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Avatar f tn My 71 year old husband has never been on meds. Last year his thyroid and one parathyroid were taken out due to HUGE kidney stones. Recently he's been having terrible cramps. (He's been on this drug for almost a year.) Is there some natural way we can go with no thyroid? Thanks!
474189 tn?1211188060 Have recently been diagnosed with Hashi and have started on levothyroxine but I have noticed since I started taking it that I get chronic heartburn - especially at night making it difficult to sleep, but it attacks me at any time of the day and it gets so bad I just want to curl up in a ball and tell the world to go away ! Does anyone have this problem, is it a common side affect, will it stop as my body gets used to taking the meds or should I be revisiting my GP?
Avatar m tn Increasing levothyroxine dose doesn't mean increased metabolism and some time can even lower metabolism if have T4 to T3 conversion issue. Your increasing LDL cholesterol might be linked to lower Free T3 which you not tested but I suppose that's the reason and switching to natural desiccated (NDT) one might be beneficial.
Avatar m tn im a male 35 and have been taking levothyroxine for 1 year for a seemingly undiagnosed condition. after developing water blisters from nowhere that became infected then nearly passing out a month later i have been very weak in the legs and suffer from very slow gastric emptying,usually i go once or twice every 7-8 days. my tsh was 91.6 when i became ill so i was put on 25mcg of levo and gradually increased to 100mcg.
Avatar m tn I did some quick research regarding thyroid hormone replacement (levothyroxine = Synthroid, Levoxyl etc) including dessicated (Armour etc) and they all cautioned use with kidney disease and recommended periodic kidney & liver tests. I'd discuss your concerns with your doctor and ask him which medication will have the least impact on your kidneys. Its upsetting to read that low thyroid function can cause kidney issues - but then, the replacement therapy seems to also have its challenges.
1018470 tn?1251337123 Pray she will put her on it....I am thinking equal to what she is on (125 mcg Levothyroxine) and give it a week and see how she feels, then possibly titrate up 1/4 grain for a week or two? Have her labs done (TSH, FT3, FT4 & RT3). I am going to get to the bottom of why I can't get all the labs, when I know they've done them? The doc's office will not like me tomorrow, yet once again.....good grief! I just know she has the RT3 problem too!
Avatar n tn After that, my immune system must have totally broken down as I had a kidney, urine and bladder infection and was out of action for a long time. It took my body months to recover, and my A-Levels results suffered terribly as I couldn't finish them. So, taking a little pill every day is not THAT hard, as I well know. You take them for a reason, not just for fun. They're a necessary way of life.
Avatar m tn • Taking a hot bath with Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) is a good way to absorb and get much needed magnesium. • People with kidney disease or severe heart disease should take magnesium only under a doctor's supervision.
Avatar n tn It always sinks to the very bottom. And about once a week, I have to pass a kidney stone, and its' extremely painful. The weird thing is that I don't get any of the symptoms of kidney stones, like nausea or extreme pain in my flank. The pain only occurs at the tip of my pee-tube when it's finally coming out. Okay, and that's just the kidney stone part - let me start on the constipation/metabolism parts: I'm always constipated, I go weeks without a bowel movement.
Avatar f tn While I bent down to pick up my map, I felt a sharp pain near my right kidney. While I stood back up, the pain was so severe, I couldn't hide it, and I was having trouble breathing. My pain was obvious, and it caused a co-worker to call for help. It literally felt like somebody punched me there so hard, it knocked the wind out of me. This lasted a good 30 seconds before the pain finally subsided. Later, when I came home from work, it almost happened again while I bent down to pick up my cat.
Avatar m tn wow 400 MCG is alot of levothyroxine. i have started taking medications for my thyroid and am on 176 MCG and i have been on it for a year now. They started me out at 50 MCG and have slowly increased my dose based on my TSH level. If you increase your medication to fast you can cause more problems than not being on medication. The doctor should check her TSH level every 6 weeks until lab values are within normal limits. I see an Endocrinology to manage my thyroid disease.
19691093 tn?1488197669 Dental disease is the most common cause of canine kidney failure. The infection and bacteria from bad gums and teeth over a prolonged time period goes down the gut and eventually to the kidneys. As the immune system becomes affected, the kidneys cannot cope with all this bacteria and start to shut down - and that starts a process that leads to chronic kidney disease.
Avatar n tn Hypothyroidism and gout often coexist and may have biologic mechanisms in common.Some studies have reported a higher prevalence of gout in people with hypothyroidism (low levels of thyroid hormone). Hypothyroidism may even trigger gout. There is also some evidence to suggest that hyperthyroidism (high levels of thyroid hormone) can increase uric acid levels, although not to the degree that low thyroid hormones levels do.
Avatar f tn Avoid magnesium carbonate, sulfate, gluconate, and oxide. They are poorly absorbed (and the cheapest and most common forms found in supplements). Side effects from too much magnesium include diarrhea, which can be avoided if you switch to magnesium glycinate. Most minerals are best taken as a team with other minerals in a multi-mineral formula. Taking a hot bath with Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) is a good way to absorb and get much needed magnesium.
Avatar f tn I've looked and can't find any specific link between thyroid and potassium but there are links to autoimmune problems and potassium (and of course, the thyroid is subject to autoimmune problems too). Have your antibodies been checked?? http://www.umm.edu/ency/article/001179.
200220 tn?1361955154 My question is can you take it later in the day like at night time to relax me to sleep without hurting the absorption of the levothyroxine. My daughter told me to take it for relaxing me and it does. It put me to sleep . I took 4 the first night and only 2 the second night and both worked. I would also like to ask if anybody has nerve problems because of the thyroid issue. My nervous system feels like it will shut down on me and scares me because of the stress I feel.
