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Avatar n tn I've been reading about Levothyroxine and Osteoporosis. Can anyone share their thoughts/articles etc. with me. I feel like damned if you do start the treatment and damned if you don't which isn't a good feeling. I've also been reading about using kelp and other supplements via a natural MD and trying to get your thyroid healthy that way. Has anyone ever done that successfully? It sounds too good to be true.
Avatar m tn I never have had symptoms of hypo or hyper thyroidism at any time over all these years, In 1992, I was diagnosed with a hypo functioning nodule and half of my thyroid was removed and tested for cancer. Years later the gland was enlarged and tests done showing that the other half of my thyroid was not producing enough T3/T4.
Avatar f tn I've always had a cough (like a tickle as the best way to describe it) the entire time on was on both name brand Synthroid and generic levothyroxine. I tried WP Thyroid for 6 week trial and it disappeared along with the nagging symptoms. My doc didn't like my T3 numbers and switched me back to levothyroxine with 5mg of cytomel (T3 drug) despite feeling more normal. Within 2 days of being back on levothyroxine, the cough returned, the fatigue, the brain fog, the insomnia, etc.
Avatar f tn Thyroid disease and osteoporosis are prevalent in the elderly, and von Recklinghausen recognized over 100 years ago that hyperthyroidism can cause osteoporosis. Increased circulating thyroid hormone induces a high turnover state in bone, with increased activity by osteoblasts and osteoclasts." "In this issue of Cell, Abe et al. (2003) demonstrate a critical role for TSH in skeletal remodeling that is independent of its effects on circulating thyroid hormone.
Avatar f tn 00) I was then referred to an endocrinologist. After eight months taking Levothyroxine 50ug and Fosamax - without any real problems - I have now discovered that although my TSH level has reduced (2.45) my Gamma levels (liver) have gone through the ceiling (Gamma G.T. before the medication was 19UI/l - normal range is from 0 - 36. now it's 183 UI/l. Has anybody else had any problems with liver blood work after taking this medication?
Avatar n tn When I stopped taking my levothyroxine after about 4 weeks I had debilitating problems with depression and anxiety and hypertension. I cried all the time, felt usless and worthless, stayed in bed, had no desire to eat, watch tv, read, go out and I had sever panic attacks..with dr instructions U have restarted my med and it has been 6 weeks and my recovery is slow...I still dont feel like myself and I am still not going out or eating or doing normal house chores..
1018470 tn?1251337123 Pray she will put her on it....I am thinking equal to what she is on (125 mcg Levothyroxine) and give it a week and see how she feels, then possibly titrate up 1/4 grain for a week or two? Have her labs done (TSH, FT3, FT4 & RT3). I am going to get to the bottom of why I can't get all the labs, when I know they've done them? The doc's office will not like me tomorrow, yet once again.....good grief! I just know she has the RT3 problem too!
Avatar f tn He said it could be potentially harmful for me to try taking the Amour Thyroid because I would be more likely to be over medicated which puts me at risk of heart problems, stroke and osteoporosis. He said that only if my test results came back showing that I was low in T3 would they be prepared to consider adding T3 to my regime. I am now confused, I desperately want to feel well yet do not want to suffer with heart problems etc.
Avatar m tn Osteoporosis is a common condition where the bone becomes thin and fragile, creating an increased risk of fracture. Osteoporosis is usually painless until a fraction takes place, and osteoporosis is a major contributing factor to bone fracture, including hip fractures, which are more common as people age. There are almost 2 million hip fractures annually around the world. While in the U.S.
168348 tn?1379360675 I had thyroid cancer 3 years ago and now have hyposthyroidism, I recently starting taking trinosint, and it works wonderful. For two years I was off and on synthroid and levothyroxine, I felt tired and fatigued all the time. After as little as 2 weeks I started seeing a vast improvement; I am no longer tired, my weight is more managable, and I feel more energized to go about my normal activites.
Avatar m tn I was just sent to an endocrinologist a few weeks ago, and he informed me that my thyroid gland was completely dead and would not recover any function. I asked him about the benefits and setbacks were for having my thyroid removed and he didnt even want to discuss it. If it is completely dead, I want it removed. My TSH level came back 146...is there any benefit to having my thyroid removed at this point? or should I find a new doctor?
158939 tn?1274918797 Believe it or not, the idea that high levels of levothyroxine increase a woman's risk for osteoporosis is not a universally accepted idea. It is known that untreated hyperthyroidism does increase the risk. If the body produces too much thyroxine, it can be bad for your bone marrow, in other words. It does not follow that taking a high level of the synthetic equivalent of thyroxine because you need it raises your osteoporosis risk in the same way.
200220 tn?1361955154 My high intake of calcium carbonate has reversed the state of osteopenea (precursor to osteoporosis) my thyroid and parathyroid disease put me in. It's also helping to maintain the calcium level in my blood. But I've read it can have other negative affects and I worry about that. I've been advised that unless maxing out is needed, as determined by tests, don't do it.
Avatar f tn As for having bone fractures and osteoporosis when taking Levothyroxine, I am not going to spend the time again to read through one of your sources just to find discrepancies. Suffice to say that thyroid hormone does not cause bone loss, it simply increases metabolism and therefore the rate of the current bone formation or loss. Most older women are losing bone due to their combined sex steroid, DHEA, Vitamin D, and growth hormone deficiencies.
