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Avatar m tn If the symptoms worsen then pls get an orthopedic evaluation as tendon rupture has to be ruled out. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted.
Avatar m tn Was Levaquin knowing as a cause of Achilles tendon rupture before September/2006?
Avatar n tn It is a fluoroquinalone with a tremendous list of adverse side effects, and there are other drugs equally effective. It can cause tendon rupture and aches and pains that last for months. Cipro is a drug of a similar type/class that is usually well-tolerated. Talk with your physician about choice of a generic alternative antibiotic. There is no good reason to specify Levaquin for an infection.
Avatar f tn My husband took Levaquin for a long period of time after having surgery. He has since had a ruptured tendon in his arm. We have done a lot of research and have found that there have been some law suits in progress against the drug. My husband has never had a problem with any tendons. It ripped so hard that he can not move his right arm. If I were you, I would stay clear of the drug.
483814 tn?1214315080 Discontinue in patients experiencing pain, inflammation, or tendon rupture. Central nervous system effects, including convulsions, confusion, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, may occur after the first dose. As with other quinolones, levofloxacin should be used with caution in patients with known or suspected central nervous system disorders that may predispose them to seizures or lower the seizure threshold.
Avatar n tn For some reason Levaquin can sometimes cause extreme pain and tendon rupture. Sometimes the problem is permanant. Years ago I made the mistake on insisting on taking Levaquin for a persistant lung infection. It cured the infection, but the muscle and joint pain continued for eight months. Curiously, I can toerate Cipro with no problems. The FDA has a lot of info on their site regarding Levaquin.
Avatar n tn That said I do have personal experience with Levaquin. It is one of the very few ATB's that I can tolerate. Tendon rupture is a serious side effect of the ATB. My physician has instructed me to notify her of any new pain I experience while taking the medication. If your pain has not subsided and there are no other contributing factors certainly contact your personal physician. We do have Forum that are headed by physicians.
Avatar n tn who changed the antibiotic and told me to take motrin for the inflammation and explained that tendon rupture was rare on Levaquin. This is day 4 I'm walking with a slight limp due to stiffness inner thigh and weight bearing. Now with episodic painful stabbing sensation in soft tissue rt foot. Concerned about short and long term effects or late effects since I have MS and do not have mobility issues until now.
242516 tn?1368227505 risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture is further increased in those over age 60, in kidney, heart, and lung transplant recipients, and with use of concomitant steroid therapy. Physicians should advise patients, at the first sign of tendon pain, swelling, or inflammation, to stop taking the fluoroquinolone, to avoid exercise and use of the affected area, and to promptly contact their doctor about changing to a non-fluoroquinolone antimicrobial drug.
Avatar f tn This risk is increased in patients over 65 years old, and is further increased with concomitant corticosteroid therapy. Discontinue in patients experiencing pain, inflammation, or tendon rupture. Central nervous system effects, including convulsions, confusion, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, may occur after the first dose.
Avatar f tn Hello! Few cases of tendonitis and tendon rupture have been reported with adverse effects of ciprofloxacillin but are not very common. Stop taking ciprofloxacillin and take scans of your legs and consult a podiatrist. Wear proper footwear and get yourself examined before your symptoms increase in intensity. Take care!
2109342 tn?1380912575 It is known for causing tendon pain or even rupture. Herxing from the flagyl could certainly cause neck and joint pain. Flagyl is a cyst-buster, and it breaks up the cysts and biofilms Lyme creates to protect itself from the immune system and the antibiotics. You have to take it along with a Lyme-killing antibiotic to kill the spirochetes as they come out of their cysts. Be sure to continue treatment until you are symptom free for 8 weeks.
Avatar m tn The drug is a class called fluoroquinalones, and the side effects may include anything from aches and pains for months to tendon rupture. If a fluoroquinalone is prescribed Cipro has far fewer side effects.
Avatar m tn pdf This is the New England Journal of Medicines’ article on “Achilles Tendinitis and Tendon Rupture Due to Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics” http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJM199409153311116 The New York Times Popular Antibiotics May Carry Serious Side Effects http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/09/10/popular-antibiotics-may-carry-serious-side-effects/?
Avatar m tn Hi and Welcome t o our Pain Management Forum. Levaquin is an excellant ATB (Antibiotic). However like many medications it comes with some risks and side effects. Form a trusted Web-site: "Levaquin is associated with an increased risk of tendon rupture or swelling of the tendon (tendinitis) in all ages. This risk is higher if you are over 60 years of age, are taking steroids (corticosteroid drugs), or if you have kidney, heart, or lung transplants" .....
Avatar n tn after taking levaquin I experienced: headaches, jaw pain, both achilles tendon partial tore, planters fasciitis, back pain, constant ringing in my ears, burning cold pain around my abdomin,arms, legs and feet, shoulder and hip pain, tendon pain in elbows, depression and anxieties. None of which has go away. I has been given Levaquin up to six times. what are the chances of any of this going? I started simptoms in 2005. And how do I get treated as a whole person?
