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Avatar f tn This was a big problem for me, 750mg Levaquin for ear infection. I think it can cause heightened anxiety in a number of people. I took one and within 20 or so minutes it was apparent something wasn't right. I ended up taking amoxicillin. Not as strong and it took much longer to get rid of it but it was worth it not to have the anxiety. It has been talked about on this forum, if I can find the posts where it was talked about, I'll let you know the dates.
Avatar n tn Whenever I take either Levaquin or Cipro (almost the same thing as Levaquin) for a prostate infection I get pimples in my forehead too -- often right in the middle where they look the worst. I apply over-the-counter acne medications to try to hold back the acne. But it is exactly as you describe. If I take Bactrim, this does not happen.
458072 tn?1291418786 Hello everyone. I have an ongoing sinus and ear infection. It is now trying to move into my lungs(bronchitis). I have had 2 rounds of Levaquin, an injection of Rocephin and dexamethazone and it is STILL not clearing up. I hated to take those antibiotics in the first place. They are always a LAST LAST resort for me. Probiotics have been taken for the issue these cause, but does anyone know of anything else I can try that will work.
458072 tn?1291418786 Hello everyone. I have an ongoing sinus and ear infection. It is now trying to move into my lungs(bronchitis). I have had 2 rounds of Levaquin, an injection of Rocephin and dexamethazone and it is STILL not clearing up. I hated to take those antibiotics in the first place. They are always a LAST LAST resort for me. Probiotics have been taken for the issue these cause, but does anyone know of anything else I can try that will work.
Avatar m tn I went to an ENT who diagnosed that I have some infection in ear and gave Levaquin. I took it in the night and I don't remember if I slept immediately after that. Buy what I remember I woke up to a very scary morning. I felt extreme dizziness and spinning sensation. I was struggling to stand up from bed. I vomited and had nausea. I was so scared i sent SoS call to my brother who stays 20 kms away. That vertigo sensation lasted for few hours and then I felt better.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with a fungal ear infection (tropical ear) today - I have had repeatedly dealt with 'swimmers ear' over the past 3 years, sometimes as often as 3 times per year. I have had severe pain in the affected ear, as well as pain in the temple on the affected side. Starting 2 days ago, the lymph node behind that ear (which has been swollen since Nov. 07) became extremely painful. It's like having cramps in the side of your neck at times. My ENT prescribed ZOTO-HC OTIC SOL.
Avatar f tn Many are actually coming out of school not as well educated as in the old days. Also with the Levaquin, many persons who begin to exhibit signs of pain from Levaquin begin first to describe it as simple joint pain, but it progresses from there and becomes specific to your ligaments and tendons, as if you have tendonitis but a little different. Be careful not to over stretch during exercise.
Avatar n tn I suffer from Ear ringing from severe sinusitis. I completed 17 days of Levaquin antibiotic 2 weeks ago and am now on Astelin. I have a high pitch ear ringing and it is pretty disruptive. Is this from the astelin?The sinusitis? Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Green oozing can mean he still has an infection. Is it too much to ask them to swab his sinuses to see if he has a deep infection? All the antibiotics can also cause Candida Albicans which usually appears as oral thrush in kids... his tongue isn't coated white is it? It can be a bad cycle of getting sick and then taking antibiotics...causing more symptoms from the Candida overgrowth (which is a naturally occuring yeast in everyones' body) Anyhu, best of luck to you - really!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Can someone please help I am going crazy!!! About 2 weeks agop I was prescribed Levaquin, an anti biotic, for a sinus infection. I only took 2 pills because I had horrible side effects and went to the ER for bloody diaherria, blood clots in my stool and the worst stomach cramps and pain in my life.
Avatar f tn A hearing test was ran--I had no noticeable hearing loss and never complained about ear ringing. Fast forward to three weeks ago. My left ear no longer pops, but my right ear did. Then I started getting sharp jaw pain. I also developed a sore throat (no cough, fever, or pleghm). My right ear got infected again (very sharp ear pain) but I decided to wait a few days before going to the doctor.
Avatar dr m tn For example, I saw a man in his late 30’s who came to see me with 3 days of left ear sound distortion and reverberation with mild fullness. He had no other problems, including hearing loss. His exam was completely normal. Most doctors at this point will give a diagnosis of Eustachian tube dysfunction, where due to mild nasal inflammation, the tube that connects to the ear is partially blocked, leading to pressure changes that can cause ear problems.
Avatar m tn Also, I received propoxphene for pain, which works well. The swelling continued into my ear and eye by the following day (today), and I was in great discomfort, so I went to a local "express-care" facility for a second opinion. The doc changed my med from amoxicillin to Levaquin 500mg / 1 per day. The persistant pressure in my face is driveing me absolutely nuts. Any advice???? Would an IV of antibiotics be better? What should i do?
