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Avatar n tn TSH level - 7.94 TPO 484.9 T4 free 0.92 Dr has prescribed levothroid 0.25 mg. He is suspecting sub clinical Hashimoto. Do you think that 0.25 mg will be able to lower TSH level? I also heard that a high TSH level in elderly is actually good for them, and can contribute to longevity?
Avatar f tn I've been taking Levothroid for about 4 months. The first dose (July) they gave me was 100 mcg and it sent me through the roof. They lowered the dose and I was still having all the hyper symptoms -so I stopped the for about 4-5 weeks. My TSH at that point was 12.4 (August)- My Endo started me out with a small dose 25mcg. About 2-3 weeks later (Sept,) I was feeling all the hypo symptoms- so they upped the dose to 50mcg Mondays & Friday and the rest of days 25 MCG. About two weeks ago (Oct.
Avatar f tn I'm newly diagnosed w/hypothyroidism and have started taking .05 mg of Levothroid. I know this will sound impatient but after SO long of feeling awful and weight gain, I want to know how long you all think it will take before I start feeling better? I've only been on the drug 10 days, but I'm just anxious to start feeling better!
Avatar f tn *puffy eyes *puffy face *bloated feeling *sinus infection *skin infection *dry skin (Accutane - I suffered from acne since I was 13 until now, because it is all gone now) *depression *bipolar spectrum *anxiety disorder (I must add that my mental hygiene was disrupted by a series of sad and traumatic events in my life) *inability to lose weight *starving period of times, lack of hunger *inability to focus *unbearable feeling of cold *chest pains *high cholesterol - 314 *suicidal ideation (star
Avatar n tn My doctor put me on 0.025mg of Levothroid. Is this low dosage likely to bring my TSH levels into a desirable range for getting pregnant? Or is this a long shot? From what I've read, I gather that I should aim for TSH< 2.5. I also gather that it is unwise to attempt getting pregnant until I normalize my slightly elevated TSH levels. My biological clock is ticking, so I'd like to get my TSH normalized as soon as possible. I hope my current dose is on the right track. But if 0.
Avatar f tn I'm 43--wondering how tachychardia relates to menopause i'm hypothyroid and take Levothroid 100 mg i think. I asked thyroid dr. for FSH to check if premenopausal, but he would not do it. is there something else I should ask for? or anohter way??
Avatar f tn Hi All, I have been on Levothroid 67 mg and Cytomel 10mg (Total) per day for 6 weeks. Been slowly increasing dose because of being hypo. Are these results OK? or is my TSH too low? I also take 5 mg of Cortef a day for my low functioning adrenals. TRIIODOTHYRONINE - TRUE,SER/PLAS,QN 124 range 70-200 ng/dL T4 FREE 1.2 range 0.8-1.7 ng/dL TSH 0.2 range0.2-5.5 uIU/mL Why does my TSH have to drop so low to get my T3 and FT4 into normal range??
299033 tn?1393305017 You shouldn't need more than 1200 mg calcium/day, taken at 600 mg twice/day. That can usually be done at dinner time and bedtime. I take 100 mcg Levoxyl in the AM with 5 mcg T3, then I take 5 mcg T3 with lunch. Calcium, magnesium, selenium and other supplements get taken with dinner and at bedtime.
Avatar m tn You should remember that I did start you on levothroid and I have been reducing your medication dose for last few years from 100 mcg a day as far as I can remember to the current 75 mcg 1/2 tab daily. I also refer you to endocrinology few years ago and Dr. ******* did your thyroid biopsy but did not give advice about whether you should take more or less levothroid. Go to www.thyroid-info.com/articles/muscle-joint-pain.htm. They have mention hyperthyroid usually don't cause pain.
