeks. I just love connecting with the great people on this forum - best wishes to everyone on their journey.
499534 tn?1328707778 Just as an aside for those not in the know. Tirosint is the generic form of Levothyroxine. (Eutroxsig for us Aussies) It is not available in Australia.(and highly unlikely to be in the near future) It is a gel capsule of thyroxine T4 only medication. The company which makes it is touting it as the new breakthrough in T4 replacement. Read the reviews by many others online, some do well and some don't.
Avatar f tn But with a false TSH originally I was on WAY to high a dose. I just finished 3 different strengths of Armour and had TERRIBLE cutting chest pains. I'm off that and will go back to Levothyroxine, very low dose. Watch taking iodine even in suppliments. It WILL effect your numbers if you gave Hashi's for sure.