665125 tn?1273027524 luckily after i'd say a few months, i started being able to control it a little bit better and after about 2 years the drs finally got my levothyroxine right. and i started having to take less and less calcium. a good trick is to take vitamin d with the calcium. also, and this is the most difficult part, try to avoid overly stressful situations. ive noticed that it definitely has an affect on your body. the less stressed you get, the healthier all around you will feel.
Avatar n tn Besides that she never thought to connect progesterone I was taking to fatigue and headaches, if i didn't have basement Vit D I might not have osteoporosis, and oh by the way, selenium is pretty important as well, no mention of it. I have in my own obsessive compulsive way connected my dots and researched my labs to get to the bottom of it. My rant for the week....
Avatar n tn i have always tried to eat 5-6 smal meals a day and incorporate daily excercise into my lifestyle, when i combined these two and was still constantly tired, fatigued and over weight, the doctor took blood tests and my thyroid was VERY slow so now i am on levothyroxine and its only been a week but i am noticing side effects which arent that bad I am hoping the weight will come off soon though Has anyone else noticed weight loss from long term use of the pill Levothryroxine?
Avatar f tn I've had Hashimoto's Disease for 12 years and started taking Levothyroxine. For the past 8 years, I've been on a constant dose, and been very happy with no symptoms of hyper or hypo. Recently I moved and had to go to a new dr, who is very upset about the low (almost zero) TSH even though my Free T3 and Free T4 were normal. She wants me to totally go off all Levothyroxine for 6-8 weeks to "reset" my pituitary. I am very worried about what will happen to me if I did this.
Avatar m tn The research found that there was no significant decrease in BMD and bone turnover markers among the women, and the prevalence of osteoporosis and osteopenia was not different among the groups. The researchers concluded that long term suppressive levothyroxine therapy for thyroid cancer management did not affect bone density or increase the prevalence of osteoporosis. Source: Lee, M. et. Al.
6297360 tn?1380226519 If dessicated thyroid pill is available that will better as it have both T4 and T3. Osteoporosis and other complications occur due to excess thyroid hormones and in your case its not though TSH very low. Concerning vitamin B12 and D you need to keep supplementing till it reach optimum values. Also make sure you add zinc and selenium rich foods in your diet.
Avatar n tn Certain preexisting conditions may also be exacerbated by high doses of levothyroxine. These include an irregular heartbeat, osteoporosis with thinning of the bones, or coronary artery disease leading to angina or a heart attack. When necessary to limit high dosage symptoms or to accommodate a history of preexisting conditions, lower doses of levothyroxine may be administered that do not produce as much suppression. thyroid-cancer.
Avatar f tn The research found that there was no significant decrease in BMD and bone turnover markers among the women, and the prevalence of osteoporosis and osteopenia was not different among the groups. The researchers concluded that long term suppressive levothyroxine therapy for thyroid cancer management did not affect bone density or increase the prevalence of osteoporosis. Source: Lee, M. et. Al.
Avatar n tn The linear fibrosis is just old scarring, probably from a previous infection. You should do everything in your power to stop smoking and begin therapy for osteoporosis. Without treatment for osteoporosis, you will be at significantly increased risk of fractures the rest of your life. This is very important! For optimum therapy for osteoporosis you will need a prescription medicine, such as alendronate.
Avatar f tn NOW, said if I change my med doses he cannot see me as a patient because I'm endangering my life. My TSH is very low, however my Free T3 and Free T $ are still on the very low end of normal. I feel like crap, but want to raise my Levoxyl and keep my Cytomel at the dose I'm at. Doc says NO, as A Fib is too real a possibility. I have read that that is mostly a concern with elevated Free T3, Free T4 with suppression therapy. Any thoughts?
390388 tn?1279639813 I told her about my stomach pains/ bloated pressure, ovary type pains, low back pains (all on the left side along with swelling and heat), lightheadedness and all over body spasms and the fact that I'm in so much pain after I eat I can barely move and my vision can go out due to lightheadedness. She told me not to worry about it.
Avatar f tn ) and during my recent blood work, my T4 is slightly below normal and my TSH is 4.65. My physician started me on a low does of levothyroxine and I am starting to feel better..feel rested in the morning, less body aches, etc.). My question: Could the osteoporosis have been caused by the hyperthyroid states of subacute thyroiditis and could I have had episodes that were not detected? Also, is it possible to become hypothyroid without having positive TPO antibodies?
1293711 tn?1272495099 I'm curious as to why gluten is associated with Hashi. Also, my Vit.D was 8.5 and I got osteoporosis. I'm currently taking a lot of D for I think over a year and I'm still around the 24 mark. My endocronologist says my body isn't absorbing the D. I really don't understand all this. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Iin a response in chat, you said acid blockers decrease stomach acid and possibly the absorption of levothyroxine. If I opt to take an acid reducer, does it change how soon I would need new labs? Again, thank you for any comments. This is a very, very helpful and informative forum. I appreciate this community.
Avatar n tn I started using treadmill to help lose weight and broke tibia due to osteoporosis. I still have 4 children at home, am 54 years old and sick, sick, sick of doctors and surgeries. I have crossover autoimmune diseases including fybromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, neuropathies and daily migraines. I am on Opana 15 mg. 2 x daily, Percocet 10-325 mg.
Avatar f tn I too am on levothyroxine and was concerned about the same thing. So I was taking the pill at night so I could eat regular foods. Today I took it in the morning and am starving, but my doctor did say just supplements 4 hours after the pill. So now I'm getting something to eat. Thanks for information.