Avatar m tn I was recently diagnosed Hypothyroidism. I am a young man, 29 yrs. I was also borderline Anemic. My Endocrinologist, did an ultrasound and showed a dramatically atrophied Thyroid. My Endo started me out on 100 mcg Levothroid. Starting on a half pill for two weeks and then a full dose for thereafter. WBC COUNT 4.5 3.5-12.5 K/uL RED BLOOD CELLS COUNT 3.99 4.10-5.70 M/uL HGB 12.7 13.0-17.0 g/dL HEMATOCRIT 38.6 39.0-51.0 % MCV 97 80-100 fL RDW, RBC 13.9 11.9-14.
Avatar f tn Toprol XL dose of 150 mg is not too high of dose. The heart rate and blood pressure you listed are not too low and likely the dose doesn't need to be reduced. The symptoms you might notice would be weakness and light-headiness if the dose is too high.
Avatar f tn Is there anything (supplements) I could take to help me feel good? Something to stop these symptoms. He has me on D (50,000 IU for 6 weeks) and my Levothroid (112) My blood test read ~ Vitamin D ~ 17ng/ml calcium ~ 10.1mg/dl phosphorus ~ 3.6 mg/dl TSH ~ 0.
Avatar n tn My MD has reduced my Synthroid, which I have taken for 44 years, from .150 mg to .1375 mg. I have no hyperthyroid symptoms and am actually colder and more tired than I used to be. The inability to decrease my weight continues to be an issue. My pulse is 66 and I have no heart palpitations. BP 110/66. Should my TSH level or should my T3 and T4 levels be what determines the amount of medication I require? I am female and 62 years old.
Avatar f tn I've been on both generic and brand name Levothyroxine. I can't tolerate the bad side effects of Levothroid, Synthroid or Unithroid all of which involved either rashes, stomach aches, excessive sweating, burning sensation in the mouth, dry mouth, dizziness or more often, difficulty breathing. I was on .088 mg for years with only maybe two adjustments to .075 mg during those years. Up until Oct of 2008 I began to have problems with my thyroid levels and medication.
Avatar n tn My Internal Med. Dctr decreased my 0.12 mg levothyroxine to 0.10 mg but a year later, March 2008, my TSH was still at 0.2 and T4 was 1.5.. (It was my fault, not my doctors, that I did not get TSH levels taken sooner than a year.) In March 2008, my doctor reduced Levothyroxine by .05 mg per week ( take .10 for 6 days, take .05 1 day); 6 weeks later the TSH retest is only up to 0.4. and T4(free) is 1.6. Our goal is to reach TSH in range of 1.0, so that I can feel better and more (2) normal.
1018470 tn?1251337123 Now, I'm in another T mess because of the HRT. I know before starting HRT, my T med (Levothroid) was either to much (75 mcg) which would plument my TSH under 1.0 and I was having severe Hyper/hypo symptoms, or not enough (50 mcg) and when my TSH would go above 2.0 I would have Hyper/hypo symptoms.
Avatar n tn Glad to be home and back with you all. Quick question. I am on 88 mg of Levothroid and was increased to this about 5 weeks ago from 62.5 mg. my hair is falling in gobs. This was not happening on the lower dose. Also, I am having a pulsating in the right side of the neck. Any advice?
Avatar f tn I am now back on Armour since they are producing it again, and take 120 mg. per day--same time every day. However, I feel tired constantly and my "brain fog" is worse than ever. Physician says these levels are basically normal and to keep on same dose. My question is this: at what point are the lab numbers "abnormal" enough to need a change? I'm sure it varies from person to person, but after years of this nonsense I have just about had all I can take. Any advice?
Avatar f tn passed out in store, taken ER, UTI. 28 June: per my request come off all meds (believe meds masking accurate picture of illness). TSH .19, Free T4 4.70, T4 12.60, T3 37.5 upon admission. ER twice in July. Req referral to endo. 10 July: PCP dec to 188mg levothroid, 25mg cytomel added (my request), myxedema diagnosis, lyrica added (my request), mobic, hydrochlorothiazide, promethazine PRN, multi-vitamin cont, protonix, motrin, atarax PRN.