16615961 tn?1454423687 I am currently on 50 mcg levothyroxine, 5mg clonazepam, 20 MG omeprazole for heartburn and acid reflux I developed, and started a few months ago on 75 MG venlafaxine(Effexor) bc my anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and insomnia have worsened. I have also had PTSD since childhood.
Avatar f tn Lupo, You might not know the answer to this question, but I wrote you a month ago and told you about my kidney cancer medicine wreaking havoc on my thyroid. (Sutent) I started with a TSH of 100 June 28th, low free T4. July 16th TSH was a 9. July 24th TSH was a 5. (at that time I had been taking Thytrophin for 10 days) When I started back on the medicine I had it rechecked two weeks later. It was a 29, free T-4 was just a pinch over the normal range. My Onc.
Avatar f tn The type 1 deiodinase is mainly found in the liver and kidney,18 and accounts for approximately 30–40% of extrathyroidal production of T3 (12 nmol). The type 2 deiodinase is found in the pituitary, the CNS, and skeletal muscle and contributes 60–70% of the extrathyroidal production of T3 (30 nmol).19 Although this enzyme system performs similar actions to the D1 group of enzymes, its kinetics, regulation and susceptibility to propylthiouracil are different.
696092 tn?1238620367 I have documented gall and kidney stones .. so far not from thyroid but who knows .. more tests now on parathyroids to be certain. I don't think there is connection to the awful gallbladder issues and thyroid and para's but not a doc. Stones, yes there can be. Nasuea .. classic part of gallbladder. BTW, mine should have come out about 10yrs .. I am waiting for the next attack .. so far pretty quiet for 2 yrs with some hints here and there.
Avatar n tn I needed it when I had high cortisol even so the need may not be cut and dry. BUN and creatnine are kidney tests - I think they test the kidney as the adrenals are on top and they want to make sure the kidney function remains good. Are the levels so off you need care? I have not heard they are related directly though. Just sounds like there is something else going on - otherwise you should be feeling better. Is your doc a neuro-endo?
4822967 tn?1367660296 I had acute kidney failure and have thyroid issues both hyper and hypo symptoms. I had severe itching and anaemia as two of my many symptoms of kidney failure. Hypothyroidism is another cause of anaemia. To add, anaemia of chronic disease is a common condition associated with a wide variety of persistent inflammatory diseases. Diabetes is the number one cause of CKD.
Avatar m tn For many years my husband has had horrible headaches and neck pain w no rhyme or reasoning... dry skin and hair... and more and more fatigued... not himself lately, irritable... just not feeling well in general... some days better than others... My husband was seen for a routine physical... and thyroid came back with off levels... further testing showed TSH 82 and T4 and T3 were low. More tests showed FSH 14.0 LH 12.4 and testosterone 336.. Also TPOAb was 50.
Avatar n tn heart palpitations, GERD, kidney stones, fatigue, and migraines. Looking back, every copy of labs I can find ( all the way back to 2003) shows I had an elevated calcium level ranging from 10.4-11.1 but no one ever checked it further. I feel like I have been treated for all these individual symptoms and no doctor has tried to put it all together into one diagnosis. I am on propranolol and imitrex for migraines, and metformin and birth control for PCOS.
Avatar m tn I recall my most troublesome symptoms were a rapid pulse, chronic heartburn, headaches, muscle and joint pain (especially hips/back) and feeling so very very tired all the time. I also had 7 kidney stones in two years and, just before I had surgery, my gut hurt constantly and I was urinating about every 30 mins 24 hrs a day. Hypercalcemia affects people differently and some can be super sick at barely elevated levels, whereas some can seem to tolerate much higher.
Avatar n tn i have always tried to eat 5-6 smal meals a day and incorporate daily excercise into my lifestyle, when i combined these two and was still constantly tired, fatigued and over weight, the doctor took blood tests and my thyroid was VERY slow so now i am on levothyroxine and its only been a week but i am noticing side effects which arent that bad I am hoping the weight will come off soon though Has anyone else noticed weight loss from long term use of the pill Levothryroxine?
Avatar n tn At that time I ended up being referred to a gastroenterologist and also had an ultrasound of my liver and gallbladder. Everything checked out fine and my levels were at the high end of normal. My endo then switched me to Levoxyl, upped the dosage and I became hyperthyroid with heart palps, breathing problems, etc. Then my dosage was reduced and changed back to synthroid and I became hypo with a TSH of 28. Finally, I made my endo switch my meds to Armour Thyroid.
Avatar n tn I recieved I-131 in 2 capsules. Currentlly I am taking 400mcg of levothyroxine a day and my last lab results are - T3 Total 124.1 ng/dL [70.0-190.0] TSH 13.900 mcIU/mL [0.360-3.740] T4 Free 1.01ng/dL [0.76-1.46] I sweat all the time from my head,shoulders and chest, am always fatigued and feeling like I need to sleep, no amount of sleep is refreshing.
Avatar n tn it came back HIGH CHOLESTEROL AND SLUGGISH THYROID (HYPOTHYROIDISM) WOW....ME?????? so, i cried, and started taking thyroid med called levothyroxine and doc also wanted to put me on lipitor but i chpose to try and diet first............... hmmmmmm my question is...............lol.....................does methadone cause thyroid probs? does it ruin thyrpoids? or could it be my abrupt stop in adhd mneds (adderall, focalin, effexor) or post partum (had baby 2 yrs ago) im;lost!!!
516120 tn?1212817341 The vertigo is completely the scariest thing I have ever experienced and I have had kidney stones all my life and would say that passing a stone does not rate compared to vertigo, everything spins for hours vertigo till you throw up and can not anymore and just pass out. Here are the things that help me. One if I can exercise which does make me feel almost whole again.