Avatar f tn Two nurse friends of mine are literally screaming at me to not take the Levaquin due to achilles muscle rupture tendencies (one is suffering personally from it at this time and has been for more than one year now). In looking at the drug interaction information, it seems that those who are taking the corticosteriods, are even more at risk for muscle rupture and more at risk for developing pneumonia.
Avatar f tn In some cases there have been reports of tendon rupture. These side effects do not always happen and the drug is effective against certain drug resistant bacterial strains. Use is a matter of risk-benefit. I have taken it - as a matter of fact I foolishly requested it - and I would only say, "never again". Your physician has not committed malpractice in prescribing this antibiotic - but it is an antibiotic which is very "punishing".
Avatar f tn In 2008, the FDA required seven fluoroquinolone antibiotics to add a black-box warning because they pose a risk of tendinitis and increase the risk of a tendon rupture by three to four times. But this is far from the only risk. Levaquin, for instance, which was the best-selling antibiotic in 2010, faces thousands of lawsuits a year from people who have been seriously harmed after taking it.
4451049 tn?1387157037 Well, the 3rd day I got a horrific stabbing pain on the sides of my foot, where the heel connects to the arch. My LLMD said this was Levaquin tendon pain, so no more Levaquin for me. I worked well on the UTI. If I do need to go back on abx for Bart, I presume it will be Rifampin. There are other intra-cellular meds that can be used, although they're not as effective.
Avatar f tn These drugs cause magnesium to be ‘chelated’ from the body and some people experience connective tissue pain, damage and even full tendon rupture after taking these drugs. My extensive studies have shown that the lack of magnesium causes many of the problems that make one vulnerable to this condition known as Levaquin Tendonitis.
Avatar f tn Levaquin is known to cause tendon rupture, especially in the achilles tendons, even weeks or months after a person stops taking the drug. You should call your doctor's office right away and describe what you're feeling and ask if you need to switch to a different drug or if they think it is just a symptom. In the meantime, don't do anything to stress your feet or heels. That means no basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, or tennis!
798555 tn?1292791151 July 8, 2008 -- Federal regulators are ordering new warnings on Cipro and similar antibiotics because of increased risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture. The new warnings apply to fluoroquinolones, a class of antibiotics that includes the popular drug Cipro. The FDA has told companies that the drugs must now carry "black box" warnings alerting doctors and patients that the drugs can increase risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture in some patients.
Avatar n tn On July 8, 2008 the Food and Drug Administration slapped a black box warning on Cipro and other, similar antibiotics due to an increased risk of tendonitis and tendon rupture. Recent adverse reports include ruptures to the shoulder, hand, bicep or thumb tendons." "Fluoroquinolones carry a Black Box Warning To/For Doctors." http://www.lawyersandsettlements.com/features/cipro/cipro-side-effects-antibiotic-drug.html#.U0Ar5HQ8lCx From The FDA: http://www.fda.
Avatar f tn This risk is increased in patients over 65 years old, and is further increased with concomitant corticosteroid therapy. Discontinue in patients experiencing pain, inflammation, or tendon rupture. Central nervous system effects, including convulsions, confusion, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, may occur after the first dose.
Avatar f tn Many meds cause muscle pain and fatigue and one of the reportable symtomps of levaquin is spontaneous tendon rupture I know how you feel though and i also had the same reaction to levaquin pain that kept me immobile and lasted for several weeks after stopping the drug. i actually had a pt with similar symtoms and when i told the MD that i thought this was levaquin related hevat first did not belief me either.
428506 tn?1296560999 Biggest downside risk seems to be risk of tendon rupture. rxlist ******* has the usual hideous rundown of possible side effects if you're so inclined. oh, and it slows clearance of caffeine? think about calling your Lyme doc about the reaction you are having, just to be sure it makes sense to continue with cipro. Not like there aren't other abx out there.
1335066 tn?1275591705 The doctors do not tell you, but if you read the long brochure that comes with the Rx, it tells you you can suffer everything from Spontaneous tendon rupture to severe allergic reactions. I suggest calling the Doc immediately and don't take another one. The steroid could be the only thing keeping her from having an even worse reaction at this point. Also, go get some zyrtec or claritin, it is more effective than benadryl. Put some cortisone cream on the itchy spots, it is better than calamine.
565147 tn?1218256191 Recently I found out about the meds I took and the affiliation between the meds and tendon rupture...Now my raging kidney infections back and I'm going to the hospital tomorrow I'm just wondering what types of antibiotics that would be ok since the others have caused the tendon problem and i'm allergic to sulfa drugs. We drink alot of water in our family and crystal light, I may splurge 1 day a week and get a coke.. I'm confused to what may be causing the infections..
Avatar m tn Unfortunately, the listed side effects of levaquin do include 'pounding heart,' cardiac arrhythmias, neuropathic effects such as 'changes in how you sense touch/pain/temperature/vibration/body position' (to say nothing of tendinitis--which it gave me--and tendon rupture). Here is the FDA's own 'black box' warning about Fluouroquinolone-induced neuropathy: http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/DrugSafety/ucm365050.