Levonorgestrel allergies

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Avatar n tn My wife is on the Mirena IUD (levonorgestrel) and it has now lead to our separation, probable divorce, mental illness for her, and life threatening physical side effects. My wife has only been on the Mirena IUD for 4 months and the effects were subtle at first. She does not see the connection to Mirena. Her reasoning is completely shot.
Avatar f tn Document---research and become your own best advocate --because you will always be told anxiety---but my Mom had heart issues for years and look what happened-----my daughter 20 has issues and my one son 14 they just found a 20 percent drop in his pressure from sitting-laying and standing/ etc go figure---and he has seasonal allergies also.........
298579 tn?1192250448 Does anyone also have bladder pain, or the bladder feels a little swollen? I think it could also be related to food allergies. When I eat veggies and not bread, low carb diet, no refined sugar, it is dramatically better. My doc gave me buscopan, cramp pain pills - if it is possible to take them 30 minutes before that really does help as well. So great to know I am not alone, although I would not wish this on anyone.