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Avatar f tn after 2 months had same ear sensation tried to remove with fimger. . . .tried levofloxacin but it resisted . . . after that suffered from ear pain. . . ear itching. . . etc. i thought it will be well on its own. . . .nw i am having hearing problem. . .and whole body itching . . . no pus like cuming out cuming out is reddish brown semidry. i think infection hav reached the brain thru blood. . . is there any cure pls pls ? i will take antibiotics if u tell. . .
Avatar m tn Pain in lymph nodes (neck, ear, jaw, armpit, chest). My head feels like I have very bad case of flu. Black under my eyes. I was diagnosed with "viral infection". I was given many antibiotics and last time I was given broad spectrum antibiotics. Crixan 500mg, Levofloxacin 500mg. Since then pain in lymph nodes little bit decreased. My head feels still the same, almost like drunk. Problem is, that I moved to Thailand and health care works here on demand. I HAD TO ask for blood tests.
Avatar m tn my 10 days would end on a sunday. so what should my decision be to go to them or not? They will probably send me to an Ear, Nose, and Throat (more time off work). My sinus infections go away by now and I have never needed more than augmentim. Note that the infection does respond to anti-biotics, but it did not totally go away after a month.
Avatar f tn I was given levofloxacin and muprocin for what was told a skin infection in my nostril and left ear. I had seen a hard white ridge of skin in my nose and started feeling like i had the flu two weeks ago. He rushed me, didn't tell me what kind it was and hasn't called me. I took my fourth of seven pills last night and still have flu like symptoms.
Avatar m tn I tried to use some ways like trying pushing air out while pinching my nostrils to un plug the ears however instead got middle ear infection. I went to doctor who prescribed cefalor, anti allergic, rhinerge nasal spray and strong analgesic later on as I has severe pain in my right ear. After using antibiotics the pain vanished but another severe problem of ear ringing and whistling started, which still persists.
Avatar m tn My ENT looked in my ear and said "You have "swimmers"' in there. He said some kind of infection, He told me to take 1 Levaquin (Levofloxacin) per day, and to adminster "Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Dexamethasone Opthhalmic Suspension" ear drops twice a day for 5 days. Does anyone have experience with these meds?
242516 tn?1368227505 The flu has passed epidemic rates in much of the country, and if you don't have a cold, I'm sure you have a friend who has the sniffles, fever, chills, aches and pains of a viral upper respiratory infection. This is different from a bacterial infection such as sinusitis, bronchitis, or pneumonia. A viral infection doesn't improve with antibiotics as these infections do. A virus hijacks your own body's healthy cells and uses it to reproduce and spread.
Avatar m tn The generally acceptable treatment for your “blocked/inflamed sinuses” would assume that infection is playing a role. That would include an antibiotic, such as levofloxacin in this instance, a decongestant and nasal washes or irrigations, which remove mucus from the nose and sinuses. To learn more about this technique please read our nasal wash treatment information by copying and pasting this address http://www.nationaljewish.
Avatar f tn The most common adverse drug reactions (≥3%) in US clinical trials were nausea, headache, diarrhea, insomnia, constipation, and dizziness. Levofloxacin is contraindicated in persons with known hypersensitivity to levofloxacin or other quinolone antibacterials. Serious and occasionally fatal events, such as hypersensitivity and/or anaphylactic reactions and some of unknown etiology, have been reported in patients receiving therapy with quinolones, including levofloxacin.
Avatar f tn The most common adverse drug reactions (≥3%) in US clinical trials were nausea, headache, diarrhea, insomnia, constipation, and dizziness. Levofloxacin is contraindicated in persons with known hypersensitivity to levofloxacin or other quinolone antibacterials. Serious and occasionally fatal events, such as hypersensitivity and/or anaphylactic reactions and some of unknown etiology, have been reported in patients receiving therapy with quinolones, including levofloxacin.
Avatar m tn I went to an ENT who diagnosed that I have some infection in ear and gave Levaquin. I took it in the night and I don't remember if I slept immediately after that. Buy what I remember I woke up to a very scary morning. I felt extreme dizziness and spinning sensation. I was struggling to stand up from bed. I vomited and had nausea. I was so scared i sent SoS call to my brother who stays 20 kms away. That vertigo sensation lasted for few hours and then I felt better.
Avatar m tn At the same time, developed severe ringing in one (left) ear and pain/pressure in TMJ. Stopped sulfa. Two months after stopping, still ringing in the ear - went to see ENT, will do an audiology exam soon to figure that one out. Meantime did MRI of SI joints - NEGATIVE for spondyltitis. Now I am ready to see my reumatologist again - don't really know what to ask him.