1137036 tn?1263519595 This is really getting to me, I will go back to the ENT guy tomorrow. What do you think, is it likely the sinus infection moved to my ear tubes, should I try prednisone or steroid nose spray or both? Any ideas, other thoughts? It is difficult to explain all this to the Thai doctor with the language differences, but I will tell him for sure about the throat clearing that started 3 months ago and ear pain now.
Avatar n tn Holding your nose and blowing into your ears would increase pressure in your middle ear, not your inner ear. Also, the anatomy of the inner ear appears to be such that the pressure in your inner ear will be the same as in your CSF. The periodic episodes of vertigo and feelings of fullness in your ears you describe are both symptoms of Meniere's disease. I do still think it might be a good idea to assess your CSF pressure.
Avatar f tn This time I was only told that I had an ear infection and she suspected my ears may not be draining properly. She prescribed antibiotics (Bactrim) and Lodrane. Well, I ended up going back to the doctor 2 weeks later, still having issues, but I had broken out in a rash over my entire body - apparently from being in the sun and taking antibiotics. Anyway, my doctor said that my ears looked alright but there was swelling in my sinuses.
Avatar n tn   That may have made me feel the best of all the antibiotics, although I credit Levaquin for clearing up the infection in the flesh in my nose.  Doxycycline just made me feel healthy, and gave me endurance. A couple of weeks ago, a UTI, and with bravery, I faced another dreaded doctor's visit.  The nurse asked me how I had gone shopping when I had a UTI.  I said compared to how I've felt in the last two years, this is nothing.  Seven days of Cipro.  Again, I felt better still.
1353954 tn?1277081823 Basically what you described involves at least two lymph not sites an outer ear infection and probably an ear canal infection, maybe even an inner ear bacterial infection, I would have to agree with your doctor but if you are still having problems maybe she or he can prescribe a stronger antibiotic. Any ideas why you keep getting re-infected?
Avatar n tn Oh my goodness, I am so glad I looked at this forum. I have had 6 infections in the past 8 mos. Under left arm, was very painful & abscessed, outer ear infection I'm told outer is unusual) upper respiratory brought on by flowering plants, while on vacation) Asthma under control for years, ended up with pneumonia,A tooth with 3 previous root canals which ended up being retreated. I felt the tooth was bothering me again when I developed the next infection. My latest was in my nose.
Avatar n tn I was on 875 mg of amoxicillin for respritory infection then the day i finished that I was given levaquin for a sinus infection I got while I was on the amoxicillin and now I have an ear infection with discharge and bleeding and the sinus infection is not gone? Is it possible to get all these infections one right after the other while on these anibiotics?
Avatar m tn I got a 10 day treatment of Levaquin from my allergist. I have taken 3 pills. It has helped a little, but not alot. They told me to make an appointment if I did not feel better by Wednesday. Should I be feeling better by now? I do not work anywhere near my allergist so taking time off of work is a problem. I have 2 more days of pills to take. I still feel pressure in my jaw(I need tylenol for this). Sudafed helps some with stuffiness. My nasal drip is a bit better but still going on.
Avatar n tn If I were you, I would politely insist on being seen by a good ENT doc NOW! Ask if you might have an ear infection, a sinus infection, etc. Have you had any dental problems &/or dental work done recently, where an infection could have spread upward to your sinuses & ears? (For example, some root canals "fail", and infection can spread from the root canaled areas).
Avatar m tn Pain in lymph nodes (neck, ear, jaw, armpit, chest). My head feels like I have very bad case of flu. Black under my eyes. I was diagnosed with "viral infection". I was given many antibiotics and last time I was given broad spectrum antibiotics. Crixan 500mg, Levofloxacin 500mg. Since then pain in lymph nodes little bit decreased. My head feels still the same, almost like drunk. Problem is, that I moved to Thailand and health care works here on demand. I HAD TO ask for blood tests.
Avatar n tn I do have fungal infection on my toenails which started when I was pregnant and I have fungal infection on my skin on my feet which I treat with anti fungal cream. I'm just trying to work out what is causing constant sinus tachy and feeling unwell after all the blood tests, x rays and ecgs. They keep telling me it's anxiety but I keep thinking that if it was then the tachy would calm down when I calm down etc...
Avatar f tn She prescribed me Nexium, Claritin-d, Mucinex-D, Nasonex and antibiotic Levaquin which I am taking now, but annoying ear pressure (and also a lump in the throat) are still there. Can you help me?
Avatar m tn Mycoplasma Infection is a nasty bacterial infection that can cause headaches, joint pain, fevers, dry couch, shortness of breath and a general feeling of the flu. If these symptoms don't resolve on there own then you need antibiotics like (Doxycycline, Cipro, Azithromycin or Biaxin).