Avatar f tn My dose is 0.25 mg and my tsh level was 9 I think if that is the right one. It was supposed to be between 0.2-4.50 and mine was 9 !
Avatar n tn I am a 31 year old female who had a complete thyroidectomy 5 years ago due to thyroid cancer. No radiation. I am currently on .15 MG of Levothroid. My levels have been fairly normal over the past 5 years with minor adjustments to medication. I started taking Levothroid instead of Synthroid about 8 months ago.
219609 tn?1210351714 I recently changed healthcare providers and was prescribed Levothroid. Ever since then I have had my dosage increased and am now at .075mg. I have been experiencing daily problems with swelling in my fingers and wrists, as well as my feet. Severe joint pain comes with these side effects also. Could this be a side effect of the Levothroid? I have cut down on sodium, salt and sulfide products so I don't believe that is the cause of the swelling. I am due to have T4 and TSH retested this month.
Avatar f tn Doc wanted to put me on t4 only ones now. I have tried generic synthroid, synthroid, levothroid, and levoxly and had bad reactions from them all at low dosage. Now not sure what to do. Just wondering if there are some out there that cannot take the t4 only and what do they do?
Avatar f tn My HMO only prescribes Levothroid (my doctor wanted to up my dose again to 175) and after 13 years on synthetic and not feeling well I visited my Naturopath and he gave me Nature Throid in different dosages to try out.
299737 tn?1216212154 That is why I am on 3/4 grain of armour. I was on Levothroid at 88mg that is why we started at 3/4 armour. Now my chest is getting weird spasms..it hurts ...should i stop taking armour for a couple of weeks and let my adrenals build up..i have heard this but my old endo docter told me to take hydrocortisone with breakfast and wait one hour and take armour. Please help me...i need some advice on when i should taper off until i see this other endo...
890195 tn?1241148998 So I did this for 3 weeks, and in the meantime I also took tons of antihistamines, Xanax, Atarax, Doxepin, Nortriptyline for my hives, along with supplements of fish oil, 5000 mg of Vitamin D (since I was deficient), 1g-2g of Vitamin C, 10 mg of Zinc, and 100 mg Selenium. I can't tell if I felt better taking the dessicated thyroid because I was so miserable with hives and very drugged up.
Avatar f tn Talk to your doctor. The 125 MG could be too high for you right now. Some people are sensitive to the medication and need to step up to the correct dose. I had a TT in June. Started at 88 mg but had heart palps, couldn't sleep more than an hour at a time, was dizzy etc. My dr took be down to 50, up to 100, down to 75 and now I'm back at the 88 mg that I started at. I feel really good at this point. It just took a while to get there.
Avatar f tn I eventually had to cut my dose to 60 mg because that was all I could tolerate. I became very hypothyroid after 6 weeks of 60 mg. I couldn't seem to tolerate even a small increase in armour, even though my TSH was 80.7 and my free T4 was .40 I started taking armour after the reformulation, so it wasn't caused by that. I didn't make any changes to my diet either.
Avatar n tn , 2 weeks post RAI, and 2 weeks on levothroid (125 mg. All of this came as a complete surprise when I was diagnosed on Jan. 16, and it did indeed turn out to be papillary, but now am cancer-free! ANYway, I am a total ignoramus about all thyroid issues. I am having my final post-op appt with my surgeon tomorrow, and then will see my endo on April 9. I would really like to be prepared and pro-active about my treatment, but do not even really know what to ask.
Avatar n tn Over a period of several months it was increased from from 125 mg to 250 mg daily. Because I entered tx with preexisting thyroid problems (from earlier treatment w/ monotherapy), the hepatologist insisted that we bring an endocrinologist on board. We did, and it was absolutely the right thing to do. Right now, after 59 weeks of interferon, my TSH level is right where it should be, so worry not.