Avatar n tn You are at virtually no risk for HIV and do not need to be concerned or tested for HIV ( or any other STD for that matter). Prostatitis is a bacterial infection which is caused by "regular" bacteria, not the ones typically associated with STDs and the levofloxacin you received is appropriate therapy. It is not unusual for the discomfort of prostatitis to resolve slowly.
1170277 tn?1412278353 Well as far as pneumonia goes it will be harder and harder to breath you will hear cracking when you in/exhale and ur chest is going to hurt. U may also be getting a sinus and ear infection. Might just be the good old flu bug. Do u have sinus pressure when u bend down towards the floor.
487969 tn?1249316891 Peek - WOW - thanks so much for that! Really! There are numbers associated ---- here they are: Gentamicin = S (<=0.5) Levofloxacin = S (0.25) Nitrofurantoin = S (<=16) Oxacillin = S (0.5) Rifampin = S (<=0.5) Tetracycline = S (<=1) Trimet / Sulfa = S (<=10) Vancomycin = S (=0.5) The report also mentions that there were no Anaerobes isolated in 5 days. See I know what you mean about it actually came from my surgery.
Avatar n tn It can also be an ear infection or maybe even shingles. You need to consult an ENT specialist and may need X-ray of the sinuses or even CT scan. Also, please get a dental examination as well. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
2030686 tn?1351692148 I recently started amoxicillon 850 mg for an ear infection and now have bright yellow stools that are pretty much all mucus and they color the water bright yellow. The urge to "go" hits very suddenly with alot of pain/cramping. Then it's all mucous and liquid. I have appt with GI on March 20. Does anybody know if I should contact my regular dr about this. Is it normal for people with hcv to have this when on antibiotics?
Avatar m tn 1) Started (12/23) with eye irritation / infection (Went off after a week by using drops prescribed by eye doctor) 2) Taste buds started turning white (12/23) with light white coating on the tongue (Still persist) no pain 3) Slight head ache 4) Slight cold 5) No sour throat 6)small dots on upper lip 7) Feels like fever but no temperature. Body pains, unable to sleep (It's gone after 2 weeks) 8) Tongue has swollen little bit for almost 10 days now.
Avatar f tn By the looks of my test nothing grow on me urine it was the swab that was positive not sure if that makes a difference. He took factive gemifloxacin mesylate x 3 tables for an ear infection he had but stopped them as soon as I told him he needed testing and waitied 7 days to be tested not sure if this can have an effect?
Avatar f tn Antibiotics like amoxacillin, levofloxacin etc will be helpful. Spicy meals or snacks will help in liquifying mucus by enhancing nasal and bronchial secretions. Do consult ENT surgeon in case of no relief.
Avatar n tn An imbalance of intestinal flora (75%-80% of the immune system lies in the gut) rendering the immune system weak and predisposing the body to a yeast overgrowth infection b. You have suffered from some very serious side-effects. Some of the serious side effects are : irreversible peripheral neuropathy, tendonitis, tendon rupture, CNS disorders, bone marrow depression and many more. Ref. FDA website : Information for Healthcare Professionals.
Avatar f tn Amoxycillin, then Levofloxacin for Lyme disease: Doxycline. **At one point, he was severely over-medicated, and we were both very concerned about the amount of pills he was taking daily. Also, the Amitryptiline had a bad reaction with the Gabapentin, leading to increased headaches, dizziness, and an overall change in mood to angry and agitated.
Avatar n tn The recurring lesion blister inside my lower lip which breaks with little pus Mild pain in the back of the head Pain in the left eye ball and ear. I feel mild blur in the left eye Left eye irritation (no redness) My question is: 1) Is it possible that the CSW infected me with HSV 1/2 during the 30 second oral on me. But I have no blisters on my shaft 2) Is it possible that the blister in my mouth is due to HSV.
Avatar n tn Hi, I too am suffering from a vaginal strep infection. I got it when I started having sex with a new partner. I have tried two rounds of antibiotics. The first round took it away and then it came back in a couple of months again. I have a lot of irritation and redness. I am taking a probiotic and Colloidal Silver to see if it will help. Both of these items can be purchased through a health food store. I've been taking it now for about two weeks.
Avatar f tn I am also 37 and after having the flu in August 08 i developed all the symptoms you did plus tinnitus and ear pain. I was diagnosed with pvs by my doctor who i have seen so many times over this and also wanted to put me on meds for my anxiety. The ent specialist found nothing wrong apart from some tmj dysfunction. My neurologist also concluded that i had pvs and that due to my anxiety my breathing was incorrect which wouldnt be helping.
363682 tn?1299492962 This all started after I got sick while in vacation drinking in Europe. One illness, and I've been alcohol intolerant and ear congestion. My doctor gave up, but he never tried allergy tests.